UniversityStudent leaders assemble at second COLE
Student leaders assemble at second COLE
March 6, 2016
March 6, 2016

The second Convention of Leaders (COLE) for the academic year was held last March 4 at the Natividad Fajardo Auditorium to discuss campus development and services, student representation, University Vision-Mission Week, the tuition fee increase, and new organization De La Salle Red Cross Youth.

The resolution calling for amendments to the COLE manual was earlier passed in the University Student Government (USG) Legislative Assembly (LA) on February 29.


Campus development and services

The second agenda of the COLE included a report on campus development and services, which was headed by USG President Pram Menghrajani.

Menghrajani opened the report on Campus Development and Services by discussing the temporary relocation of Br. Connon offices until October 2016. The Office of Student Affairs, Office of Student LIFE, USG office, and the Lasallian Ambassadors were moved to the first floor of Gokongwei Hall. Meanwhile, the Council of Student Organizations and Culture and Arts Office were transferred to St. La Salle Hall (LS) first floor, and the Student Media Office was moved to LS Mezzanine. The Bookstore will also be relocated to Yuchengco Lobby.

Furthermore, Menghrajani affirmed that vending machines will now be operational at the Science and Technology Complex (STC). In addition, the campus offices have assessed the location and models of photocopying machines, which are currently being reviewed for better use of the student body.


Student representation

Menghrajani announced three newly appointed officers in the USG. Juan Carlo Santos was named Chief Magistrate for the Judiciary, while John Gerard Dulay and Yedda Diaz were designated as the USG Department of Activity Approval and Monitoring (DAAM) chairpersons.

Menghrajani also discussed the Council of University Representatives (CURE), which is composed of all the student representatives of the University policy-making bodies. A briefing of the Aspiring Organization Accreditations Committee (AOAC), a committee that is convened whenever an organization is applying for accreditation, was also delivered.


Overview of University Vision-Mission Week 2016

The University Vision-Mission Week (UVWM) 2016 Committee is spearheaded by Menghrajani, Vice President for Internal Affairs Micah Fernando, STC campus president Stef Rivera, and CSO Chair Brent Ordillano.

Chief of Staff of the Office of the Vice President for Internal Affairs Aly Tan introduced the theme of the UVMW 2016, which is “Ignite the faith, be the spark.”

Tan gave a runthrough of the activities that are lined up for the UVMW 2016. Opening ceremonies will be held at the DLSU-STC. Race Manila at the Taft campus and Night Neon Run at STC will also be held during the week.

The College of Liberal Arts (CLA) will be holding Active CLA Engaged (ACE), a community development for alternative learning systems (ALS) students, and Enchanted, a prom-like experience for children with special needs.

Other activities include Adventure to Neverland from the School of Economics (SOE), Taftland, College of Science’s (COS) COS I Care medical mission and sportsfest, DLSU Mystery organized by the Gokongwei College of Engineering (GCOE), Animo Wars, Haunted Hall conducted by the Harlequin Theatre Guild, Outdoor Film Viewing by CLA, I Will Zorbive from the College of Computer Studies (CCS), and Animoment. The Lasallian Enrichment Alternative Programs (LEAP) will also be conducted on June 14.

For the closing activities, DLSU Unplugged, Lasallian Showtime, and Light Show Display will be held. The UMVW’s Culminating Night is targeted to be held on June 17.

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Discourse on the tuition fee increase

USG Executive Treasurer Zed Laqui also disclosed the progress and the verdict regarding the impending tuition fee increase.

The agenda of the Multi-Sectoral Committee on Student Fees (MSCSF)’s last meeting, January 26, was about the final proposal to the President’s council for the exact percentage of the tuition fee increase. The MSCSF is composed of five sectors, namely, the students, parents, employees, faculty, and administration, and has conducted four meetings in the few past months.

During the meetings, tuition fee percentage increase proposals from the sectors were laid out. The student sector proposed a 2-4 percent increase, the parents association proposed a 4 percent increase, and the administration suggested a 5 percent increase. Meanwhile, the Faculty Association and Employee Association proposed 5.72 and 6.9 percent increases, respectively.

By the end of the meetings, the final percentage increase to be forwarded to the Board of Trustees was agreed upon by the MSCSF. The final verdict regarding the percentage of tuition fee increase would be disclosed as soon as the final memorandum has been imposed by the University.


Unveiling Red Cross Youth

During the COLE, the De La Salle Red Cross Youth was also introduced. The new organization is a non-government organization that aims to alleviate human suffering.

Led by President Angelo Santiago and Vice President Pooja Murjani, the organization will feature programs such as the Blood Network, a system of pro-active giving of blood to those in need, and the Young Leaders Program, a crash course on how the Red Cross functions.

The next  COLE for the academic year will be held on May 27.