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Suggestions for LEAP 2K17
June 21, 2016
June 21, 2016

At some point in our lives, we’ve all wanted to learn a cool new hobby like basket weaving or drawing on a killer cat’s eye, but were always either too busy or too lazy. Occurring every University Week since 2001, Lasallian Enrichment Alternative Program (LEAP) classes offer a short but much needed reprieve for students buckling under the pressure of their academic responsibilities. LEAP is seen as a time to relax and maybe even learn a cool new skill or two.

There is always a huge variety of classes offered—just this past year, for LEAP 2K16, there were classes that taught you how to use a Lightsaber like a proper Jedi Knight (or Sith Lord), classes where you chilled out to Friends, and even classes where you practiced Instagram-worthy poses on the yoga mat. But while several of the classes offered had piqued the interest of many, it is always worth considering other possible additions to the already interesting roster. Although it is still a year away, here are some suggestions given by members of the student body for next year’s LEAP.

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  1. Extraterrestrials with Gojocco

One of life’s greatest mysteries is whether or not life exists outside Earth. The possibility of alien lifeforms has fascinated the human mind for generations. Lassie* (I, HIM-BSA) is especially curious about the events that occur in the fabled Area 51 in the United States, and whether or not extraterrestrial life exists.

She read about how Sir Victor Gojocco doesn’t shy away from discussions about the possibility of aliens in his INTFILO class, and was excited to take his course. “But hindi kasi nag-fit yung time ni Sir Gojocco sa schedule ko eh, so hindi ko na siya nakuha this term,” she regrettably recounts.

Lassie admits that she is tempted to sit in on some of his lectures, but is too shy to do so. This class would pique the interest of those like Lassie who constantly ponder the question of whether or not we are all alone in this universe. “Pwede sana next time mag-host siya ng LEAP class, kasi if meron talaga, for sure yun [yung] pipiliin ko,” she finishes.


  1. Disney Princess Workshop

This class would teach students how to live their own fairytale and be their own heroine (or hero) in this progressive world. Those who think that Disney Princesses are only damsels in distress who need knights in shining armor have obviously not been paying attention to recent Disney films. Ladies can be the masters of their own happy ending.

“When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a Disney princess. I think a class like this would help me finally fulfill that dream,” Emmy* (I, AB-CAM) says. However, this class would not be restricted to females only. Even male students should get the chance to bring out their inner Disney protagonist.

“I think it encourages people that being a princess in your own way is possible no matter what age you’re in, and it also emphasizes the fact that every dream is possible,” she concludes.


  1. How to Adult 101

Sometimes, things don’t turn out the way you plan it to—and that’s okay. This class’ speakers would have already graduated from school, and would be experiencing the so-called ‘real world’ with all the responsibilities that are attached to it. The twist is that this class would not just feature stereotypically successful people.

Janella Santos (I, AB-ISE) says, “Because most of the time it’s always the people who got their way after college who do the ‘inspirational’ talks.” It would be refreshing for these speakers, who may or may not be what we typically characterize as ‘successful’ to come talk to students about the realities of life after college.

These talks would be designed to prepare students for not only the things they might have overlooked while in college, but also on the necessary skills needed to be a fully functioning, independent adult. It would include skills such as basic savings management, changing a flat tire, making a decent meal from scratch, and other things one needs to know in order to survive.


  1. S-leap-ing class

“This year, all I really wanted to do was sleep,” Mikey* (I, MGT) complains. “But I didn’t want to be considered absent for all my classes.”

This class would allow students to rest and recuperate from academic work albeit without the added guilt. There would be a soothing atmosphere, one that would allow nappers to rest their weary souls. It should be noted that this class would be a safe space for students and any sort of ill-intent would not be tolerated.


  1. De-stressing 101

“College is stressful, so we need to learn how to [feel] the opposite while in a college setting,” explains John Matthew Ang (I, CIV).

Many a college student have found themselves asking how they could possibly finish a three-page report, review for an upcoming quiz, attend their org’s GA, maintain a social life, spend time with family, and find time to relax, all at once. With so much going on, it isn’t difficult to see how some might get swept away by the various responsibilities assigned to them.

This class would be for students who might not be in the best mental or emotional state,because of the difficulties in balancing the numerous aspects of their lives. Even if it were just for a day, this class would help them unwind and leave behind their worries for a while.


LEAP is an annual University event so don’t be too disappointed if none of these classes show up in next year’s offerings. If this year, you weren’t able to get into the class you really wanted because your wifi was lagging, don’t fret. There are a lot of classes to choose from that cater to the various interests of the student body, and maybe next year, you’ll get the chance to enroll in the class you really want.


*Names with asterisks (*) are pseudonyms.