UniversityOne La Salle for Marawi: Updates on relief efforts
One La Salle for Marawi: Updates on relief efforts
August 3, 2017
August 3, 2017

As of July 24, the One La Salle for Marawi relief operations, which are led by La Salle Academy (LSA) in Iligan City and De La Salle Philippines, have benefited many locals caught in between the crossfire at Marawi City. In a Facebook post, LSA Social Action Staff Andrew Pamorada announced the following updates:

Marawi-Rachelle Gonzales

1. Pantao Ragat, Lanao del Norte

  • Distribution of 4,000 Mingo packs (donated by Negrense Volunteers for Change Foundation) at three evacuation centers
  • Psychosocial activity assistance with the Amai Pakpak emergency response team

2. Mindanao Tripartite Youth Core

  • Meeting with two of their representatives for possible partnerships with their psychosocial activities

3. Department of Health

  • Donation of 21,000 Mingo packs for different evacuation centers in Iligan and other towns in Lanao

4. Toril Compound

  • Distribution of 220 packs of (5 kilo) rice for the 220 families
  • Distribution of assorted clothes donated by Singapore Airlines

5. Faiz Compound

  • Distribution of more than 50 non-food item sets (Balde, Kaldero, Kawali, Plates, Plastic Glasses, and Ladle) donated by the Philippine Business for Social Progress
  • Distribution of small soup bowls and assorted clothes donated by Singapore Airlines

6. Sta Elena Home based evacuees

  • Distribution of around 300 relief packs (food and non-food items) to home based evacuees

7. 1st Lanao del Norte Infantry Battalion

  • Distribution of 120 relief packs (food and non-food items) for the military
  • Distribution of more than 100 mats, blankets, and mosquito nets
  • Distribution of coffee

8. Burial Assistance

  • Assistance to a mother whose son died and was found in the river at Marawi
  • The body is currently in Iligan and is now being processed for release

9. Water Donation

  • Donated cash to buy water for the military in Camp in Cagayan de Oro through the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines

10. Lasallian Awareness Week Integration

  • Faculty and staff of LSA visited the temporary Marawi Cathedral in Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parish in Balo-i, Lanao del Norte
  • Conducted psychosocial activities and distribution of coloring materials and ice cream to more than 150 children in Brgy. Maria Cristina evacuation center

11. Toys for Marawi Drive

  • Six boxes were set up in different locations around LSA for a toy drive
  • LSA students donated toys like stuffed toys

12. LSA Homebased evacuees

  • Distribution of relief packs (food and toiletries) and sleeping packs (mats, blankets, and mosquito nets) to homebased evacuees living in the houses of LSA students

13. Mindanao State University – Marawi (MSU-Marawi) Pre-Commencement Exercises

  • MSU-Marawi held their pre-commencement graduation exercises in the LSA gym
  • MSU-Marawi’s first time to hold their graduation outside their campus in Marawi

On July 27, alumni and students of LSA conducted a relief packing for the Marawi evacuees in Ditsaan-Ramain, one of the towns near Marawi, that did not receive as much help compared to other towns. According to Pamorada, the goal was to repack 3,000 goods for almost 3,000 families in Ditsaan-Ramain. “We’re calling other Lasallian students, alumni, and staff who [are] willing to volunteer to do repacking to join us here in La Salle Academy,” announced Pamorada.

As of press time, the Philippine military claims that they are expecting the firefight in Marawi to “become more bloody” as Maute troops are now confined to only a few square kilometers. With the Maute group’s area having diminished, Western Mindanao Command Lt. Gen. Carlito Galvez states that the terrorists’ defensive positions have become compact as well.

Recently, President Rodrigo Duterte expressed his intention to extend the proclamation of martial law in Marawi City until the end of the year following the government’s victory in a Supreme Court case.

Marawi City has been the target of the Islamic State (IS) following several losses in Iraq and Syria. According to news organizations, the IS plans to establish a caliphate in Asia through Marawi City.