Case Study: The Beach House carnap incident

There is always the question of safety and security in drinking and smoking establishments around DLSU, especially in light of theft and similar crimes being committed in these premises. One of the more recent incidents is a carnapping case that happened, Aug. 19.

The victim, Arnina San Pedro (III, MFI), recounts that she parked her car, a red Honda Civic, at the Beach House parking area at around 11:30 am that day. She left her car in the custody of the parking staff before leaving, as this has always been the custom in the Beach House when the parking lot is full.

San Pedro returned after her class, which ended at 9:10pm only to find that both her car key and car had gone missing. She immediately conferred with the Beach House parking attendants, who seemed to recall her. The attendants were also able to describe the details of her car, its plate number and key.

When they checked the location of her car, they found a red Vios and not a red Honda Civic. Realizing that her car had disappeared, the attendants gave speculations on how San Pedro’s car had vanished, even adding that two drunk girls may have mistakenly gotten her key. San Pedro notes that the attendant who took her key that morning turned very anxious at that point.

Two parking attendants escorted San Pedro to Manila Police Station 9 to report the incident, but they were deferred to the Anti-Carnapping Unit in U.N Avenue. The police accompanied San Pedro back to the Beach House after the blotter.

The investigation proceeded at the scene of the crime. When the police asked San Pedro to point out the person to whom she entrusted her key, San Pedro turned to the attendant in question. The attendant, however, denied having seen San Pedro or remembering her park her car in the Beach House that day.

The Beach House has also denied taking responsibility for the incident since there is no parking ticket that will prove that San Pedro parked her car in that parking lot. However, other students can also attest that the parking area never issues a receipt.

Magbabayad ka lang dun eh, walang resibo ibibigay sa ’yo, [You immediately pay when you park at the Beach House; they wouldn’t give you a receipt]” Kenelynn Wong (III, ECM-APC) can affirm since she parks at the Beach House often. Nonetheless, the DLSU Security and Safety Office (SSO) prompted San Pedro to make a statement about the incident to help in the investigation.

San Pedro is willing to take the case to court for both parties to reach a settlement should the Beach House insist on avoiding compensation.

The Beach House started to issue receipts to their customers after the incident happened. After a few days of giving receipts, the parking area went back to its previous scheme of collecting payment without a receipt.

By Juan Batalla

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