Green Gallery: Green Paddler Ted Bryan Yu

From a reluctant kid who did not have a sport to a seasoned veteran of the DLSU Green Paddlers, Ted Bryan Yu has certainly come a long way. As is the case with his team, who jumped from being fifth placers to bridesmaids in one of the biggest turnarounds in Season 73 of the UAAP.

Ted Bryan Yu is the captain of the DLSU Green Paddlers and currently a third year student taking up Electronics and Communications Engineering . He describes himself as repectable, friendly and jolly.

He enjoys mostly rigorous activities such as running , swimming, and of course, his beloved sport of table tennis. He is one man who would never quit halfway in any challenge. “Uncompromised value for hardwork and excellence” is a phrase that defines him and the way he approaches his sport.

He shares that, as a kid,  he was one of those that did not have any sport at first. He only took up the paddle and started playing table tennis before going to college mainly because of his father’s influence. He has since then practiced and played  table tennis.

His motivation for playing are a set of goals he renews every school year. These goals along with constant practice are enough to earn him a scholarship and a silver medal during the recently concluded Table Tennis Tournament in the UAAP Season 73.

His team’s performance is also one of his most memorable experiences so far because it was beyond expectations. In the future, he wishes to complete his studies and finally become a full-fledged engineer.

Tim Alejandro

By Tim Alejandro

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