Team Revisited: DLSU Golf team

Golf is a sport where the playing field is not a wood-panelled arena, but an idyllic, wind-swept course dotted with lush trees and rolling hills.

It is bereft of referees or judges whose in-game decisions can sometimes affect the complexion and even the outcome of the matches, and is also less physically demanding than its contemporaries. It requires steely nerves and mental toughness all the same, and maybe even a wee bit more.

Even in the most distant of fairways, DLSU distinguishes itself as a constant force, reaping numerous awards in golf tourneys.

The DLSU Golf Team, a squad composed of dedicated Lasallian students and alumni who have already made names for themselves in the sport dubbed as the “Sport of the Gentlemen.”

According to the team’s official website, the DLSU Golf Team was established November of 2004, when the then-called La Salle Golf Club (LSGC) was first organized by the De La Salle Alumni Association (DLSAA).

The club was established for a couple of reasons. First, the growing interest of the Lasallian alumni in the sport not only for competition, but also as means to foster camaraderie between their fellow par-busters.

Second, Lasallian undergraduates are keen on learning the sport and are even taking part in inter-scholastic and inter-collegiate golf tournaments.

The alumni recognized the students’ need for support, especially financially, as it is no secret that the cost of golf equipment, as well as the memberships at golf courses are expensive.

“[The] Sad thing is, we are always in need of funds as we get little or limited budget from the school. We have to rely on generous alumni supporters to get our funds. Unfortunately, such method does not guarantee continuity,” Team Manager-Coach and Program Manager Ferdie Atendido shares.

The team then embarked on a quest for golf supremacy and has since reeled in many awards for the Green-and-White, the last being the 11th Samsung Interscholastic Golf Championships last June.

The team pooled a total of 306 points, besting their closest competition, which happened to be La Salle-Green Hills. “La Salle, whether it is LSGH, DLSU or DLSZ, has dominated Inter-school Golf for much of those 6 decades,” Atendido adds.

According to team captain Allan Guy, the team will name their new captain, co-captain, and student manager.

The team has also just recently conducted its try-outs at the Sherwood Hills and Country Club, and have now ushered new members into their ever-growing group.

The team conducts its practice on Friday evenings at the Makati Golf Club and will be conducting another set of try-outs, also at the Sherwood Hills and Country Club. The team aims to recruit more Lasallian golfers that will join them in their quest of besting other schools.

Golf is indeed a sport for the gentlemen, as like modern knights after their joust, opposing players would engage in animated conversations, thus proving that it is truly a sport that should not only be limited to a few, but to a broader audience, including Lasallians.

In the meantime, as the pristine fairways continue to heat up with golf tournaments and competition, the DLSU Golf Team will just continue doing what it does best, and that is to make a habit out of winning.

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