Beyond Borders

by Patricia Manio

Knowing things about the “paranormal” has brought me much burden. Being aware that “they” are around me has changed my perspective. Since I was a kid, I have had several encounters with the supernatural; I always thought they were just a product of my imagination.

Moving in

My life changed when we moved to a new house back in 2005. The house was weird; there were no windows overlooking the front, the staircase was pretty steep, and a big duhat tree stood inside the compound. The original owner told us that the tree was already there when she bought the lot so she decided to build a house around it.

As we finally settled in our new home, we noticed several unexplainable things. The piano inside the living room started playing by itself, things started to break, coffee pots refilled themselves, and I started seeing strangers in the mirrors.

At first, we decided to have the house blessed, thinking that they, the spirits or elements, would peacefully move-out. After the house blessing, we had peace, but it did not last long. “They” were still with us. The handles of our doors started breaking, rooms locked themselves and the crosses of our rosaries disappeared.  We got the idea that they wanted us out of the house. And though we were scared, we did not give in.

Learning to live with them

We thought they got the message.

We lived in peace for years without violent events, but of course, they still made sure that we felt their presence once in a while. We heard the sound of children playing upstairs, personal things disappeared and furniture moved voluntarily. Again, we thought that we could live with them.


In June 2011, we were shocked by unexpected news. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. My mom is very bubbly; she is never stressed. She loved fashion and adored collecting snow globes. When we heard the news, we could not believe the diagnosis.

The previous owner also had breast cancer.

Months before my mother was diagnosed, my little brother noticed something weird about one of mom’s snow globes. My mom had two identical snow globes with her name on them: Cristy. While he was playing, my brother noticed that one of the names changed to: Angie. We thought of every possibility that could have allowed such a thing to happen. Since the snow globes were from the US, it was impossible for someone to buy a new one with a different name, let alone replace it with my mom’s. The name could not also have been erased and replaced because the font used was identical to the original.  It was then that we decided to seek special help.


My aunt e-mailed spirit mediums; people who deal with the paranormal. We prayed that they would respond; after a few months, they did. They agreed to meet us first in an unknown coffee shop in Fort Bonifacio where not many people dine. They oriented my aunt on the rituals that they were going to perform and the things we should expect.

They told her that “they” knew that the mediums were coming and that a week before the visit, someone in the household would dream of “them”. Sure enough, my brother had a nightmare a few days before the day; he was soaked in sweat and swore that he would never sleep alone in his room again. We saw increased activity that week as if “they” were preparing for mediums’ arrival.

When the day came, I expected the mediums to be in black with cross necklaces and heavy eyeliners, but I was surprised to find out that they looked inconspicuous. They brought large suitcases and expensive cameras, which they use to take pictures of the house.  They were gifted people, and they knew what they were dealing with. Many of the rituals were performed that night.

We found out that the beings in our house were not ghosts; they were different.  They told us that the beings did not have anything to do with my mom’s illness, though the negative energy of the previous owner still surrounded the house. They also added that the beings still wanted us to leave.

 I was lucky to have been part of many of the rituals because of my “gift”. The morning before they left, one of the people offered to perform a tarot card reading on me. Though I did not believe in the occult, I agreed. The readings came as a shock to me: all of them were true. It is then that the medium told me that I have a gift, and the ability to read tarot cards.  It is up to me to decide if I wanted to hone it.

My conclusion

A day after they left, we performed a ritual under the big duhat tree. “They” requested us to place my mother’s swarovski crystals and lighted candles on a clean plate, bury it and keep the candles burning. We offered a short prayer and after a while, when we looked at the place where we made the offering, the candle wax disappeared. It was as if nothing was buried.

After the offering, we were pretty sure that they found their peace, but a few weeks after, things started happening again. They are still with us. The truth is they do not belong in this world; they belong in another dimension. They should know their place and stay there. Eventually, we decided just to live with them. And although I still get occasional visits in my dreams, we figured that if we leave, they would think that we are raising the white flag.

We do not want to give in.

The LaSallian

By The LaSallian

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