COLE holds emergency meeting

Last January 22, an emergency meeting was held by the Convention of Leaders (COLE) to discuss four agendas concerning major changes in the University for A.Y. 2012-2013, namely, the next Brother President, the integration of DLSU and DLSC, the approval of the four-day class week and the approved tuition fee increase.

Strong candidate for the position

 Cabe Aquino, University Student Government (USG) President, explained that the Board of Trustees (BOT) has endorsed Br. Ricky Laguda FSC as the next president of DLSU amid Br. Jun Erguiza’s decision to discontinue his term.

According to Aquino, the BOT recommended Br. Ricky because of his strong management background and experience as the President of De La Salle Philippines and the former Chancellor of the University.

Since the position of chancellor will also be left vacant following Br. Jun’s resignation, the BOT has decided to recommend another brother to fill the chancellor position.

During Br. Jun’s presidency in DLSU, he also served as chancellor.

The purpose of consulting with COLE is to allow suggestions for potential candidates for the post.

A complete takeover?

A takeover of DLSC is planned for A.Y. 2013-2014. The campus will be renamed as the Science and Technology Complex. The decision will prompt the University to relocate the College of Engineering (COE), College of Science (COS) and the College of Computer Studies (CCS).

During the meeting, a point was raised that the Canlubang campus is having difficulty progressing, and it stands to benefit from the merger with DLSU.

Aquino notes that they University will hold further consultation with its stakeholders..

Old to new, new to old         

Days after a town hall meeting was held to discuss the 6-day class week, the administration announced during the meeting that the University will adopt the previous four-day schedule next term.

According to survey results of an evaluation team, most of the stakeholders are not in favor the a six-day class week schedule.

Aquino shares that the University will exert more effort to formulate an optimal scheduling scheme.

She also discussed that the administration will focus more on disaster reduction and risk management since student density will increase on certain days.

Justified Increase

The 3.5 percent tuition fee increase was approved to adjust to the skyrocketing oil prices and inflation.

Aquino also mentioned that the biggest concern is the maintenance of good faculty.

According to her, faculty members incur great opportunity costs in teaching in DLSU as working for companies or firms generate higher income.

Some proceeds of the increase will go to the maintenance, replacement and updates of computers and other facilities.

Article 22, section one of the USG Constitution, COLE serves as an advisory body to the President without any executive or legal functions. It is composed of all the student sectors in the University, and is obliged to convene once every term.

The President can, however, call on emergency meetings should the need arise.

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What’s wrong with La Salle?! I mean, DLSC will be the new home of COS, COE and CCS? Haven’t they checked the reactions of current students and parents on this? Now they will have a harder time getting blue-chip high school graduates.

Now thinking of sending kids to other schools.

Seriously? And they did all these decisions without consulting the student body (and their parents as well)? Kinda like the 6-day scheduling scheme, which suddenly came out without us even knowing, and we had to accept it when it got implemented.

Anyhow, good luck to DLSU in finding high school students (especially the ones from the Chinese schools) to study at Canlubang. I heard that even some professors are not in favor of the relocation. Cause really now, Canlubang? I would have studied at Ateneo or UP had this been implemented the time I graduated from HS.

“Aquino notes that they University will hold further consultation with its stakeholders.”
Hope so.

But then, imagine this. Maybe these college would be better off with better facilities?
Mahirap nga naman kung andami idedevelop ng DLSU Main, sabay complain tayo ng complain kung gano ka bulog ang facilities ng campus. Parang kalokohan ata yun. At least ngayon, better accommodation sa academics ng said colleges.

Magisip nga tayo for one moment.

Anong tuition increase? DLSU students are already paying 50% MORE THAN ATENEO STUDENTS and it’s not like our facilities are a lot better and our faculty members are a lot more competent than theirs.

If they know its congested, why are they increasing enrollment?? Every year it gets worse but with the additions plus the construction this term its just unbearable. People are shouting left and right because they cant hear themselves. I have had to take-out everyday since this term started because there are no seats anywhere. I wanted to research for thesis in the lib but whoops it was so full people were spilling outside. God forbid it rain.

On DLSU and DLSC — If you were to move the science & engineering courses (which are usually the ones Ateneo doesnt have/isnt good at) to Canlubang then all you’d have are students who didnt pass other schools. It sounds bad but we all know it.

I never complained about school before because I know a.)student representation in lasalle is a joke and b.)thats the system, but its gotten so bad. I dont want for lasalle to be a school I was ashamed I went to. I hope for all our sakes the opening of Henry Sy building really makes a difference or that 10,000 people graduate/”transfer” after first term.

Maybe we should stop and think about this for awhile. Yes, inconvenient nga kasi malayo but it will solve the problem of congestion in DLSU. I think this is actually a good idea for both DLSU and DLSC.

I think making a science and technology research complex is a good idea. I do not think that if they relocate S&T to canlubang, they would be getting students who didnt pass other schools. I think if they relocate it and maintain state of the art research facilities and hone a research driven environment, more and more skilled and talented people would want to do research there. In fact, this may be the start for more research partnerships all around the world. this is what the country needs truly. Congestion will also be solved. We have to stop crowding manila and make good use of other parts of the country. I support this idea and i hope for the best. I am doing research outside the country and in my opinion this is also the system other top universities apply. Animo! please make the right decisions for the future.

“The decision will prompt the University to relocate the College of Engineering (COE), College of Science (COS) and the College of Computer Studies (CCS).”
Any further explanation for the quote? How I interpret it is that the mentioned colleges will be relocated to Canlubang, and possibly forcing currently enrolled students back at DLSU-M to move to the said location. This would look like to be in conflict with Br. Jun Erguiza’s statement: “There is no other place where we can go. We do not have any other property. We have already taken over some parts in the area. The aforementioned colleges will not be relocated” at

Or are they deciding to provide degree programs offered in DLSU-M COE, COS, and CCS to DLSU-C as well?

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