Editorial: Paying Euro Debt with Drachma Bills

It is high time they start paying. All the mechanisms are in place and all the stakeholders will again have to decide on which sovereign beliefs to bail out for another year.

But the question is, do these parties have what it takes? Are they too full of debt to save? Or will giving them another bail out just be like kicking the can to an inevitable bankruptcy?

The quarter is ending and debts are maturing and the stakeholders need to decide if they will believe in the endearing austerity measures or if they will have let one go bankrupt.


Who are the stakeholders? We all are.

For the nth time, in this familiar season, we have a voice in the University, and pardon the cliché but at this moment, we have the ability to bring change. We can decide on the path the University and the student body will take for the following school year.

Because in this season, we get to choose our leaders; we get to choose which platforms to support for the rest of the year.

But what if the time comes that, say someone punishes you for something you did not do? What if one day, you suddenly want to make a difference, but no one is there to support you?

Our decisions this season will determine the direction of our future. USG officers will have to protect and represent us from injustices, and if we are lucky, we might even see some improvement in the University.

We all have plans and our own vision of what a world class University is.  Some will deny it, but every time we think to ourselves “ay dapat (we should),” we are seeing our own version of what DLSU should be.

These can materializa and they will. All we need are the right hands and platforms to get there. Responsible voting brings us a step closer to our vision because it gives us a say—one we have to choose wisely.

Think of it this way. Do you want to sound like this, “Why do we have minor offenses for the ID POLICY when it is not our intention or fault when we leave/lose them?” Or like this, “What will we learn from receiving a minor offense? Are there other options?”

Weigh your options. Think about what you want and what they have to offer. Are they giving you something you do not need or are they promising something they cannot give?

We ask that you choose the right candidate for yourself and not for anyone else.

This is the only time of the year that we can demand payment—hopefully in the right denomination.

The LaSallian

By The LaSallian

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