Rant and Rave: ‘Leading Ladies’

Money is the root of all evil, but it also serves as a driving force for many. Money is sometimes the sole motivation of some to resolve to live, despite being confined in a certain situation.

Poster courtesy of Repertory Philippines

Leading Ladies, Repertory Philippines’ latest theatrical offering, features two starving Shakespearean actors, Jack (James Stacey) and Leo (Topper Fabregas) who attempt to con a three million dollar inheritance, but not without a few hiccups to foil their cause. The play is a comedy and a developing family drama.

The two Shakespearean actors displayed raw theatrical talent when they transformed into two very large women, named Max and Steve, for the sake of getting three million dollars. The two barge into the home of their ailing “aunt” (Juno Henares) armed with information they procured from the newspaper.

Despite the aunt not knowing who they were, the two managed to join the family.
As the old lady’s niece, Meg (Cris Villonco), becomes enchanted with the thought of finding her long lost cousins, Meg’s fiancé, the local minister (Jamie Wilson). She harbors doubts about the two sinister characters. The two witty and charming actors, however, quickly win Meg and the aunt over, as they encourage Meg to follow her dream of becoming an actress. As the story progresses, the two fall in love with Meg and Audrey (Gianina Ocampo) respectively.

Up until the very end, Leading Ladies continued to keep the audience guessing about the ending. Will love, or the love of money, prevail? Will the elderly aunt really die? While the play was a bit of a drag at times, it stands as a testament to theater art’s continued survival.

Stephanie Tan

By Stephanie Tan

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