Rant and Rave: Sting Powerpacq

The People’s Champ has confirmed it, ladies and gentlemen.

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It’s got Manny Pacquiao hooked, but don’t worry, it’s nothing too illegal. The sensational multi-division boxing champion is on… Sting Powerpacq.

This latest addition to the powerhouse Sting Energy drink line up is finally up for grabs, and is causing quite a stir among athletes and gym junkies alike. Released late March, Sting Powerpacq is an energy drink fortified with real extracts of malunggay.

Energy drink fans rejoice! Sting Powerpacq has definitely followed in its predecessors’ footsteps, with its perfect combination of taste and functionality. A single shot of Sting Powerpacq is more than enough to give anyone the energy boost needed to zip through anything, drowse-free: from late night bouts of cramming to long, gruelling hours of pumping iron. No fear of another caffeine crash here: effects are instant and long lasting (drinker discretion is advised).

As for taste, Sting Powerpacq is mild but fairly tasty, without the aftertaste typical of Taurine-overloaded drinks of its kind. It’s easy on the caffeine and sugar, too, unlike other energy drinks with insanely high levels of both. Unless one downs five bottles in a go, side effects like restlessness, irritability and palpitation are unlikely.

Coupled with blasting pump up music, Sting Powerpacq is sure to add more flavour to even the most strenuous workout routine.

Jericho De Dios

By Jericho De Dios

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