Rant and Rave: ‘The Serpent’s Shadow’ by Rick Riordan

Rating: 2.5/4

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Rick Riordan redefines Egyptian mythology, once only associated with archaeologists and their mouldy artifacts,  in his latest novel, The Serpent’s Shadow. The third and final installment to the Kane Chronicles series, Riordan once again wields his wand to prove his worth as a magician, as he produces a satisfying conclusion that leaves Carter and Sadie Kane a place in the hearts of readers. Doomsday is nigh and it is up to the Kane siblings to find a way to defeat the giant snake Apophis with his own shadow. With three days left before zero hour, only their team of barely-trained teenage magicians – with the aid of a catty cat goddess – stands in the way of the apocalypse.

While his particular narrative style may confuse some, Riordan follows the same technique he used for his prequels.  Both Carter and Sadie Kane take hold of the Serpent’s Shadow, guiding the plot along while lending more depth and insight into the lives of its two main characters. The book ends, however, a little too perfectly.

Chockful of the rivalry typical of any brother-sister duo, the story is straightforward, peppered with humor, romance, adventure, and drama, alongside lessons on Egyptian mythology discussed with such wit and enthusiasm that readers end up wishing they had Riordan for a history professor.

All in all, The Serpent’s Shadow resembles Riordan’s ultimate hit – the Percy Jackson series – with the same  unexpected twists and turns, bizarre outfits and the comeback of Freak the griffin (note: with a side helping of crates of frozen turkeys). A highly recommended read.

Shi Ailyn

By Shi Ailyn

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