Tribute to a Green Batter: Paolo Mallari

“I’d rather put a mark on the inspiration. If there would be an inspiration out there, I want it to be me,”

Paolo Mallari shared with The LaSallian last March 2010.

Paolo Gerardo B. Mallari, more commonly known as Pao, passed away in a vehicular accident that caused his ribs to puncture his lungs in the early morning of Mother’s Day last May 13.

He would have turned 22 on May 16.


Baseball life

Pao’s forte has always been baseball.

At an early age, he was already making waves in the baseball community.

A versatile baseball player who could slide into the shortstop and outfielder position, Pao became known for his pitching.

He represented the Philippines in his little league days and received the Best Pitcher recognition in the 2006 Senior League Baseball World Series, where he represented the Asia Pacific.

Through his career, he has also rendered service to the Alabang Tigers in Baseball Philippines and the Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) during his high school years.


Playing as an Archer

Gab Baroque, former DLSU Baseball Team Captain shares that Pao served as the missing piece in their then rebuilding team. They started winning more games and the team became more cohesive when Pao joined.

Mallari played in three notable UAAP seasons, earning two Most Stolen Bases Awards for seasons 73 and 74.

Baroque adds that Pao would have been a great captain. He says, “He was surely deserving of that title when his time came.”

Nico Uichico, one of Pao’s closest teammates describes Pao as the type of baseball player who made things happen.

He recalls Pao’s unbelievable plays that were fruitfully executed and considers Pao as a unique and exceptional player.

Uichico furthers that Pao inspires his team to do their best every single game even in silence.

“It’s just how he played that motivated everyone to just push a little harder,” Baroque says.


Outside the field

A 109 senior taking up Organization Communication (OCM-MGT), he proves that he could step out of his comfort zone to enjoy other sports.

He plays badminton, golf, basketball, football, tennis, target shooting and swimming. Pao also likes to dance, play the guitar, sing (for mass and Ateneo Ministry), and even has an eye for photography.

He was also a part of the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) of his municipality.

Pao, despite having many commitments, was a responsible student, a reliable and obedient son, a faithful and loving boyfriend, a caring brother and a reliable friend.

Paolo Mallari’s passing is a great loss to the community; he will never be forgotten.

Min Buenviaje

By Min Buenviaje

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