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The story behind the Canlubang campus

As early as 1976, the De La Salle brothers had envisioned the Canlubang campus. The initial plan sought to use the campus for the College of Education. By the 1990s, plans for Canlubang changed. Canlubang was being considered as a possible extension for the College of Business and College of Liberal Arts. And by 2003 plans were redrafted to make  Canlubang a Grade School, High School and College campus.

As DLSU President and Chancellor Br. Ricky Laguda, FSC puts it, the University made several changes to better suit the demand and the different circumstances that would affect the plan.

He furthers, “By nature, our charisma is flexible and innovative.”

Currently, the plans for Canlubang or the new Science and Technology Campus are at best tentative. Br. Ricky explains that the plans are not yet final.

Based on the concept paper for STC, three colleges will be fully transferred to the Canlubang campus. The College of Computer Science (CCS), the College of Science (COS) and Gokongwei College of Engineering (GCOE) would all transfer to the new campus.

DLSU plans to build more facilities for the students. Moreover, faculty would also be offered incetives for the transfer.

Other plans of action suggest three sets of programs. One set would be designed solely for DLSU-Manila. Another set of programs would be made solely for DLSU-STC and another set of programs that would be offered in both campuses. The programs would all boil down to the interdisciplinary nature of the courses offered in DLSU.

Given the considered full transfer of the three colleges, incentives for the students and faculty are in the works being. But as Br. Ricky clarifies that those would only be transition initiatives. Such incentives would only be in effect for two to three years.

Unofficial sources say that students would receive tuition discounts, while professors would receive housing benefits.

Student Courtney Ngo (IV, CS-ST) is enthusiastic about the transfer of the three colleges. She says that the University really needs to fix the different facilities, particularly facilities of the three aformentioned colleges. “I have this notion that when you are immersed in that academic environment, you are geared to learn more, or [rather] you are more enthusiastic in the academe.”

On the other hand, Benjamin Uttoh (II-CpE) does not entirely welcome the idea, as he argues that accessiblity is the main issue in the planned transfer. He expounds, “ La Salle should consider how students can go there and back to Manila in a short time without the hassle. The University should also provide students board and lodging options.

George Vasquez II (II- BS-IS) agrees that students should play a bigger part in the decision-making process. He clarifies, “.. [The students] are the end products of the school and they should all be comfortable with the decision made by the administration.”

In an interview with The LaSallian, Br. Ricky expounds on the posibility that the three colleges would not transfer totally; he discussed the possibility of having specific programs in DLSU as well as in Canlubang.

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