Pump up the Animo 5: Clash of the colleges

Pump up the Animo is an intercollegiate cheerleading competition hosted by the DLSU Animo Squad. The biggest battle between the six colleges in one stage is set to take off in the quest to find the best college cheerleading squad at DLSU this coming March 23, 2013 at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium.

This year’s Pump Up will be the fifth and final inter-college competition the Animo Squad will host.

Overall College Head Faye Cayab shared, “Pump up the Animo is for the students to have an experience performing under the field of cheer dancing. This is a fun event because other than being in a competition, you’ll also meet new friends.”


Loud and proud

Each college is preparing as early as the start of third term to bag the championship trophy of the biggest Pump up competition.


The College of Liberal Arts (CLA) is looking forward to its third consecutive championship title. But the College of Engineering (COE) and the College of Business – School of Economics (COB-SOE) are also vying for the championship crown as well. These three teams have appeared in the top three for two straight years.

This year, the College of Computer Studies (CCS) and College of Science (COS) may change Pump Up history as they compete for their first championship title. The College of Education (CED), the first Pump up the Animo champion, is also set to try a repeat of the college’s 2009 championship.

Head Drummer Tyson Ty is excited with the coming competition. He said,  “The pump up this year is more organized by assigning an animo squad drummer to each college to teach them the proper way of playing drums. The drums are the backbone of all cheer squads because it leads the tempo of the crowd and sets the tempo.”


Anticipating a final blow

In anticipation of a larger crowd, for the first time, the competition is going to be held outside the University.

CLA is the current defending champion.

By Sabrina Capuz

By Michiko Alejandro

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