FOOD: KFC BBQ Shredder Sandwich

Here it is: another attempt by KFC to introduce a revolutionary sandwich with the new BBQ Shredder. It’s basically shredded chicken mixed with barbeque sauce topped with lettuce before being put between two buns.

The taste however, is far from revolutionary.

The look is not very appealing at all, with the sauce oozing out some of the shredded meat or chicken or whatever it really is. The look is – as expected – a lot different from the advertised picture in on the posters. The attempt of KFC to try out different styles and variation of strange chicken sandwich are all new gimmicks by the chicken giant to draw in more customers. One could consider the Cheese Top Burger as one of those attempts; the Double Down is also another special sandwich that the restaurant has tried to serve out and for a time actually became a calorific hit.

Back to that double down. branches sold out on the item just because the masses had a high demand for the double down and now there is the double decker which is basically buns added to the oily concoction.

Another thing that the regular customer must consider before trying out this sandwich is the price. It is worth more than the Chick’N Fillet Sandwich but not as expensive as a Zinger. What is disappointing is that it is nowhere near the tastiness of the Chik’N Fillet, definitely not worth its peso value as the Chick’N Fillet only amounts to P50 already with the regular drink. The BBQ Shredder is P55 without the drink. The soda will set you back P15 if you decide to order it to wash down the barbeque muck.

Going back to the insides of the sandwich itself, you could compare its looks, surprisingly enough, to just any a tuna sandwich. In this case though, the tuna sandwich would have been a better choice for anyone with the money to buy the BBQ Shredder. When you finally finish comprehending its awkward not-so-chicken-barbeque-sandwich-looks and wondering about its mysterious not-quite-chicken-contents, you finally get to bite into it. The texture is very liquid; you might not feel any shredded meat inside the sandwich at all, if that’s what you’re looking for. The only crunchy part in the sandwich is the lettuce that comes along with it. But the lettuce doesn’t compliment the taste of the barbeque, not one bit. Unlike contrasts that work, the flavors just simply do not mix well together. What is disappointing with this sandwich is that it blatantly tastes like barbeque sauce put in between two buns.

As per advertisement, the sandwich is supposed to have crunchy tortilla chips inside. It will not feel that way; the chips are a myth. Perhaps it could be one of those burgers where it takes a few bites before you reach the pickles. In this case, it is the chips you have to dig in deep for. Or was that chip. Chip bits.

KFC definitely tried to create something new with this sandwich, but unfortunately it is not even at par with its predecessors. It is not practical for its price; it does not taste as good as their other sandwiches. Trying this sandwich out will definitely be a risk for them, considering the varying preferences for taste that each and every customer has. Ineffective sampling.

So if you have a deep sense of craving for the taste of barbeque sauce and bread go ahead and indulge in this sandwich. But then again you must be desperate. If you like the KFC style tasting sandwiches then this is not it because it barely feels like it should be part of the menu, because all in all, it does not even feel like its worthy to be a product of KFC. Sorry, Colonel.

Roy Eriga

By Roy Eriga

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