Is it just me, or is it not true that as we approached the elections, we started spending less on food since we’ve been getting a lot of stuff for free? Am I just hallucinating when I see different gimmicks online that are “worth sharing” via Facebook as we approach the General Elections?


To be fair, throughout the academic year, I have seen different USG posters about events that could be for the betterment of an average Lasallian, but while the USG has created events that are “worth it,” some projects have gained much criticism.


Recently, the USG gave out free Red Velvet Mochiko to students at the Yuchengco lobby. It drew mixed reactions among students. Most of them were excited for the free treat, but for some who tried to see beyond the so called “project”, it was a useless event.


Truth be told, the “event ” did not promote any Lasallian values nor pushed for any social action. It was simply the USG giving out free food, and for what? Is there a shortage of sweets at the University? Do we all lack sugar? If so, then that would have been very useful. Most likely though it was Mochiko for the sake of Mochiko or something else as members of one political party could call it.


But of course, who could resist free food? Just like the masses, students lined up for the sweet and rare treat, forgetting the story of Hansel and Gretel.


I, however, see it as a form of vote buying by the very officers that we have elected. Think about it. Why do we only get free stuff and why is it that the USG has kept on publishing posters with the line “brought to you by” when (1) it may not be necessary and (2) the USG just made the publicity for it and the real credit should go to the administrative office?



Why is it that everything the USG has done has a corresponding batallion of logos? Why do we need this when the USG was not established for recognition? Why should I know, which unit organized the event when I can just credit it to the USG as a whole?


The fact that they always display that they were the ones who organized the event is nothing but an attempt to hog glory. It is a subtle attempt to becoming an “epal,” which the USG has criticized.  We don’t see it, but our USG is similar to the Philippine government.


Premature campaigning is also something we share in common (ie. “Derecho La Salle”).  And while members and supporters of the candidates could argue that they are doing it without the knowledge of their best bets, it is still premature campaigning, and it is the same excuse our politicians have said throughout the years when their TV and radio commercials go on air before the campaign season.


The USG, just like the Philippine government, has also lacked transparency. Though the LA Watch page has a manifesto on the controversial Senate Bill 3183 more commonly known as the “Freedom of Information Bill,” most of the minutes and the available files that should be on the site is not there.


This elections season, we have to analyze the people we vote for because if you think that politicians who would do anything to get your vote only exist in our local and national government, you are wrong. The sad truth is that traditional politicians exist in this University as well, which ironically has the tag line, “The future begins here.”


Not all USG projects are bad though. Some actually promote responsible action mostly with the actual exposure of the students to the marginalized sector of our country. Some projects are also not self indulgent.


The USG then is doing its fair share of good projects, but we need to recognize that some inside that office may add to the “trapo” culture of Philippine politics. The USG was conceptualized as the ideal Philippine government. It should, hence, show that we can have a good, transparent and clean political system.


Our student leaders should recognize that exemplary leaders don’t just give freebies.

Roy Eriga

By Roy Eriga

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To clarify, the Mochiko activity was an effort initiated by Mochiko. It was their gift to the Lasallian community for the AYT. Also, it was their promotion for their new red velvet product. It just so happens that the company had contacts within the USG.

Also, point of information, the USG logos are placed because of the fact that it is required by the admin. It ensures accountability. So if there is a project, they know who to contact directly.

Please know the facts before you publish anything.

You can also see this in professional organizations – if we (the USG. Yeah I’m in the USG) had the option to remove our Logos and everything, the USG would have since day 1. The USG however has to abide by the rules of the administration hence the need to put not only the USG logo, but also the unit involved (again, accountability)

Normally, I’d understand this if this was the query of a regular student who has zero knowledge about the process of activities in DLSU, but coming from an organization that has access to (almost) everything, I thought you’d know better.

But is there really a true lack of transparency or maybe the illusion of the lack of transparency?

let all lasallians answer that question because their, I mean our, answers will determine what it really is.

I agree, but lets not stray from the topic, I still believe that lack of transparency should not hinder a publication in finding out the what happened.

Apathy is not a result of lack of transparency. Being apathetic is a choice, you either want to know more or not.

people still need to ask questions to break transparency or could it be
clarified easily by the people who are in power?” – Seriously? Aren’t
we thought to be curious and try to learn to figure things. You can’t
spoon feed all the information to a society that does not even care.

Also, transparency is about the information being readily available to
everyone. If the USG can provide the information once asked that is
already considered being transparent on their part.

I disagree. Apathy results from the laziness of people to actually look for the information they want. Transparency is there but then do we even try to look?

How does it lack transparency then? It’s one thing to assume things but it’s also another to not take the time to do research or ask the USG personally or even S-Life especially coming from a publication.

I understand that you are from the USG and you have clarified the side of the USG. It is well appreciated.

We can say all we want that it is related to the AYT, but why was it not during Saturday, when AYT was?

Yes, it lacks transparency because of the ‘ambiguity’ of certain projects. Why will it be ambiguous if it’s transparent. Do people still need to ask questions to break transparency or could it be clarified easily by the people who are in power?

I think it has to be both. What you’re implying is that publications ask people from the USG about it in order to know a lot more but how sure are the inquirers that the answers are/will be reliable? Arguably, the answers that will be given will be sugar-coated especially now during campaign period.

I already answered your first question in your reply to Maj Chua and I believe the other people have already answered your other questions as well.

transparency is accessibility to information. it does not have to be
spoon fed. i’m sure if you asked about the activity, then you would find
the answers. they wouldn’t be hidden from you. it is sad that people, more so publications, equate transparency to only the obvious.

really? can’t remember all corporate stuff that took place in DLSU had to have the usg logo on it? since when is this practice observed? or was it just for this ‘project’? enlighten me.

Hater ka na frosh no? Check mo kaya lahat ng mga previous corporate based activities ng USG, andun yung logo. Get your facts straight, nagmumukha kang tanga. Save yourself from the humiliation. Dear, tsk tsk tsk. #shur2013

You’re bashing an honest inquiry. Why do you equate ignorance with stupidity? get your head straight. nagmumukha kang frosh. Dear, tsk tsk. #shit2013

I think it’s silly how you answered that question. Just because you’re communicating through the internet does not mean that you should not be civil. Just because you’re more informed does not mean you have the right to call anyone stupid. Just because you may belong to a higher batch does not mean you have the right to generalize and discriminate a batch. What you said was a fallacy, a very ignorant and impolite fallacy.

Actually, I’ve heard that the owner of Mochiko was a Lasallian. The owner of Mochiko is also the owner of FIC (the one who gave free ice cream back in 2010 because of DLSU beating ADMU in UAAP Men’s Basketball). Mochiko gave free Red Velvet mochi FIRST and EXCLUSIVE to DLSU students because DLSU captured the general championship in UAAP and for the Animo year end thanksgiving celebration. it’s not mochiko’s fault to give free ice cream right? :p

As a nonpartisan student, I think that it isn’t bad for the USG to support this kind of project. In fact, it’s also an opportunity for Mochiko to advertise their new Red Velvet Mochi.

I also think that because USG has to acknowledge (by putting logos) it’s different units per project because some projects are made by that batch unit or office and it is required by the admin. Every office in the USG has its certain limitations and responsibilities to do. For Instance, you can’t acknowledge FAST2010 Batch Government to the LSP by the OTREAS. It is like the Philippine government, you can’t present everything as one office, for example, you can’t blame the Department of Health because of the traffic in EDSA, but DOH and MMDA as we know it is under the Philippine government. And personally, i think that the segregation of the offices/batch units in DLSU under USG and work together with a common goal is very important as students know who to approach when problems arise. Every batch unit/office is under USG and crediting them is also like crediting USG as a whole.

True that! Is The Lasallian partisan or are they directly against one? Makes me rethink my reading routine.

The last time any member of the publication was suspended as a result of his/her activities with the publication was back in the 1970s when both the then Student Council and The LaSallian were shut down by the DLSU administration for going against the Marcos dictatorship. This was also the only time when The LaSallian was placed under any form of suspension/probation. It would be illegal to do so under current press laws.

I suggest to the author of this article, before you write your “opinion” make sure that it is an informed one. It is very unfair for the USG to receive such. I am not sure if you know the system in the USG but if you are not part of the system, have an effort to interview the USG officers or the SLIFE first. DLSU is promoting a research-centered environment and from what I see you guys do not apply it in this publication.

And since you’re being so exclusive and elitist, kindly stop discriminating people as if you know everything. Thanks.

Hi! I am Maj, a Marketing Executive from OVPIA. Just to let you know, I am the project head of the Mochiko Freebie Freezer. I respect your opinion but I can’t just shut up. I worked for a school paper as a journalist before and we were taught not to release any statement without knowing the story behind it. Let me explain to you. I am not saying this in behalf of Robert Hechanova. I am the contact of the owner of Mochiko, and Robert doesn’t know him at all. I just want to clear his name.

Mochiko owner contacted me two to three weeks before the said activity to inform me that they would like to congratulate DLSU. I know the owner personally and he is a huge fan of DLSU. He is my good friend and he even supported my batch project, a seminar about Mochiko. I immediately told Robert that I want to push this, not because I’m adding this to OVPIA’s long list of projects, but because I WANT THE STUDENTS TO BE REWARDED FOR BEING SUPPORTIVE LA SALLIANS. Robert just allowed me to push this project, and he did not order me to get food sponsors. And if you are saying that it’s just because elections are near, NO. Nowie (Mochiko Owner) and I had a deal that if DLSU wins this UAAP, he’ll give away mochis. And so we won. Sakit sa bangs…alangan naming sa July pa kami mamigay! It just so happened that the UAAP season ended also at this time.

Try asking the athletes. It really feels good knowing you have hundreds or thousands of La Sallian supporters in the arena. I just wonder why this newspaper keeps on bashing one party. And before you judge me, btw, I am non-partisan, because I am currently an incumbent BVP of the USG. I hope a lot of people will be able to read my comment to clear this issue. A little respect is all we need 🙂

why not during the party (AYT) itself or when DLSU has officially claimed it (by March 23 onwards-perhaps after holy week for as long as DLSU officially has it already)?

Product Activation

March 7 – Mochiko gave away free samples in DLSU
March 8 – Mochiko officially launched the Red Velvet in their stores
March 9 – DLSU AYT

Mochiko released the Red Velvet last May 8 (one day after they gave away free samples in DLSU). It is to entice the people to try out a new product and if they like it, the first day sales of the Red Velvet Mochi would be high. Also it’s to reward DLSU by giving them a product 1 day before it’s official release. If they gave it on Saturday (during AYT), it is possible that the people in AYT would have already tried it in their store.

Kasi uso din yung process called Activity Approval sa USG at CSO bago pa man maimplement ang activity. Is bacsilog idling your brain o talagang hindi mo alam. Friend ka din ni Christopher Lao no? Not informed ka din. #shur2013

Let me answer your question 🙂

Mr Nowie (Owner) and I decided to give away the mochis on March 7 because…
1. Mochiko wanted to reward DLSU by giving mochis and they want La Sallians to be the first people to try the flavor. (Note: Official release of new flavor was last March 8).
2. Their staff were not available on AYT day (March 9) coz they needed to focus more on sales and marketing, since by that time it was already released in the market.

Hope this answers your question 🙂

I’m an athlete and yes, its true that the Mochiko Freebie Freezer is for us, and for all the La Sallians who supported for us to achieve the General Championship. It was a reward to every Lasallian and its not a mere act of publicity for the USG. When do you think is the best time to give away the Mochikos? And think of it, the campaign for the General Elections haven’t started yet during the free mochiko day. So why bash?


Are you friends with Cristopher Lao, kasi, I think you’re also misinformed eh 😛 #shur2013

Is this the proper place where you think you’ll get answers? You can check with google first. #shur2013

I commend you for that, but I am asking the author directly on what his take is.
Also, the hashtag doesn’t help.

I am the one responsible for the oversight of the processing and approval of this project since it was initiated under my committee. Mochiko has been our partner since the start of the year. In fact, they are our year-long sponsor. The distribution of free ice cream is only one of the partnerships which have been done with the said entity throughout the year. It just so happened that three weeks prior to the activity, Maj Chua was contacted by Mr. Nowie Potenciano, the owner of Mochiko, because he wanted to distribute products to the university students for free. It was done to compliment and celebrate DLSU’s performance in UAAP and to market the product (which is a privilege of them having been our year-long sponsor).

I think bacsilog everyday should read this post as well as the one from Maj Chua. #shur2013 na gets niya na after reading. Ikaw din Roy Eriga #shur2013 na kailangan mo to basahin to get your facts correct and your opinions more grounded. #shur2013 na after nito, di na friends sina Chirstopher Lao, bacsilog everyday at ikaw Roy. #shur2013

Do not waste your time writing crappy stories in our newspaper. Naghahallucinate ata ang writer neto. Research first bago magsulat TOTOY.

Dude, where’s the vote-buying there? As far as I know, Lasallians know better. You can’t just influence them to vote for someone just because they were given free stuff. There are two things that you weren’t able to look into properly.

1. The Mochiko freebies were part of giveaways prior to the campaigning season. I’ve seen people post those things and it coincided during the UAAP Volleyball finals.

2. Most of student-related events that occur in the university are created by student representatives that are officers of USG, CSO or other organizations. The admin approves the event if it is feasible. So, credit goes to the one you made the event possible.

I’ve been an officer of an organization before. I know how hard it is for one to make a project because you need to go through certain processes before it gets approved. Add to that the chance for the event to be successful.

Before you bash anyone, get your facts straight. Your article has a point but you lack the necessary components in sharing your thoughts. You have much to learn, young grasshopper.

Just my two cents.

The writer also underestimated the fact that sponsors will now be turned off by the “bad publicity” they did not expect…by – get this – actually giving something for FREE. Imagine how that would make other marketing heads of companies think and they’ll instead invest their marketing budgets to other schools instead of ours. They’ll think twice, thrice or maybe even leave the idea all together. An act that will lead to repercussions beyond what this writer was thinking.

Please know what us (USG Officers) go through to give you quality activities. We’re open to interviews and we’ll gladly answer your questions. We cannot take this article and just ignore it because it is dis-crediting one of the USG office that I work with. If you want to ask questions just contact our Chief of Staff and set a meeting and not blindly publishing slandering article/s such as this. If this is TLS being partisan again we better read PLARIDEL rather than this news paper for unbiased stories.

Cliche as it may sound, but the truth hurts. Although I would like to comment that the political strategy was good, but it was super obvious. I hope people could also see through the URL of the Graduation Ball of ID#110 was not Trapo? The APO110,

Dear La Sallian, a newspaper or a journalistic piece should always make sure that it is researched well or at the very least would have presented two sides of the story citing a reference or point person. Clearly this piece is just another opinion rather than that of a credible source of information. Allow me to provide you the bigger picture coming from a MARKETING point of view. I work for the #1 fast food company in the Philippines and similar to the activation done by Mochiko, we were interested to provide DLSU some freebies and because we’d like to be CURRENT we would’ve also done the activation at a more convenient and real time for us. Immediately after the volleyball match, I spoke to Bro. Bernie on how we could assist in congratulating DLSU and I was forwarded to the head of OSD Mr. Calanog, it took a few days for us to get in touch and all this time I was speaking to Robert your VP for Internal Affairs to get this project going given that we did a similar activation for ATENEO when they won the Basketball championship. Now here’s the Clincher…..

IF Robert or any USG incumbent was so gung-ho in using this activation for their own political advantage, why did I ACTUALLY have to go through a process rather than the short cut that would’ve made things easier for us. In fact, I HAD TO CONSISTENTLY REMIND ROBERT (given that he is a personal contact) that we wanted to be part of the AYT2013, instead I was referred once again to the OSD until we finally got to talk and do the activation during the party instead of an ordinary school day which would’ve generated more buzz given there would obviously be MORE students . Now could you kindly explain to me like a 5 year old, how you would consider the USG Officer that you had to use a blind item on to be TRAPO? As far as I know, it seems that they’re doing a good job at upholding a process.

I am so disappointed at this paper and how you’ve consistently spewed nothing but negativity especially since the General Elections are coming. Are you the students that will graduate from our ALMA MATER…THE ONE THAT believes in RELIGIO, MORES, CULTURA? The one that believes in being a CHRISTIAN ACHIEVER???? This is not how the paper was run way back, your AGENDA is LOUD and CLEAR and sadly it is NOT EVEN Close to being JOURNALISTIC in its entirety. Please stop being self-righteous, our school deserves better.

To the writer and editor of this paper, how does this show other schools that we are a cut above the rest when you remind me of a simple quote by Abraham Lincoln and I quote “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

Kindly be more DECISIVE and FORTHRIGHT when you release such articles, you are not just writing for yourselves and your OWN AGENDAS. You are writing for our ALMA MATER – DLSU. You are REFLECTIVE of our INSTITUTION. Please do not be jaded by your own opinions. This is NOT the ANIMO way.

Yours sincerely,
Martin Cervantes ID 9840729

Lol if that’s the case then, more than half of the world’s opinions should be kept to themselves. How can change in the system happen in that silence? How can there be progress if no one actually bothers to challenge the status quo?

it should a least be an educated opinion. this is an official publication, dapat naman kahit papaano hindi puro satsat lang yung opinion na binigay niya, may basis pa rin lagi.

Ah, that’s true. There are questionable points in the article. Even the very case it presents shows a lack of knowledge on how things are run – – and this is coming from someone who has suffered from the bureaucracy that exists in DLSU.

May I ask what is the bureaucracy you speak of? For any government or administrative function, bureaucracy exists. Certain processes and procedures must be followed even if there are road bumps. It cannot be removed but it can be minimized, and I believe the USG has tried its best to make the grievance process as smooth as possible. It is the professors and the academic higher ups that are not doing their part, and if that’s the bureaucracy you speak of, then why focus on the USG?

Sincerely, a student who successfully filed a grievance case and won.

You’re funnier because you assume, I’m fighting with a kid….you’re in college, not in grade school, try to think your age or at least act with a little integrity. Calling something out without basis or decent back up can land you in trouble and once you step out in the real world, this will have repercussions. I’m teaching you a lesson. Let’s see who’ll have the last laugh between us.

Mr. Eriga,

I don’t think that there’s a problem with giving out freebies every now and then, especially if the reason behind the freebies is celebratory in nature. While I agree that this activity may not explicitly highlight some sort of social awareness and the Lasallian values, in reality, not all activities are that way. There’s a proper time for everything and this is a time to celebrate the Lasallian victories in the UAAP. It does not mean that Lasallains are suddenly insensitive of the poor nor does it mean that they are less Lasallian. But as mentioned in the earlier comments, it is simply the USG expressing their gratitude to the students for their support of the teams. Can we not give ourselves a chance to celebrate? Furthermore, people must know who spearheaded the project, not because of fame-grabbing, but as mentioned, for accountability.

Now about you, your juxtaposing of the student leaders’ apparent vote buying scheme and the free treats is clearly uninformed and lazy. You further exacerbated it with useless and childish rants. (Not to mention that your arguments are faulty and that your writing style is very unrefined.) If you continue on with this kind of irresponsible journalistic practice, then you will bring the name of this publication to shame. It would be better for you to have your own blog in which you have no other name to bring down but your own.


A fellow Bedan (I did my research with this, at least)

I would also like to place this on the responsibility of the EDITOR of this Newspaper, how can this slip right through you when not only does it shame your publication but OUR SCHOOL.

Dahil nabigyan ako ng libreng Mochiko, iboboto ko na sila? Excuse me, hindi ako cheapangga. ‘Baba ng tingin mo sa mga La Salista kapatid.

Just because an incumbent officer is running for office for the next school year doesn’t mean that their actions before the elections period are acts of “trapo.” What, do you suggest, should the incumbent officer have done? Forget his responsibilities and sit idly just so he won’t be accused of being a “trapo?” It was Mochiko who offered to push through with this event and the Office of Sports Development agreed because it was in line with the UAAP General Championship and the promotion for the Animo Year-End Thanksgiving. It just so happened that it fell under the incumbent officer’s unit in the USG. Wouldn’t it have been selfish and unprofessional if the incumbent officer rejected this proposal just so he could avoid accusations of being a “trapo” and trying to buy votes?

In all fairness, the incumbent officers who are running for the next election must file a leave of absence before the election period begins so that their roles as USG elected officers will not interfere with their campaigns and vice versa. Since the Mochiko activity was coincidentally scheduled right before the campaigning period began, the incumbent officer had already filed his leave of absence and entrusted the current projects and upcoming activities to his hardworking officers.

Keep in mind that behind each of these incumbent officers is a team of hardworking individuals who dedicate their time and effort to the student body. That also adds to the reason why credits are given to the “OFFICE of…” and not just the officer himself/herself, other than the fact that it is a procedure that each USG unit must follow. The USG has always used those headers; why bring it up now that the campaigning period has already begun? If you sincerely did not want this “pre-mature campaigning” to happen, you should have taken a stand against it before it became an issue. The USG as a whole could have thought of a solution for this matter you deem to be a problem.

These individuals who work in various units of the USG are not necessarily politicians, but responsible LaSallians who simply want to help out. Thus, in criticizing the incumbent officers you accuse of being “trapos,” you are also criticizing and undermining the hard work of over one hundred of your fellow students who, just like you, are merely finding their own channels of contributing their services to the LaSallian community.

And so the burning begins… GOOD! !

I don’t know if the author of this article will read our comments/discussions. He could tl;dr it for all he cares because it’s his opinion. Seriously, all because of Mochiko and other freebies, he gets worked up like that? And to the one who approved of releasing this article, did you even read this from top to bottom?

I hope that you guys from the publication learn from this. It’s very disappointing to see someone go bias/butthurt over something trivial. What more if you work for a big newspaper company?

Hey roy! i like how you write, style-wise I mean. I hope you dont get discouraged from all of this and that you continue writing. for everyone else: just chill out. everyone makes mistakes. Im so happy that people responded, it just shows that our student body isnt COMPLETELY apathetic. I hope the Lasallian just uses this article as a lesson learned 🙂

Is this an indirect propaganda? I’m just an average student who don’t support any political party. Ang babaw mo naman para sabihin vote buying yung Mochiko. Seriously, it didn’t show to me that way. Dahil naniniwala ako na hindi nabibili ng kung anuman ang boto ng mga Lasalyano. Insecure ka lang ata na may nagagawang maganda for students like me ang USG. We should be proud na may nagagawang ganto kaganda ang government natin and just to add USG IS NOT LIKE THE GOVERNMENT HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES. You are just a pathetic thinker who thinks na makukuha ng isang mochi ang boto naming mga Lasalyano. And just to inform you, I am not part of USG. I’m just thankful of what USG, as a whole, has done to us.

You know what’s funny about this? it looks like masyado maraming natamaan sa pagiging ‘trapo’. because if you’ll look at the other articles under ‘opinion’ most of it doesn’t have any comments. Bato bato sa langit, ang matamaan huwag magalit. haii university elections…

Definitely if someone is criticizing you with no evidence or false evidence, you would be angered. Please think before posting anything, just as the person who made the article should.

An opinion is an opinion. <— That statement can only be used if what someone is saying actually makes ANY sense. For a publication org in La Salle don't you think research should have been done? If someone throws their opinion about you, wouldn't you try to defend yourself either?

"You know what's funny about this? it looks like masyado maraming natamaan sa pagiging 'trapo'."

^invalid argument right there

Bro, kung babasahin mo ng maigi ang mga kumento sa ibaba, naiinis kami dahil hindi wasto ang pagsasaliksik ng may-akda sa kanyang sinulat. Naging bunga nito ang mga kung anu-anong mga pambabatikos na nagmumula sa di-tamang impormasyon.

Is this an indirect propaganda? I’m just an average student who don’t support any political party. Ang babaw mo naman para sabihin vote buying yung Mochiko. Seriously, it didn’t show to me that way. Dahil naniniwala ako na hindi nabibili ng kung anuman ang boto ng mga Lasalyano. Insecure ka lang ata na may nagagawang maganda for students like me ang USG. We should be proud na may nagagawang ganto kaganda ang government natin and just to add USG IS NOT LIKE THE GOVERNMENT HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES. You are just a pathetic thinker who thinks na makukuha ng isang mochi ang boto naming mga Lasalyano. And just to inform you, I am not part of USG. I’m just thankful of what USG, as a whole, has done to us.

I have to admit that the facts (mochiko etc) used in this article needs more research and it was used as a really really bad example. However, it is true that in the past there were some USG(up to the batch governments) activities,publicity material and etc that have a political intention.

To some of the alumnus of DLSU who reacted in this article, with all due respect, the political landscape in DLSU has changed negatively as compared to before. Which made most of the students look at USG (and other batch governments) negatively. I hope you guys understand 🙂

I would have expected more from one of the official publication of DLSU. Not only to be unbiased but also reliable with the information they present. I understand the sentiments of the writer of this article, trying to connect the current events in our university to the bigger election about to happen and give focus on “trapo” concept to students. But to seriously focus on the logos, which is by the way a standard procedure in the school and the Mochiko freebies? It just made this article less credible.

If you really wanted to discuss “Trapo” in the university you should have given a better example which is backed up with research. All you did is lessen the credibility of this publication.

“An opinion is an opinion” does not cover the writer of this article as he represents not only the paper but also the school.

If he’s accusing the USG-OVPIA of vote-buying for Mr. Hechanova. It’s going to be weird, think about it? A P70.00 Mochiko Ball for one vote? Really do you think this will effect their disposition? You are indirectly accusing the La Sallian community of being shallow and dumb up to some extent. :/

Eh kung ballpen at paghahatid sa polling place nakakapagpadecide na sa mga Lasallian Voter eh. Conditioning yan! VOTE BUYING, no matter how much is given, is STILL VOTE BUYING.

This is an absolutely myopic article. I cannot understand why The Lasallian has published this here in their website.

1. Obviously, distributing free food inside the school won’t “promote social action…”. I’m sorry, how idiotic can you get? Mochiko was given to celebrate the victory of our athletes. What’s the value in that? To strengthen school spirit, to give credit to student athletes, etc.

2. What’s so wrong with taking credit for a certain project? In fact, I think that’s a good thing. It ensures that the committee spearheading the project won’t screw it up because they have their name on the line.
Won’t you hate it if your team does a great project and the entire SC takes credit for it? Looks likely to create a culture of piggybacking if you ask me.

3. Is it vote buying? No. Part of the criteria of voting a candidate in to office is their historical track record. The students will vote based on what Robert or whoever did in their past N number of years in DLSU as a member of the USG or student organization.

4. And I’m sorry, does this article assume the the votes of DLSU students can be bought by…Mochiko ice cream? HAHA.

Needless to say, I agree that there are projects that the SC/USG does that makes absolutely no sense at all. And I think it’s humiliating that of the numerous projects, you had to pick Mochiko. Tinamad ka ba magresearch?

We expect better articles from The Lasallian. This is just shameful. Kadiri.

” USG just made the publicity for it and the real credit should go to the administrative office?”
If you’ve worked under any student lead organization or position, you know EVERYTHING is credited to the administrative office. Why? Because nothing can happen without their express and explicit permission. When you try to do so without their knowledge, you get fined or punished which is detrimental to the institution you represent so you can bet everyone tries to play by the rules.

For promotion materials, s-life or whatever its name is now, usually states what should or should not be present on a promotional poster, so generally if you’re making the posters those are the first things you consider. One of the those things are the logos of the orgs/offices/committees involved in the said activity. Why is that? So that they, s-life, knows who to count strikes against or who to ask for in case an issue arises. It’s a matter of accountability and credit on the said activity.

Though I understand why it could look like the latter, further research on the question “Do their logos need to be on the promotional materials? What is the standing of the administration office on this?” If you just check the guidebook by S-life on promotional materials, you would see it. I would understand the lack of research if this was a blog post by a random writer on his personal page but it is not. It is posted under an official publication of the school. Regardless if its an opinion piece, the fact that this whole post would have been rendered moot by thinking about the question and finding the facts that would have proved possibly 30% of the whole piece as assumptions with no basis.

The writer used the publication to promote his own views without bothering to check whether facts would support it. It was clearly meant to throw shade towards the activity and the USG.

The terms epal and trapo got used and thrown around which to me appears like an appeal to perception to make it look like he’s an intelligent person and that its an intelligent argument. But frankly it works the other way when the main point of argument is easily answered by “accountability”.

From the looks of it the writer does not even know about Activity Approval procedures, does the LaSallian have no similar oversight committee for the articles that get published on their site? This looks like a tabloid piece more than anything.

As a high-ranking official in the USG I feel compelled to react to such an opinion. And yes, I brag about that because I’m proud to be a part of such an institution. Admittedly the writer has a point when it comes to the USG, but you shouldn’t generalize all of us like that. And no, I don’t think any one Lasallian ever took the Mochiko event as vote buying, (so sad I never got one T-T) it simply was… free sh*t, end of story.

While I get your point (which was poorly built up), write better articles. Ano ba talaga ang isyu mo?

This is posted in the Internet and as far as I’m concerned, you are writing this as a The La Sallian writer right?

Your article’s a little shallow. May test di ba, may editor naman ang The La Sallian? Balita ko mahirap makapasok a. Sana naman laging quality ang pinopost. Nagmumukhang joke lang e. Give hard facts even if it is just an opinion. Puro ka na lang question marks. Mas madaming dapat itanong.

“People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.”

Just a thought, this whole anti-USG propaganda started in the last academic year. Guess who was EiC that time? #justsaying

people say that this was posted under the opinions section. yes, it is, but then again, we should be responsible in expressing our own opinions even if you’d say that your opinion does not reflect that of the entire lasallian community. the fact that this was posted and published in this website under the non-partisan, transparent student publication means a lot. come on, ever heard of responsible journalism? whatever happened to bastion of issue oriented critical thinking when simple fallacies of reasoning were not corrected

I can’t get over the fact that while the Philippine education system is experiencing issues, you focus on stuff like this. Write about Kristel Tejada and your recommendations. It’ll be much more helpful to society.

Apparently, the writer did not do his research well.

First off, the Mochiko Freebie Event was like the Free FIC Event I experienced when I was still a student. The purpose of the FIC event was to reward the Lasallians for supporting the Green Archers when they defeated the Blue Eagles a few days before the event itself. The purpose of the Mochiko Event was to reward the Lasallians’ for their never-ending support for the athletes, which gave them the fighting power win the General Championship for DLSU this UAAP Season. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with giving back to the students once in awhile. And besides, the project was not Robert’s idea but was of his approval and I don’t think he has any intention of using it for his political advantage (For those who want to know more details about the Mochiko Event, please look for Maj Chua’s comment from the posts below, she was the project head.)

Second, It is a requirement to put USG Logos in the publicity. This was made by the admin and not the USG itself. I was also part of the USG when I was still a student, so I understand the importance of a unit’s accountability when it comes to launching publicity for events and activities

And third, I would understand that this is an “Opinion Centered Article”. But please make sure that your opinions are based on real information, ika nga “Informed Opinon”. What you have made has definitely misguided a lot of readers from the real truth of the situation

I hope that you succeeding post will not only be well researched but also unbiased

Yes, the article may have lacked substantial information, but look beyond and see the truth this opinion brings.

Why is it that The LaSallian’s photographs include the photographer’s name on its watermark? Shouldn’t you just credit The LaSallian as a whole?

Think about it. It’s analogical.

In doing that, it’s apparent that you also believe that credit should be given where credit is due. If you brush up on your knowledge, there are so many units in the USG and so many officers (not just elected ones) working in it. For the USG, it’s not just about credit like your photographs are. It’s about organization and formality.

You’re pushing for transparency yet you don’t want to know which unit produced which projects? Please, make up your mind on what you really want to happen instead of just trying to pollute the minds of others. Sure, this is an “opinion” column. But opinions should be formed based on facts, not on hidden agendas.

I find the comments and reactions about this opinion so funny, in all honesty. First, people are arguing about the article lacking complete information when the article was an “opinion”. Second, upper class students think they know better than anyone else, and i find it very offensive. Third, people keeps on mentioning things like “this isn’t what a lasallian is supposed to be doing” and other stuffs related to being a “true lasallian”

In my “opinion”, it is good for an organization to know what people think about them. Because in that way, one can strengthen their weakness or one can give clarifications on misconceptions rather than hearing students gossiping or having them misinformed.

And one cannot simply say that, a true La Sallian shouldn’t do this nor shouldn’t do that (unless it is a university rule or a law). What does it really take to be coined as a “true lasallian”? Being an achiever? Winning UAAP crowns? Representing the school? Can’t by simply voicing your thoughts and opinions regarding the things you are seeing or experiencing counts? So, if one voice out something that one doesn’t like cannot be called a lasallian anymore?

Sometimes, breaking the norm or going of the box is better than sticking with the norm. Which is why change is the only permanent thing in this world.

True! How come these comments go unnoticed? Because Santugon’s busy defending their trapos I mean leaders. :))

It’s funny how Santugon people react to this article. HAHAHAHA please look at it on the bigger perspective! Don’t focus on the examples, napaka-defensive ninyo eh. :))

I have to say, Mr. Eriga, that parts of your opinion have faults, but I do get your point. Maybe it was your approach that enraged the students. Or maybe it was the lack of substantial evidence to back your claims (as opinions usually have). But whatever the case, there was something wrong. The Mochiko incident is nothing but a freebies giveaway that happened to be relatively close to the GE campaigning and the VP Internals who was at the time running for USG President. Just because the events happened somewhat chronologically, it doesn’t mean they were related. That’s how you saw it, but is that what really happened? People enjoyed it, and that’s what mattered. No political intentions wre present.

And no, I’m not USG.

My God. What is this? Is this really how low we can get? While UP students argue about their tuition system after the recent suicide issue (God rest her soul), we argue about food. And it’s not about some famine, but on the motive of giving free Mochiko.

Mr. Eriga’s point was that the Mochiko incident was some form of ‘trapo’ strategy to buy votes. Why? Because of its timing, persons involved, and its vague purpose. Mr. Greene, please do know that just because the purpose if it wasn’t for ‘vote buying’ doesn’t mean it isn’t. The question is not always what the person thought, but what is plainly seen. If many students see it as vote buying, then probably the event is giving the wrong message. For its timing, giving out free food could have been done some other time. If it truly was for the win in the UAAP GC, or for just the reward of finishing this Academic Year, then any other time would not have been a problem. It would have been safer to give out free food without people thinking it’s vote buying if it was given out after the GE (“What’s done is done”) or back when we were celebrating the GC.

But I also see that there was a lack of evidence to prove his claim. If that was present, the opinion would have been a little more credible than pure thoughts and insight.

Lastly, we should go back to actual “issues”. This isn’t an issue; this is just a pastime. Don’t fret over food because it won’t really do us good. Focus on issues that will better you as a person, as a student, and as a future nation builder.

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