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Outsider at DLSU imprisoned for theft

Last March 11, the Security and Safety Office (SSO) contacted student Kristjan Bayle (II, AB-OCM) to inform him that the thief, who was caught in the act via a CCTV recording, had been caught.

The theft incidence happened last March 6 at the Miguel Building. Bayle left his bag, which contained his laptop in his classroom for five minutes. Bayle recalls that when he got back, the chairs were disorganized and his laptop, which he kept inside his bag, was stolen.. After filing the necessary incident report, Bayle, asked the SSO to check the CCTV camera recordings on the second floor of the hallway.

In the footage, Bayle was seen exiting the classroom. Seconds after, a man in civilian attire was seen checking his surroundings and walking back and forth before entering and leaving the classroom twice. It was on his second exit from the classroom that the footage revealed that the man had already taken Bayle’s laptop. The man rushed to the floor’s secluded exit. To look inconspicuous, he shoved the laptop in his bag.

The SSO confirmed that the man is not an employee of the University. On the day the thief was caught, security guards saw him climbing a wall to exit the University through the Rizal Stadium. They then brought him to the office for interrogation.

Immediately after the interrogation last March 11, the man confessed to the crime, saying that Bayle’s Macbook could no longer be recovered as he had already sold it for Php 7,000. Moreover, he revealed that although he was the only one caught climbing the wall to get into DLSU, he is not alone. Many others like him have found a way inside the University, and have had their fair share of pilfering valuables from students.

The man is currently behind bars. Bayle hopes other students would learn from the incident.

Following Bayle’s case, the University recorded several incidents of theft, but no definite suspects have been identified.

The University’s security arm is under assessment.

Carina Cruz

By Carina Cruz

Martha Elisse Teves

By Martha Elisse Teves

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It goes to show how people can do things to make ends meet. To sell a Macbook worth 7000 is a lot of money to someone like him. It’s hard to tell why he would sell it that low. I hope that the administration does something so that this never happens ever again inside the university.

Point taken. Sad to say, this kind of thing is preventable but at the same time unavoidable. There’s a big chance that this incident was an inside job, Who knows who their contact might be? There’s hundreds of employees in the school and it could be anyone. With that said, it is not enough to rely on the admin to fix this problem. Of course, it is questionable on the side of the school’s security as to why an incident like this might have happened but at the same time, leaving your laptop hanging around in the classroom outside of your watch is just asking for trouble. As students, it is also our RESPONSIBILITY to be vigilant with our belongings. Let this be a lesson to everyone.

it is said how he attempted to exit the university after stealing, but it’s not told how the thief entered the campus, so didn’t you read?

possible points of entry: Gazeebo, barrier between south gate area & mcdo, and maybe creek … not sure about agno area…

raise the walls!

Grabe ‘tong mga incident na ito and mas nakakatakot siya nung sinabi ng thief na “Many others like him have found a way inside the University, and have had their fair share of pilfering valuables from students.” No safe zone even INSIDE the university — our only safe zone. -_- Please do something about this. Mamaya magulat nalang tayo may namatay para nakawan.

I just want to point at something maybe one day someone will make a terrorist plan on our school and it will be the end of DLSU in terms of security. I am just concern like the other students who have read this article the school must tighten up our security for the greater good

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