Atayde sheds light on new UAAP rule

Last month, rumors of a soon-to-be-approved UAAP rule allowing high school players from UAAP schools only two-year residency when they opt to transfer into other UAAP schools, circulated in online media bureaus and forums, pre-empting analyses and commentary from UAAP analaysts.


These analyses include speculation on FEU star Jerie Pingoy’s wish to transfer to the Blue Eagles; for DLSU, the issue covers its recruitment of fencers coming from UE.


Before the start of DLSU’s GC press conference last March 23, Henry Atayde, one of La Salle’s representatives in the UAAP board, clears everything in an interview with The LaSallian.


Atayde points out that there are no official statements on the so-called ‘Pingoy rule’, or two-year residency for that matter.  “The announcement of the (new) rules, when brought out prematurely was not authorized by the UAAP. Therefore these rules that have been said require implementing guidelines, (and) also implementing rules and regulations,” Atayde clarifies.




Under discussion

Atayde admits that these rules are still being discussed by the Board, and that media hype might even prevent the UAAP Board from independently formulating their guidelines for the rule.


“That’s why this entire hullabaloo about the rule, may pre-empt incoming guidelines. The rule is there, but are we saying, will this be this year (or) next year?” says Atayde.


Atayde states that the proper turnover of documents for UAAP Season 75 will still be on April 16, meaning that no rules must yet be changed at present.


A period to adjust

Despite discussion in the board, said resolution would not take effect in the blink of an eye. Atayde clarifies that should any such rule even be proposed, it would not yet be implemented next season as it would affect the current roster of players who have already decided to transfer to other UAAP schools.


“You’re putting a Season 76 rule in the middle of Season 75. What about the people or the students involved in this rule of season 75? Even our schools, we prepared for the rules of Season 75. Then you come up with a rule for Season 76. Isn’t it logical that you have to give time for schools to adjust?” Atayde remarks.


Atayde assurs that the rules will be made with equal consideration for each UAAP participating school. “We’ll prepare a beautiful press statement, with every implementing guideline that everbody would be guided by, and believe us: it will be fair.”


Outside the two-year residency rule

Other than the two year rule, the UAAP Board is also deliberating other rules, including the policy for Filipinos who graduate abroad.


Atayde confirms that the Board is trying to come up with the first ever rulebook for the UAAP, as he states that some schools abuse the gray areas in the UAAP rules and could learn from a published set of guidelines.

Adiel Sam De Jesus

By Adiel Sam De Jesus

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