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General Elections 2013 Results

Marinel Mamac

By Marinel Mamac

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Well, these results are disappointing. Regardless, congratulations to the winners. Hopefully, this victory will have made up for the class hours sacrificied for RTRs, lost time in fulfilling academic requirements for campaign preparations, and missed lessons and topics for a seat in the student government.

And good luck to Migi Moreno for all his future endeavors as USG President. It’s gonna be a rough ride.

What’s disappointing about it? Just because a lot of Santugon people won and that USG (or even SC, if I’m not mistaken) had its first independent president?

Ang pait!

It is because it’s been quite a while now that Santugon has been elected and yet there’s no change happening in the whole University. Then during campaigns, they are looking for a change in the system. What will they change pa, eh sila na nga yung madalas na nakaupo at walang pagbabago

Yeah! You totally nailed it dude. I do hope in the near future Lasallians could totally pick the right people leading them to a real Student Progress not just in words but in action. As of now, I am still pissed and unhappy with the outcome of the GE2013. They should more scrutinize’s the candidates profile by not looking into the looks or how they RTR but each Lasallians should really look into the willingness and passion driven of a candidate.

And looking to our batch representatives that my batch mates voted for are the same faces that lead for nothing- a batch government that didn’t really do the right role or job for our batch. Doing such projects that are really not helpful making La Salle students amphipathic which in the near future Filipino voters that will vote in the National Elections.

Like what I said before USG is like the Philippine Government- A Government with officials that are selfish with power. I have come to this situation that if a BG is mixed (example: 2 Santugon-1 Tapat Candidate won a seat in a BG) the tendency is that the division of power is much more to the majority therefore each position is not really properly distributed because the Batch President tend to get the role of the Batch Vice President in a such that the VP should handle all activities inside the batch while the president should represent the batch for the university but also the president could help the VP yet not taking the role of the VP due to personal reason or because he or she is not from your party.

just like here in DLSU-D. Sentro is now a dominant minority, due to the fact that despite they have smaller representation, they got what it mattered (College SC Presidency and the USC). They are the ones that wanted real change, but they are criticized for not doing well, for being lazy, and some of its members are badmouthed (just because of my opinions about their USC President-elect who is from the LGBT community. some of them are from that sector), which goes to show that they are offended and they are disrespecting any opinions from the opposition and the neutrals.

But good luck to us next year. If the programs they made would only benefit the few (Them of course), Good luck to them next election. Chamba lang ang panalo ng partidong nanalo lamang sa protesta ng dalawang beses noon.

what could be so disappointing about a result that came out of a vote of nearly 70% of the student population?

How are they disappointing, exactly? The results were based on the majority’s interests. I do agree that some are not fit to win some positions, but not everyone is ‘Trapo’, if that’s what you think. Some actually deserve to win for their ‘skills’. Besides, what’s done is done.

Also, congrats Migi Moreno!

Skills? there’s no skills shown if they are in the seat for a few years now and still NOTHING HAS CHANGED!

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