Aviators, cigarettes, and hot wings – An afternoon with She’s Only Sixteen

After all the commotion of a busy day, it’s innate in all of us to ask for that brief win experience to kick-start the rest of it. And for the boys of She’s Only Sixteen, an epic day simply means good food, great vibes and each other’s company.

She’s Only Sixteen, according to the soundcloud profile, is ‘just a bunch of naughty kids with good manners.’ It is composed of Robert Seña on vocals and guitar, Andrew Panopio on guitar, Anjo Silvoza on bass, and King Puentespina on drums.

The LaSallian drops in on their afternoon siesta for a brief interview, and finds out how four of the chilliest guys you’ll ever meet are currently burning up the Philippine music scene, making their name on the list of the Top 10 Filipino EPs of 2012.



TLS: So to start off, Can everyone say their name, and finish the phrase “Sunday Morning is_____”

Robert Seña (RS): Church time, obviously.

Andrew Panopio (AP): Cram time…for school?


Anjo Silvoza (AS): Rain is falliiiing.

TLS: Can you guys tell us how you got together?

KP: We were all at the strip club…

AS: Sabay-sabay kasi kaming pinanganak, tapos magkakatabi yung nanay namin nagaalala sa kinabukasan namin.

KP: Yeah, so they just decided that we all just do the band thing.

AP: We met in grade school, and just became friends during highs chool, and there was a point that Seña and the guys needed a guitarist to session for them.  We found out that we liked playing the same music, and it just kinda fit.

RS: Tsaka gwapo kasi si King kaya ‘di na namin pinakawalan.

TLS: Who were the people that pushed you guys to be in a band or to play the music you guys do now?

AP: Growing up, I watched my brother play with his bandmates around the house, and I immediately thought that I wanted to do this for a long time.

KP: For me, it was when I was a kid, and I watched School of Rock for the first time.  That really changed my musical direction. And I truly believe that I’ve watched that movie 99 times.

AS: It was my dad just playing the guitar. Seeing him messing around and playing any song he wanted. He was actually also part of a band. Pero chill-chill lang sila and that’s what I loved most about it.

RS: There wasn’t really anyone for me. But just constantly listening to the bands I loved, and enjoying playing not only on stage, but in general.

TLS: So far, what has been the band’s most kilig experience?

KP: It would have to be the EP launch on route 196, last September 28 2012. That was the first time we saw how much support the band really had.

AS: There was a ton of people, and I couldn’t believe it was us they came to see that night.

AP: For me personally, that moment was very emotional. It was like, all our hard work culminated on that launch. Just seeing the crowd singing your songs, mouthing the lyrics was just unbelievable.


TLS: I saw an article that pegged your EP as number two on the top 10 OPM albums of 2012, beating out other bands and artists, including Rico Blanco. How did that feel?

KP: Yeah, that was very flattering. But I don’t think that was in order, and even if was, just being included in the list was an honor enough.

RS: Being a huge fan of Rico Blanco, it was very surreal just being with him on a same list.

AS: Sobrang di ko siya ineexpect, and [the experience was] just very rewarding for all of us.

TLS: Any pre or post gig rituals?

KP: Oh, before any gig we huddle up in a circle and pray for a great show. That always helped us boost our confidence playing on stage.

AP: We love to eat before and after any gig, and for us who usually get gigs at bars, we love to sample their specialties and push it down with some alchohol.

RS: Inom inom din!

AS: We watched a movie before once. I think it was The Watch.

KP: Oh yeah, I remember. [Laughs] That was not a good movie.

AS: I think the movie meant for it to be laughed at and not with.

RS: We stuck to watching the classics from that point. [Laughs]

What has been the “Tussss” moment or craziest thing you guys did on a gig?

KP: Oh, that has to be the time in Route 196…

RS: [Laughs] Oh my God.

KP: We entered inside for our gig, and as we were walking, we saw this table full of leftover food.


KP: Yeah, and naturally us being human…

RS: There was a moment were we all just stared at each other [Looks left and right] G?

KP: So, we started eating everything on the plate. Just about the time the person who owned them starts walking to the table. At that moment Seña and the others just start running away. Leaving me to apologize to the very pissed guy.

[Everyone except KP laughs.]

TLS: So okay guys, it’s time for quickies. I ask a question and you guys answer with one word. Basically just a give and go. Okay, first question. If you were that kid on the plane, who’d you give your attention to: Kobe or Messi?

AP: Kobe.

AS: Messi.

RS: Lebron.

KP: Messi.

TLS: Most annoying TV show ever?

AP: Animorphs.

AS: Jersey Shore.

KP: Those new Totally Spies episodes that aren’t on Disney.

RS: Spongebob na tinagalog, or any dubbed cartoon. [does an impression of dubbed Spongebob]

TLS: Last movie you cried to?

AP: Click.

AS: Click!


KP: High Fidelity

All, except KP:  So cool!

TLS: Okay, last quickie. Who’s the character that defines you completely?

AP: Hey Arnold’s Arnold.

AS: Troy Bolton.

RS: Harvey Specter.

KP: Torrie Wilson. Wait, I don’t think I understood the question. Pero okay na yan.

[All laugh]


It seems there’s no way but up for these hooligans – disguised as rock stars – and their slowly increasing popularity not only in the underground scene, but also to an increasingly more mainstream audience, showing that their catchy hooks, ingenious lines, and uninhibited appeal are ready for the bright lights.

With the upcoming release of their next single Amygdala, a load of weekly booked gigs around the metro – one that included playing the opening act for the Motion City Soundtrack which recently visited Manila – they are more than primed for their turn on the big stage as the crowd screams for an encore.

This is a feat for the band whose popularity doesn’t seem that far off the horizon, as it is gradually becoming clear that She’s Only Sixteen is now the band we’ve all been dying to meet.


Photo by Caleb Lauredo



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