Crash Course: Weird food combinations

Weird food. What constitutes weird? What kind of food will it take to make the average Joe’s stomach churn? Certainly not all foods are considered unusual or quirky but, through time, plugging in man’s natural curiosity to the equation of culinary oddities, the human race has experimented with combinations of ingredients and such in order to make the food we know and love today.

As such, why not try a combination of foods that could someday be a Filipino staple? Whether combining the savory with the sweet, the salty with the sour, maybe even just increasing the intensity of each taste or any possible combination one’s brain could think of, the possibilities are endless. Now, as to whether they actually taste good or are even remotely edible, that is up to man’s taste buds and unusual preferences to decide.

They might sound a tad disgusting, adventurous, heck some might even consider them to be the start of a new era in cuisine. Whatever way one might look at it, everyone is invited to the party to taste these delightfully eccentric delicacies.


Banana wrapped in bacon

That sweet potassium filled fruit can go to greater heights on the taste buds when mixed with the ever-glorious savory flavor of bacon. Slice up some bananas into lengths about twice the width of the bacon strips. Afterwards, wrap one bacon strip around each slice of banana, making sure to wrap the entire banana slice. Place the wrapped bananas on a tray and place them in a conventional oven preheated to 180 °C and bake for 10-15 minutes or until the bacon is cooked to a golden brown color. Take out and leave out until cool (watch out for flies!) or eat them nice and hot right out of the oven. Be careful though, the banana collects a lot heat while in the oven. Enjoy this fiber enriched, fat induced treat with friends or alone, your choice.

Rating: 2.5


Spake (Spam and cake)

Everyone likes cake and almost everyone likes Spam so why not combine them to form the Spake, the spawn of the two treats. The thing with this mixture that is different from the others is that one overpowers the other. When the cake has too much sweetness in it, it tends to cover the saltiness of the spam, which doesn’t do it much good. When the spam could be tasted however, it does some pseudo-magical spell on one’s tongue. It isn’t restaurant worthy, but hey, it is good.

Rating: 2.5


Bacon and chocolate (because bacon is just that good)

Now this trend has been growing a lot in restaurants but making it yourself makes it all the more fulfilling. After pan-frying those glossy strips of bacon, melt some chocolate bars over medium heat in a bain-marie. Chance be it that a bain-marie is unattainable or even out of your vocabulary, alternatively, you can just break the chocolate bar into a bowl and microwave it for about 1-2 minutes. When the chocolate is fully melted, drizzle it all over that juicy, juicy bacon. If you find yourself exhausted after attempting this recipe, rest for a while if you feel like it; but best to eat those chocolate covered bacon now before someone else gets a hold of them. This mix of sweet and salty will surely have you guessing and craving for more.

Rating: 3.0


Vanilla ice cream and chili oil

Now this can be a bit odd at first but it’s worth trying at least once. A few scoops of rich vanilla ice cream in a bowl and drizzle a few teaspoons of chili oil over it, the burst of cold sweetness and spicy goodness in the mouth will surely give a kick worthy of a second spoonful of this chilling combination.

Rating: 3.0


Apple Slices and Instant Noodles

A red fruit and MSG-filled soup, what an unusual combination! Yet, this turns out to be a (surprisingly) good dish. The way the flavors compliment each other is what made it bearable, to say the least. The taste of the apple greatly counteracted the saltiness of the instant noodles. Certainly a dish to try, when bored at home and you have nothing better to do than to try queer recipes.

Rating: 3.0


Nutella and Barbeque

Everyone’s favorite Hazelnut spread plus a classic Pinoy delicacy, the Nutella-Barbeque combo is one to try. People may react negatively to the notion of something that is predominantly slathered on cakes and other delectable pastries smeared on pork on a stick. The combination works! The Nutella complements in a way that heightens the sweetness of the barbeque making it taste better. Don’t knock it till you try it, they say.

Rating: 3.5


From the white cliffs of Dover to the Rice Terraces in Manila, more recipes wait to be discovered; wilder combinations, weirder ingredients and crazier flavors. Some may be so revolting that they may induce hospitalization, yet some could actually…. well… work. This list may not be the only one of its kind, probably more is to come one day, but for now these recipes may be enough to have you trying them out and raving over their quirky yet delicious tastes.

Roy Loyola Jr.

By Roy Loyola Jr.

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By Ysmael Suarez

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