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Exposition: The Lasallian soundtrack


As students in La Salle, we are bound by certain routines; pulling yourself up for class, endless uncertainty for lunch, figuring the right posture when reciting, and the list goes on. This cliché undergrad lifestyle can be exciting for a couple of months – lucky freshmen, so full of life – but with each wallet swipe at the gate, the beep has slowly become a signal for the expected.

Isn’t that just boring as heck?!

It’s time for some much needed tunes to live up that life stereo of yours. We play romantic hipster boyfriend, and hand you this Macchiato stained mix tape. Think of your college life as one big indie film, and this as that solid soundtrack that perfectly complements the vibe of the movie, and makes each scene a must-watch. Now plug-in those earphones, the show’s about to start.


When your class is in the upper floors of Andrew and you have ten minutes to get to your next class in LS

Cue :  Alert The Armory – Urbandub

This normally fifteen to twenty minute – annoying elevator waiting included – stroll will probably be condensed into an eight-minute sprint. Alert the Armory’s unrelenting pace will hopefully match your pumping hearts. We could ask, ‘what were you thinking?’ or even recommend a better workout routine, you out of place marathon runner. But we’ll just leave it at this: Run Forest, run!


When classes are suspended and there’s just light rain outside

Cue :  Banana Pancakes – Jack Johnson

Let’s face it — PAGASA and CHED almost never get it right. It’s either they suspend classes by the time we’re already swimming back home, or they do it early and it actually doesn’t end up raining that bad. In the middle of the term, waking up in the morning, looking at your phone and reading that announcement of having a surprise day off is a godsend. Whether you decide to head back to bed and get some extra shut-eye, watch morning cartoons, or finally get that chance to make those soft and creamy pancakes, this acoustic treat provides that sweet sensation even if you forgot to buy maple syrup.


When the prof enters at the last minute before it’s officially a free cut

Cue : I Knew You Were Trouble – Taylor Swift

Finally, a heartbreak song by Ms. Swift we can all relate. The bass-erupting rock single from this sweet country girl delivers the many emotions found in students when this disaster strikes; colossal frustration, unbelievable anger, and that foolish shame for believing that life is full of sunshine, pop tarts, and extra hours in college. The song compliments this moment to perfection; from that anticipated riff that coincides to our escalating hopes with every minute passing, and up to the bass dropping chorus as we watch the door swing open to find this regular guy become our nightmare as he not only enters the room, but also our fragile hearts. Seriously, why do we even bother letting these heartbreakers in? If only we can lock those figurative and literal doors.


When MLS crashes

Cue : Somebody That I Used To Know – Gotye feat. Kimbra

If your MLS account was the Titanic and New York was your dream schedule, then getting there would be like crossing an Atlantic Ocean full of icebergs. It is not going to happen, and you’ll be crashing down the sea bed five minutes in. With its haunting melody, and hard-hitting lines, this song properly sums up this “I hate how I need you” relationship with this loser. Mark our words MLS, there will come a time that another program will enter our lives, and give us the respect and love we deserve, a program who will remember that we were there first. Cheater.


When Oracle crashes

Cue : Baby Come Back – Player

Whether this is going to occur regularly remains to be seen.  As the saying goes, you never appreciate the good things until they’re gone. We’re sorry, MLS! We’re the ones who were slow, useless, and needed technical reconfigurations. We were wrong, and we just can’t enroll without you.

When you just happen to get that last parking spot

Cue : Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap

There are certain moments in our lives that though seem small in the grand scheme of things, can make such a big difference in our eyes for a long time. Life is never short of problems, but some days never seem to run out of it. Flunking in class, fights with significant others, family problems, and even losing that lucky pen can hurt just as much when it all just comes crumbling on us. At this moment, we wonder if we really are all alone. And then we see it –  the last parking spot – waiting for you to come and fill its emptiness.  Pumping energy and splashing colors; this 2009 indie hit, gives a peek on what might look like in someone’s heart after a much-needed win.


When you’re trying to fight your way into the LRT

Cue : Down With the Sickness – Disturbed

Maybe it’s Manila’s defunct commute system, our ‘Filipino time’ culture, or even the fact that Manila is one of the most densely populated cities in the world, or even possibly the twisted combination of all these things that makes riding the LRT a living nightmare. Shoving and rubbing elbows with the horde of people, squeezing in through tiny spaces and trying to get in and out before the train doors close, all while protecting your back pocket and handbags from snatchers. The word “courtesy” is alien to this part of the day—not that people shouldn’t try to be nicer, but a battlefield isn’t a place for the weak.  The ‘bring it’ atmosphere from this heavy-metal classic is just the armor you’ll need for this everyday combat.


 When it sinks in that you’re in college and you’ll be working pretty soon

Cue : Stop This Train – John Mayer

Okay, we want to start with an apology for putting this in your head. But c’mon, you were bound to realize this at one point in philosophy class. Life is slowly paced, but moves in the speed of light, and at this point in our lives it’s normal to feel unprepared for what the future might hold. But don’t worry, we got you covered with this Mayer classic. With its gentle melody, and true-as-they-can-get lines that only this guy can deliver, it provides the perfect comfort for those fears, and gives the certainty that even though you won’t be able to stop this train, you’ll never be alone on this ride.

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