Enrollment service provider still to be finalized

During the last enrollment of classes for the first term of Academic Year 2013-2014, the transition to animo.sys from the previous enrollment service provider My.LaSalle was met with several technological problems that delayed the entire process of enrollment.

In line with this, in order to address the issues and concerns of the students regarding the problems faced during enrollment, the University Student Government (USG) held a multi-sectoral forum, wherein relevant administrators were invited to answer the questions of the students.

The cause of delay

The administrators present in the forum were University Registrar Voltaire Mistades, Information Technology Services (ITS) Director James Sy and Paulynne Castillo, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services (AVPES).

The problem, says Mistades, was mainly due to the heavy influx of students attempting to access the enrollment service page, disregarding the timeslot each ID number is assigned to.

“From the statistics, the time slot was expecting 2,500 [students] to enroll for a particular timeslot, but [it revealed] that around 4,000 [students tried to log on], meaning 60 percent of “extra” students [attempted] to enroll,” says Mistades.

Asked the reason for the transition from MLS to animo.sys, Sy responded that MLS was almost 13 years from its first implementation and stated that it needed to be changed. World-class universities such as Standford University and the National University of Singapore, he says, use the Oracle-powered systems. Animo.sys is tailor-fit for DLSU and powered by Oracle.

“The capacity of animo.sys is heavier [than MLS] because of the software. Imagine that what can be implemented in Standford University is being implemented here.”

Administration clarified during the forum that the decision of whether animo.sys will be used for the next enrollment period has not been made by the two committees in charge of enrollment.

Kim Ho Jae

By Kim Ho Jae

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