Letter to the Editor by Jose Miguel Moreno

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To the Editorial Board of The LaSallian,

Greetings in St. La Salle!

“When there’s too much politics, it leaves no room for leadership.”

The vision which the students have voted for last USG General Elections is for the University Student Government to REFOCUS this academic year.  It is accompanied by a platform which calls for change in the kind of leadership we offer and how we should do things as the supreme autonomous representative body for the students.  At the beginning of my term as President, I had three questions which I challenged my fellow USG elected officers and myself to answer:  Is the USG living up to its founding identity and purpose?  Is the USG really one and united?  Is the USG able to represent and serve all the students?  It has been an ongoing challenge that the USG has been working on for the past five months.  Along with pushing measures to address the issues and concerns of the students such as enrollment, grievance, security and safety, administrative processes, and student fees, the USG has also been working towards redefining and reestablishing that much needed direction for the USG to be more efficient and effective in the services it provides all the students: service in representing them in multi-sectoral gatherings inside and outside the University, in spotlighting their efforts and initiatives, and in bridging them with the services and opportunities of other sectors inside the Lasallian community.  But as we look forward to the remaining five months of the academic year, how do we ensure that the vision of REFOCUS will really leave a mark in the Lasallian community?

When the idea of the University Student Government was introduced ten years ago, one of the observations and comments about student leaders back then was that most student leaders would have a mentality of a traditional politician: “Since it is my year, I will do what I can for this year without minding the contributions from the past.” The culture was too focused on the present that student leaders seemed to fail in assuming a more long term and sustainable perspective on their plans for the year.  Similar to how we want our government officials to perform in order for our country to progress and develop, student leaders should likewise take on the challenge and begin to be critical and forward thinkers: “Since this is what my predecessor started, this is what I will do to continue what was started and this is what my successor may contribute so he or she can finish it.”  In other words, there is a need for us to build a culture of relevant continuity.  Student leaders should learn to embrace a proper, coordinated, and guided transition of plans and not just put aside and reject previous ideas, efforts, and initiatives (even current ones) simply because they were not plans of one’s own preference or those of the political party.

Many would say that the University is a microcosm of society.  In that sense, we can say that the University Student Government is like the Philippine government functioning in a smaller and more ideal environment.  Being patterned after the Philippine government, the USG was envisioned to be that venue where student leaders can practice and exemplify genuine leadership and service for their fellow students in the hopes of bringing that practice in actual and real settings in society.  With the recent issues about the USG in terms of membership in its different units, allocation of its budget, and multiple positions assumed by elected officers which would not seem in line with how it should function, perhaps it is the perfect time for the USG to revisit and reconnect with its guiding documents such as the Constitution and by-laws, review and reassess its performance ever since its establishment in AY 2010-2011 and reaffirm its commitment and make it in line with its identity and purpose as the supreme autonomous representative body of the students.  This is the reason why for this academic year, the changes that will take place will move USG towards the direction of a more unified USG in the genuine service and representation of all students.  However, the changes will only work if student leaders have the conviction to break away from the traditional mindset as they guide everyone to take part in the present efforts and initiatives to ensure the continuity of what was started.

This is the vision of REFOCUS which the students have voted for. Let us work together in making this happen!

Jose Miguel Moreno
USG President


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