Transcendence is defined as an experience or characteristic beyond the normal level.  To transcend means to excel or be known for something.  As individuals, we all have something that makes us unique.  However, in groups this uniqueness develops through the strength in numbers and becomes a trait that characterizes an entire batch, making it memorable and irreplaceable.  This month’s Green Pulse looks right into that: finding out what makes each batch special, and how this has changed University life not only for these batches, but for the entire student body.


ID 109

It is rare to find a member of the 109 batch still around, but their presence has not wavered as the “Ate” and “Kuya” of the student body.  To hear Joey* (V, BS- MEE) say it, they were the batch that “experienced it all” – from changes in school policy to the removal of the football field to be replaced by the Henry Sy building.  Naturally, all these changes made them very flexible people and, in their upperclassman years, more responsible for their younger peers.  While they, as freshmen, had to cope with all the previously unheard-of developments around DLSU, their student leaders had to step up and come up with great reforms, mending troublesome situations and paving the way for the other batches to follow.

As they moved on in their years, they also became examples for the younger students.  Having enrolled in 2009, they had witnessed the Centennial celebration, been able to use the field for the last time, been the first to hear about Henry Sy Hall, and just recently cheered on the back-to-back Championships of the Archers.  Truly, this batch has seen it all – and many of them have moved on with the pride of true Lasallians in their hearts.


ID 110

Being in DLSU for four whole years means witnessing many things come and go. From the change in professors to the change in facilities, many of our fellow Lasallians have seen the ups and downs of the University. Christine* (IV, BS-PSYC) was one of the students who experienced these changes first-hand. She considers herself “lucky to have experienced major celebrations in the University” as these include being one of the last batches to use the football field as well as the loss of Animo Food Haus and the iconic SPS canteen.

Changes aside, being part of ID 110 is not only about witnessing these events unfold; there are specific characteristics that may define this particular batch. According to Tiff* (IV, AB-LIM), “I think our passion and hunger to promote the arts in any way we can define us.” Despite these strong points, this terminal batch also has its own fair share of shortcomings. Tiff* cites that one of the weaknesses of ID 110 is their tendency to be “individualistic [and] cliquish”. Nevertheless, some Lasallians consider ID 110’s drive, passion and hunger as major definitive qualities that have stood the test of time.


ID 111

A hundred years of unwavering Animo is an important milestone for DLSU, so it’s no wonder that ID 111 students were given special treatment as early as their first year. During their LPEP, they were welcomed into the Lasallian community quite differently compared to other batches as a public reminder that being the centennial batch was a brand that they have to live with to the fullest. They were the center of the Centennial Celebration, and the fact that they were privileged to perform “Live It Up” on national television is proof of this.

However, they also have to uphold the Lasallian values just like any other student. Their student leaders work extra hard to lead and inspire others with their animo. Billy* (III, FIN) believes that the officers in their batch are very responsible and capable of balancing academic and extracurricular work. She also explains how they commit to present the importance of active involvement in social activities and awareness about the country through advocacies such as Below the Line. “The batch has been involved to these kinds of events that touch my heart.” she exclaims.


ID 112

Unity in diversity is something DLSU’s vision-mission encourages, and it is something the ID 112 batch feels it has achieved.  Among the Lasallians who generously offered their opinions, it was clear that unity was something the batch considered their strength.  However Miguel (II, AB- POM) and Leah* (II, AB- PSM) agree that while the batch is bonded, each individual is decidedly unique.  Quirks and surprises abound in the ID 112 batch.  Being the students who came after the University’s centennial batch, these fresh-faced individuals represent the turn of a new century.  They bring in new colors to the University by sharing their many talents and excelling especially in academics.  Creativity, open-mindedness and determination were also pinpointed as strengths of the batch.

Most can not specify any big events that have shaped the batch, and a few have mentioned that this may be a weakness.  Also, while the batch is academically-oriented, Leah* (II, AB- PSM) and Miguel (II, AB- POM) claim that many of its members choose not to join in school organizations.  Nonetheless, they declare it doesn’t take occasions to define a personality.  The batch prides itself on the many things it has to offer to DLSU – an array of talents, a cluster of achievers, and a batch full of inspiration and intent to lead the next century of Lasallians to another 100 years.


ID 113

Barely two terms into their stay in the University, ID 113 has learned a thing or two about what it means to be part of the freshmen batch. Because of the lingering block sections, most of them feel that unity is already established within them. As Vann (I, BS AEI-APC) puts it, one of the great things about his batch is the “tightness and bond” that they share. What they lack in experience, they make up with camaraderie. Sophia (I, BS-CHEM) adds, “Our strength is how we would help one another to go through a certain challenge. We would share information and knowledge just so everyone would get through.” This is evident during relief operations, where a number of freshmen volunteered with the upperclassmen as one whole Lasallian community. They also have elected responsible student leaders that help them to become aware of school issues because, as froshies, some of them tend to be ignorant. Sofia (I, BS-CHYB) attributes admirable qualities like “never giving up in what they do” to significant events such as the LPEP get- together.

While many can argue the definitive characteristics that make up their respective batches, there is one thing that connects each and every one of us. Whether you are ID 113 or ID 85, it is our Lasallian identity that remains as the quintessential conclusive aspect and makes us all distinctly unique; even if we transcend from what is expected of us and find ways to stand out from the crowd, we cannot escape the Lasallian values and teachings that we have acquired within the walls of our University.


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