Scenic Route: Pasong Tamo Art Galleries

Work can be consuming, academics can be stressful and one can feel that there isn’t any more time left to relax. The mall will eventually not be enough to relieve one’s pressure and the yearning for new scenery comes to mind. For the aspiring artists, the frustrated painter or those who are just simply interested, it can be tough to figure out where to find artistic inspiration or possibly an area where artists showcase their works. Perhaps two of the reasons why people hesitate to get out more is because they don’t know where to go and they lack the time for it. Long breaks or long weekends can be deemed as the desirable time to get out and explore.

There is an abundance of art galleries all over Manila. Aside from those featured in museums, there are gallery spaces any artist or art enthusiasts could visit IF you know where to go. One such area is the Pasong Tamo Extension, a bustling site for art shows. It’s fairly easy to get there. If you are a student from any of the institutions included in the University Belt, Finale Art File gallery and Silverlens gallery are just an LRT and MRT ride away.


Silverlens Gallery: 2320 Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati

From the Magallanes MRT station, you can take any jeep going to PRC – Mantrade – Kayamanan and get off the DPC (Directories Philippines Corporation) costing just eight pesos. The Silverlens gallery is just beside DPC.

From October 23 to November 23, 2013, Silverlens features two exhibitions of artists and their collective works. Pio Abad’s show entitled Every Tool Is A Weapon If You Hold It Right features silk scarves designed with drawings of artifacts, photographs and various objects. Each piece or scarf is an archive or question of the history of every image etched into the fabric. The concept of Abad’s collection is concentration on each piece and the curiosity of the object’s representations, meaning and purpose. Pio Abad’s art show is simply an embodiment of objects or artifacts of sources and stories from his everyday encounters with news, stories and history. Abad’s works make the spectator look beyond the luxurious essence of the scarf and into the artistic value of each element drawn into it.

Another artist featured in the same gallery is Ryan Villamael. His art show entitled Territory is inspired by the natural sciences, focusing on skeletons or fossils of flora and fauna subjects simply with the technique of paper on paper layered cutouts. The pieces are then framed and arranged in a totem pole figure. His collection is all about showing the evolution and intrinsic or delicate design that shows the narrative of evolution and the artist’s exploration of ‘metaphorical personal space’.

Silverlens gallery continually houses several exhibitions. Among their currently running and future art shows include Leslie de Chavez’ Nameless Presence from October 18 to November 17, 2013 and Paulo Vinluan’s Hide and Seek also from October 23 to November 23, 2013.


Finale Art File: 2241 Pasong Tamo, Makati

From Silverlens gallery, it’s just one jeep away from Finale Art File gallery. Take any jeep that goes to the direction of Don Bosco Technical Institute or Walter Mart Makati. Get down at La Fuerza Plaza and from Gate 1, Finale Art File is just inside at exactly Warehouse 17. Finale appears as a free and open space for reflection. It has a tall and upstairs gallery. From October 11 to November 4, artists Erik Pauhrizi and Lyra Garcellano showcase their works in the Tall Gallery entitled Leave me a Space Underground. Erik Pauhrizi, an Indonesian artist based in Germany, and Lyra Garcellano, a local artist, are in a collaboration exhibition that plays around with the concept of borders, territory and frames. The whole exhibition is a collection of artworks in various materials and technique ranging from film, tapes and oil on canvas.

The Upstairs Gallery features the work of Kelly Ramos collectively titled Breaking the Fourth Wall. Her oil on canvas paintings concentrates on creating a connection between performer and spectator. Each piece shows the spectator how to complete the final image. The video room features a live surveillance footage of the upstairs gallery symbolizing how the audience becomes a subject of art as he/she focuses on gazing at other art objects.

Other exhibitions to be featured in Finale Art File Gallery from (November 7 – 25, 2013) are by artists Yasmin Sison at the Tall Gallery and a group show by Mariano Ching, the curator, in the Upstairs Gallery.

Silverlens and Finale Art File are only some of many other galleries scattered all over Manila. For those who truly desire to take the time in search of art, whether it be literally or figuratively, then galleries along Pasong Tamo Extension are a good place to start.

April Anne Villena

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