Vignette: Apps to make your gadgets more productive

When it comes to keeping track of our tasks, studying for exams and scrambling for org meetings, there are times when pen and paper will not suffice. In a sea of smartphones and tablets, technology has provided us with infinite ways to make our lives a lot easier. So set your Candy Crush aside and take a look at these apps that can change the way you balance your school life.


Google Drive


Let’s face it, everyone has gone Google, including you. Google is slowly taking the world by storm starting off by being one of the most reliable search engines to designing futuristic gadgets like Google Glass. The brilliant people of Google have bestowed upon us one of the most life changing things that has ever hit the face of the earth: Google Drive. Create surveys, presentations, spreadsheets and papers with real-time group editing straight from your smartphones and tablets. With Google Drive, managing late night group work will definitely be a breeze.

Free for iOS and Android



Taking down notes doesn’t have to be copying verbatim what is being flashed on the screen, it can be personal and Evernote does just that. More than just a note pad, Evernote helps users to remember all the important details by customizing the experience of note taking. Making notes is one thing, but storing files, annotating documents, recording audio files and clipping web articles are just some of the innovative ways to make organizing a whole lot simpler, and you know what? It just gets better. Apart from these features, Evernote can be synced through your account; allowing users to take their work with them wherever they go.

Free for iOS, Android and Windows Phone



We all get the anxiety of possibly losing files or worse, having them corrupted. While many of us go through great lengths to avoid this from happening such as saving multiple copies of said files on different USBs and email accounts, there are now pre-emptive measures that can get the job done in a snap. By using Dropbox, file storage, organization and sharing can be done in just a few clicks. Not to mention, Lasallians get a storage space increase of 25GB using our DLSU Gmail accounts. With Dropbox, you will never lose track of your files again.

Free for iOS, Android and Windows Phone



Surely there have been situations where you find yourself mindlessly staring at the lengthy scribbles of your notebook thinking, “INFORMATION OVERLOAD!” We’ve all been there. Studying can be tough, especially if it involves an enormous amount of information condensed into one exam and this is something that gFlash+ understands. Who says studying can’t be fun? gFlash+ assures you that it can be. With different study games to personalize the way you study, gFlash+ allows users to come up with their own review questions on a set of virtual flash cards to help them prepare for that big test. Ditch that pen and paper for a while and try using gFlash+ to boost your study experience.

Free for iOS and Android


Faster Scan HD

Who has time to use an actual scanner when you can scan a document straight from your smartphone or tablet? With Faster Scan HD, one snapshot is all it takes to produce high quality scanned copies. To ensure that the documents come out clear and sharp, Faster Scan HD auto detects the edges of the document, allowing users to correct the perspective distortions and remove unnecessary shadows. Faster Scan HD also comes with multi-page scanning, document annotation, password protection, folder organization and direct printing via AirPrint. So the next time you need to scan a document without a scanner in sight, don’t fret. Let Faster Scan HD make the magic happen.

Free on iOS



If there is any app that tells you that it’s time to be productive, it’s Studious. Studious is an app built for students that reminds its users when homework is due, when the upcoming tests and even when your next org meeting will be so that you will never get to miss out on anything.  Studious also automatically puts your phone on silent to save you from the embarrassment of having it ring during a lecture. The clean and streamlined interface of Studious makes it easy to use to help you keep track of your school work.

Free on Android



Notability is just one of those apps that brings note-taking to the next level. While it has most of the features of apps like Evernote (e.g. importing files, annotating documents, recording audio, etc.), Notability takes it a step further by including all the little details that many free note-taking apps miss out on. With Notability, you can opt to choose from dozens of fonts and colors to make your notes that more organized. It also allows users to make handwritten notes on PDFs and PPTs for highlighting important details or adding tiny notes on the side. Even though Notability is a paid app, you get all of the features without having to pay for the critical add-ons of “freemium” apps.

$2.99 on iOS (Compatible only for iPad)


Wake N Shake

One of the most painstaking tasks that everyone experiences day in and day out: waking up on time. If you are one of those people who finds waking up to be a daily struggle, Wake N Shake will definitely solve this problem. Wake N Shake is specifically designed to ensure sleepy users of waking up without having the option to hit snooze. The app also has intensity options ranging from “Teddy Bear” to “Merciless” not to mention some alarm tones called “Ugh, Kids!” and “Sir, Yes Sir!” The second the alarm goes off, users are then prompted to rapidly shake their phones until the meter reaches 100%. Not exactly a pleasant way to wake up, but hey, at least you are out of bed.

Free on iOS (Compatible only for iPhone)


The advances in technology provide a wide range of options of ways to improve our everyday life, particularly the apps on our own smartphones and tablets. Not all apps work for everyone. It is not a one size fits all kind of product because choosing the right app will always depend on the needs of the individual.  At the end of the day, before you decide on what app you should download, you must first ask yourself this, “Is this something that will work for me?”


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