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Obviously what can put you off any kind of program for fitness would be yourself. May it be you think its too late or that it hurts your body or even how much time it consumes, you really have to treat every one of those concerns as excuses. Trying to be fit isn’t a waste of time nor is it too late for anyone, people who have been labeled as ‘fat’ have often found the motivation to turn things around. Take for example Adam Richman most known for his TV show “Man vs Food” in which over the course of 2 seasons, his weight gain has been evident through the fit of his shirt. Ever since he went off the show and laid off the competitive eating, he lost a considerable amount of weight. Take it into consideration that staying fit you would have to work on and is really more of an investment in your health rather than an investment in your looks, the latter just comes along with it.


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Good food is not hard to come by along campus. Good for you food is another story. Depending on your level of commitment and discipline, there are a number of options to explore. Prepare food at home to avoid having to stuff yourself with the fried everythings of La Salle. If you are going to end up buying something in school, simply watch your portions. Eat half and take out the other for later.

There are numerous tips and tricks that will help in attaining your goals. One is to never skip breakfast. Put something edible in your mouth within thirty minutes of walking up. Another is to always hydrate yourself. The only liquid you should be drinking is water. Avoid soda and even juices as they are too much sugar and calories for a drink. Save these nutrition values for your food and for that beer you would rather have at the end of the week. The last tip is more of an understanding of what you put in your mouth. The salad option is not always the best option. What normally sounds healthy may not really be all that good for you. Be smart and know what’s in your food before it’s in your body.


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You can lose weight by actually just moving around a bit more, but what if you get bored by just running an oval for a week or two? Challenge yourself, and no we don’t mean just push yourself harder until you ‘feel the burn’. No, its more simple than that because unless you never really go to the Sports Complex you would realize that there are certain times that courts are being used or just a lot of people who play better than you are owning every challenger that comes.

One way you could do better is practicing your sport, for example the most accessible one would be basketball. Try hitting 3 free throws in a row and if ever you miss one in between, run a lap around the court. Afterwards, just simple go back to the same spot and try hitting them again. It may not be the same feeling as running around and shooting in a five on five situation but you somehow get the same amount of physical movement. This gamification of health and fitness is what will help you stick to your plan and attain those goals.

Also it is important to remember that life is all about movement and people shouldn’t steer clear of it. Enroll in consecutive classes with one in La Salle Hall and the other in Andrew Building. Challenge yourself to brace the distance and wake up your body for the course of the day. When it comes to eating, try places far from school. The walk is a quick cardio before and after the meal. It will make you appreciate the meal more and feel light right after.

School asks you to be sane individuals. Fitness is going to ask from you the exact opposite. You have to be a little mad to pick running around in a circle over a cookie dough cheesecake. But life rewards the crazy people, not those who hide between a couch and a bag of chips.

But at the end of the day it is about preference. If you have a passion to be fit then go out and test your body. And if you have a passion for food, don’t just eat it – make it, because fitness is, most importantly, as mental as it is physical.

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