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The Lasallian Soundtrack: Summer Playlist

The five week fantasy that many of us yearn for after three terms of deadlines, exams and presentations. It’s the brief escape from all the sleepless nights that come with the perils of being a “responsible” college student. With all the stress out the window, summer is the perfect time to let loose and find that happy place we’ve been looking for all year long.



The five week fantasy that many of us yearn for after three terms of deadlines, exams and presentations. It’s the brief escape from all the sleepless nights that come with the perils of being a “responsible” college student. With all the stress out of the window, summer is the perfect time to let loose and find that happy place that we have been looking for all year long.

Excited yet?

Before you bust out in your bikinis and celebrate to your heart’s content, get in the mood with these soulful tracks that will surely get you through those exciting adventures and disappointing blunders. So take a step back, relax and tune in to some nostalgic summer sounds.


1. Last day of classes

Cue: Ignition (Remix) – R. Kelly

It’s been so long, hasn’t it? No I’m not talking about the song, but that feeling of unbridled joy that we were deprived of for an eternity. Yes my friends, we have made it to the Promised Land. All the hard work, sleepless nights, and ridiculously overpriced coffee have paid off.

We are now free from the chains that bind, and many anthems are fit for this momentous occasion. Give me some Queen or even some Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City, it doesn’t matter because we are all champions and now is a very good time. In fact, any song of triumph and debauchery deem to be worthy, so why not just go and kick it old school for some classic R. Kelly. C’mon, we all know you’ve been dying for a reason to play this again, and here at The LaSallian, we give you what you need.


2. When the grades finally come out and you passed!

Cue: Good Life – Kanye West ft. T-Pain

Summer break is no question one of the sweetest things in college life, but it’s only grains of sugar compared to the triple sundae overload of seeing you passed every dreaded course. Summer might have begun a few days ago, but this is when the break begins. No more endless worrying on how to tell the folks, constant double checking of every percentage computed, and practicing your best begging performance at grade consultations.

This is where all the work pays off, and there is no better track to accompany your elation than some yeezy digs. Incredibly confident and undoubtedly worthy, K. West provides the perfect track that perfectly blends with that emotional ecstasy. Play it in the background as you finally get some sleep, champ.


3. …..except for this one class.

Cue: Summertime Sadness – Miley Cyrus (Acoustic Sadder Version)

So you didn’t make the cut for that one subject that you’ve been dreading the entire term. On the bright side, you’re not alone, at least according to Lana Del Rey’s Summertime Sadness. This somber melody is the perfect accompaniment to the despair that comes with seeing that 0.0. Who says that summer is all about parties and having a good time? Take it all in and feel electric tonight as you kiss that subject hard before you go. Don’t be too sad though, because you will surely meet again.


4. Road trip with your buddies  

Cue: Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton

Maybe it’s the infectious tribal beat or the upbeat piano chords playing in the background or maybe it’s just Macklemore & Ryan Lewis doing what they do best: getting you pumped up. It’s a no-brainer for this one. Picture yourself in a jam-packed car with your best buddies on the road to your summer destination. You blast Can’t Hold Us and then anarchy ensues; with everyone dancing and rapping alongside this song, the car ride will be that much sweeter.


5. Delayed Flights

Cue: Midnight City – M83

The world’s worst airport strikes again and at this point you shouldn’t be surprised. Since the occurrence of delayed flights is as common as your pesky house fly, cursing the high heavens will probably get you nowhere. Best option? Zone out to the electronic beats of Midnight City. Hours will fly by as the intergalactic mix of keyboard, drums and saxophone soothes your auditory senses. M83’s hypnotic vocals make waiting feel that much better and before you know it the plane will be ready for take-off.


6. That time you finally see the beach

Cue: Pure Shores – All Saints

After hours of travelling, you finally made it. The warm sand, steady coconut trees and crystal clear waters is the ultimate escape from all the hustle and bustle in the city. As you take your first step on the soft white sand, let All Saints bring you that ambient feel-good song of yesteryear. With its lush and dreamy sound and sweet lyrical rhymes of finding that one place to call yours: the beach. All the stress from school and traffic doesn’t matter anymore because from where you’re standing, all you can see is endless paradise.


7. Being a bum at home

Cue : Sleep all day – Jason Mraz

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Too much of an obvious choice for a publication that boast of their critical thinking, and you’re probably right. It was tempting to give you guys some of that coffee music or obscure bells and chime bands, but its summer, put that brain in airplane mode. Let’s keep everything breezy, it’s hard enough to think with this brain dead heat. No complicated genres and whale noises, let’s go back to basics with a classic Mraz sleeper (pun intended) hit. Easily paced and abundant with sunny tones, there might not exist a better song for a lazy afternoon. No, not even that Bruno Mars jingle.


8. Last day of summer

Cue: Closing Time – Semisonic

We know its months ahead but there’s no harm in getting ready for goodbyes because after all, they’re the worst parts. Can you imagine leaving the sunny beaches, absolute freedom, and tons of free time to catch up on your Game of Thrones. But what is life but an endless swing of beginnings and finales. But don’t worry its not that bad, just as Semisonic tells us in this 90’s classic.

With its rich nostalgic riffs and vintage alternative rock that reminds us far more than this years memories. I know it might suck to leave summer, and for us Archers, one month was never enough, but let this song remind you that this season might come go but there are certain people that will always take you home to paradise.


Maybe its the sunny season that makes everything a lot more personal, but there is nothing like the summertime. Whether its the series and movie bingeing or late night talks over some frozen lights, and just miraculously waking up to see the sunrise, summer is definitely an experience you should always live with freedom. Let loose archer, you deserve it.


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By Alfonso Dimla

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By Jeanne Marie Cornista

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