Inside the zombie apocalypse

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The article you are about read is classified. You’ll also find out that it’s absolutely important – and very desperately so. A few days ago, as they took a leisurely stroll through campus, two writers from The LaSallian came upon a powerful and compelling book – a journal from the year 2024. They flipped through its pages, curious and merely wanting to know how much in DLSU could change in ten years, only to find out that every nightmare of the human soul would happen too soon.

Oh, but this book was much more than a journal; it was a guide. Much will be learned through the daily written entries of a student named Joe who, 10 years from now, lives in the age of zombies and widespread infection, a chaotic world where you will need to be smart in order to live. Immediately the writers dove into the work, copying down the most important notes Joe had written and compiling them into this article, with the intent that the student body read these tips and take them to heart, for one day it will certainly change your life.

Day 1. 0800 hours.  Yuchengco Lobby.  Log #1: First impressions.

“It’s happening.  It’s really happening!” I think to myself (Erica, IV-BS PSYC), watching the crowds of infected-looking, unsteady corpses slowly make their way through Yuchengco Lobby.  I admit the first thing I did was panic (Ben*, IV-MKT) but I force myself to stay calm and focus.  Can’t do anything rash – first I call my family, find out if everyone’s okay at home (Marc, IV-MGT; MB, III-CAM-BSA) and if (somehow) it’s safe to go there.  Alas – I find out I’m trapped in school!

Day 1. 0940 hours.  SJ Walk.  Log #5: Where do I go?

I manage to escape Yuch lobby just in time.  I can’t hide in Yuchengco building – too many entrances and exits to block (Jenine, FIN).  But where to go now?  Not Razon – corpses will be lurking in the darkness (Angeli, IV-MGT) and its parking entrances are hard to block (Aldric, IV-IBS).  Worst – Razon’s parking lots would be perfect eating areas for the undead (Razel, II-ADV)!  Plus there’s always the threat of collapse from any of these old buildings.  I should go to one of the newer buildings (Nicole, III-IBS), like Henry Sy or Andrew since they’ll be stronger (Kristine, II-APC).  But wait!  First I need supplies!  The first place I need to go to should be the clinic for medicine and bandages (Carlo, IV-IBS) and Perico’s for food – pretty sure no one would care if I stole stuff now (Mary, IV-LGL).

Day 1. 1120 hours.  Henry Sy Sr. Building.  Log #17: Supplies, supplies!

Speaking of supplies, I should stock up!  I absolutely need FOOD.  FOOD and WATER (Razel, II-ADV).  I should bring weapons!  Cutter, scissors (Lucelle, III-ADV).  If I could have it, I would really want a gun right now (Angeli, IV-BSMGT; Awoo, II-MKT; Abu, IV-CAM).  No idea where I’d get one though, so maybe the foldable knife I keep with me (Echo, IV-ECE) will have to do.  Why do I keep a knife with me in DLSU?  Well, if I didn’t I’d be dead by now, wouldn’t I?!?  That’s good planning!

Day 4.  1250 hours.  Miguel Walk.  Log #23: Who you gonna call??

I’ve found some silence.  It feels like the calm before the storm, but I’m going to take advantage and find some people.  Isolation is the worst thing that could happen in a zombie apocalypse because your mind plays tricks on you (Lorenzo, III-BS BIO).  That being said, I’ve debated on finding some people who run slower than me so I can use them as bait (Kai, IV-CSST).  Eventually, though, I realized I wanted to go with people I trust and who won’t sacrifice me (Mary, IV-LGL).  I could go meet up with my friends who have cars, so we can each look out for each other (Aldric, IV-IBS; Abu, IV-CAM); or those who are athletes because they have amazing endurance and would be tough on their feet (Jenine, FIN).  I’d ask these friends if they knew anyone else who can help us (Anna, III-ISE) – networking helps A LOT right now.  I should take along a guard or two, because they’d know how to use weapons (Vladimir, II-AE-FIN).  Oh, wait – the best help would be people who watch shows like The Walking Dead (Lucelle, III-ADV) or play Left 4 Dead (Echo, IV-ECE) because they won’t need instructions for killing and will make everything much easier.

I wonder where all my old profs went.  I could really use Ms. Elsie Velasco or Ms. Yvette Lim right now – they’re wise enough to create a plan, and I think they’d be motherly (Kristine, II-APC).  Mr. Valinton might also be of help, as he’s a Chemistry teacher (Sheri, III-ISE).

Day 7.  0240 hours.   Andrew Building.  Log #45: Headshot

It’s been a week into the apocalypse, and I don’t know how I’ve managed to survive this long.  Actually, I do.  I’ve developed some techniques for staying alive … and I’ve considered that maybe I should write them down, so that somewhere, someone else can benefit from them.  So I broke into the empty, trashed bookstore and grabbed this notebook – then ran out as fast as I could before the bookstore lady’s corpse could catch me.  Jeez, she was fast for a zombie.  Anyway, I’m back in my hideout in Andrew Building; I’ve got a couple friends with me.  The rest of our group have been taken, and for all we know we could be next.  So here’s all I’ve got left to say, for anyone reading: always go in a group, avoid darkness, and learn to conserve everything (Awoo, II-MKT).  Keep alert and kill whatever’s in your way (Ben*, IV-MKT).   And absolutely ALWAYS go for the head (Hannah*; Lucille, III-ADV; Sheri, III-ISE; Aldric, IV-IBS).

Some complicated drawings. A few sepia photographs taken in haste, with a snap or two of rare, beautiful, peaceful moments. Even page corner doodles of flowers. To this and all Joe has given, the two writers have nothing to append, for the words of Joe have started becoming precious and legendary, yet worrisome in their gap of information. They said nothing about how it started. How could this possibly be avoided? What has happened between the two eras that could have unleashed this nightmare of all ages? For all we know, the apocalypse may be starting right here, right now.

Belle Justiniani

By Belle Justiniani

Andrea Mendoza

By Andrea Mendoza

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