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Looking for a new book to read, new films to watch, or new music to listen to? Drop your schoolwork for a while as The Menagerie brings you recommendations from around the campus.

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Looking for a new book to read, new films to watch, or new music to listen to? Drop your schoolwork for a while as The Menagerie brings you recommendations from around the campus. For this month, we ask members of DLSU’s Green Giant FM to tell us about the music that helped them get through difficult times.

Stephanie Te

DJ, 18, punny, shawarma connoisseur, aspiring cat lady.

In a Perfect World by Kodaline

They’re an alternative rock band and a few of their famous songs, All I Want, is actually in The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack, but my favorite song from their album is High Hopes. I guess people say it’s a very emo, moody, depressing album, but I just like it because it’s really chill.  And it’s very nice to do your homework, or just, like, lie down and think about life in general, and it’s a really nice album for me.

How’d it help get you through a difficult time?

Well, I believe that there was this one instance where I was just feeling very down. I was feeling very uptight, and listening to that album made me feel relaxed, just listening to the vocals, because it’s like a show. Albums are like a show. From the beginning to the end, it’s like different acts, and you just have the whole feeling of the album, and that album just helped me feel really chill, relaxed, and say, ‘You know what, I’ll get through this.’

Heidi Sarol

A trainee from GGFM’s services and requests committee, Heidi runs a photography blog and goes boxing regularly.


All Phoenix songs, I find that you can listen to them at any point, like at any range of emotion, and you’ll still feel happy.

I like Phoenix because I feel so familiar with the songs, I already know what’s coming. And it helps calm me down, especially at times when I cry or whatever. The thing I like about Phoenix is that it doesn’t make that much sense, but it’s in English, so you just sing along, and it’s anthemic in a way, and it’s also very relieving.

Favorite phoenix song?

Entertainment. It has a special emotional appeal to me because when that song came out, I was in New York for the first time, and I was travelling on my own, so every time I’d walk through the streets of New York, I would just be blasting [it] on my iPhone, and it just helped me capture the energy of the city.

Hanz Lopez

Hanz is the Vice President for External Affairs of GGFM. He also doesn’t lie—or at least as much as he can avoid it.

Overexposed by Maroon 5

[It was] not really a hard time [for me], but I’d recommend it to most people because that album is a collection of all the getting-over songs that Maroon 5 came up with. I think it’s because that’s when Adam Levine broke up with his girlfriend, so that’s why he made that album, but I’m not sure.

I’d recommend it to a lot of people. Some of those songs are still applicable to me right now, but it’s a good album full of good songs.

Favorite song from that album?

The first single that came out of that was Payphone, so initially I liked that, but then I found out about the other songs. The one song that I really like from it is The Man Who Never Lied. It’s a story about a man who couldn’t tell his significant other something, but then he did, so it’s either he loves her or he doesn’t love her anymore. That’s why I keep listening to it, because I wanna find out. But then again, the song doesn’t give it away.

John Sarao

By John Sarao

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