The Lasallian Soundtrack: Rainy Days Playlist

For us Lasallians, there is no climate that we will ever love and hate more than the rainy days.

For us Lasallians, there is no climate that we will ever love and hate more than the rainy days.

On one hand, we are given this season to snug up on our favorite hoodies, fill our stomach with steaming cups of caffeine, and venture our hearts (with caution) for that droplet chance for class suspension. But on the other hand, we are covered with endless dirt that is conveniently in liquid form, left to experience all stages of depression inside our cars—and let’s not get started on losing our Wi-Fi.

But no worries, TheLaSallian has you covered with these cozy tracks that should warm those freezing toes, accompany that cup of English Breakfast, and help lessen that insanity behind the wheels. Just be sure you remember to charge this time.

Rainy Day Playlist from maxpowersisboss on 8tracks Radio.


  1. When it’s raining while the sun is out

Cue: Sunday Morning – Maroon 5

Okay, we have to admit that this is as cliché as it could get. That’s why we ask that you hear us out before you start skipping the track.

We know that you’ve probably played this a million times; heck you’re probably playing it right now. But when have you actually played this song the right way? C’mon, you didn’t think this song was on full-effect while you were blasting this during accounting practice or when you were smoking alone in Agno? The beauty of this song lies on moments of pure unexpected joy, those little times where imperfection seems perfect……or maybe it just fits cause rain is falling in the morning.


  1. When the lights go out

Cue: Officially missing you – Tamia

A wise man once said that life is a constant struggle from the time we are born until our inevitable demise. But that dude had no idea of the far greater struggle that we experience during blackouts.

From the sudden strike of disbelief to the denial that we feel as we turn the switch on and off; until we accept the facts and start fumbling for those ten-year old candles as we sweat all our body’s fluids in the dark. Let this reminiscent track help us cope with the post-traumatic stress, and give us the time to remember that we never know what we’ve got until it stops giving us Wi-Fi. Literally, ain’t nobody can do it like you.


  1. Looking outside the pouring rain

Cue: Too Much – Drake ft. Sempha

Just like clockwork, it’s inevitable to feel emotional during this gloomy weather. After all, there isn’t a better time to ponder on those thoughts that we lock inside when we ourselves are cooped in our bedrooms, watching everything get washed away.

It’s also inevitable to wish that all these problems somehow follow the rain down the drain. Allow this telling track to soothe your worrying minds and make you realize that you aren’t the only one with heavy burdens and emotional moments can be overrated. The key here is to not over think.


  1. When food finally arrives

Cue: Latch (Acoustic) – Sam Smith

I think we can all agree that one of the worst parts of being stuck at home during tremendous downpours is opening the refrigerator door and discovering that you are left to suck on ice cubes until you figure out how to walk on water.

But lo and behold for those few brave men that weather the storm to provide us with our greatly needed rations. Is there any song more fitting as you open the door, grab that brown paper bag, and lift open a little two-piece of heaven. Allow Sammy Smith’s heavenly chops to give justice in that divine moment.


  1. Being with someone you love during the rain

Cue: Covered in Rain – John Mayer

Granted that rain is a gloomy time for most of us, but it is also perfect for those lucky ones that get to spend such comfortable climate with their significant other.

No more feelings of solitude as you wrap both of you in a big blanket or aimlessly stare at wet windows because now you have someone that you can stare at in all directions. Let this mood-setting track accompany your rainy evening together, as you get covered in love with this extended live version. Psh, Couples.


  1. Being alone during the rain

Cue: Lithium – Nirvana

Don’t worry, my single friend, we also got you covered. Everyone seems to think that just because it’s raining, we should get with the gloom by playing some Norah Jones or Hoobastank. We are done with this weather making us feel alone, and the standards of rainy music being all mellow.

Shut down popular conceptions and blast this electric track along the thunderclaps as you build a mosh pit in your bed or probably just in your mind. Why feel sad, when you can feel some nirvana, right?


  1. When the lights go back on

Cue: Baby Be Mine – Quadron

Isn’t it just a wondrous feeling? Gone is the dark that envelops more than just the walls. Say goodbye to all those candles that are probably stuck on your floor by now. And, welcome yourself back to the modern age with this tender tune, as you immediately tweet about how you can tweet once again. Life is back to normal, and more importantly, you are back online. The light is back, and there’s nothing we will need ever again once it’s by our side. Please stay with us until the morning sun.


  1. When you decide to take a drive during brownouts

Cue: Northern Downpour – Panic! At the Disco

Picking a song for this moment can be compared to choosing the right way to cook pork: every way has its own charm, but it’s nearly impossible to do it wrong. We could’ve went with Jack Joe or maybe some Frankie O, and you can even throw in some Double X when the clouds are pitch black. But seeing how the weather has been lately, you can’t go wrong with some throwback Folk. Let your mind wander alternatively about existentialism and embarrassing high school memories as you try to hit every single puddle on the road.


  1. …..and you get stuck in asdfghjk traffic.

Cue: Paranoid – Kanye West ft. Mr Hudson

Down to the thumping bass that coincides to your gradually bursting aortas, to the pulsating claps, which you can perfectly synchronize with each stirring wheel slap of frustration. Yes people, Yeezy has your insanity covered with this mad (pun intended) hit. We understand that you’re a nice person, and you don’t often go crazy, which is why it’s okay to indulge this momentary paranoia. But let the song remind you that there are far more important things to worry about before you start complaining how you have the worst life ever inside your warm Honda.


      10. That after the rain feeling

Cue: Strawberry Swing – Coldplay

Remember when we were kids and how we begged our parents to let us out of the house when it starts raining? How it didn’t matter if we would end up getting sick or accidentally slipping on the wet grounds, because we knew if it ever the rain got too heavy, shelter was just around the corner?

In college, everyday can definitely feel like a storm. From paper works to personal problems, we are constantly flooded with troubles that can leave us feeling frozen. But we have to try to remember that no matter how heavy the rain might be, sunshine is always next on the playlist.

One last rainy day tip: Always stay close to your shelter, you never know when the rain is going to fall.




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