Coursing through life

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Every college student has been asked this question at one point or another in their lives. And, more often than not, their answer to the question reflects in their choice of course. Growing up, students are faced with the pressure of having to decide what degree to pursue, because while a student’s course does not dictate their entire lives, it plays a large part in setting the tone.

When it comes to making a choice, however, there are a myriad of limitations. Some students are restricted by the expectations and demands of their parents, while others are limited because their ideal courses are simply not offered in their university. Indeed, a number of external factors stop students from pursuing their ideal degrees. This month, however, The LaSallian removes these external factors by asking the students of DLSU a simple question: what is your dream course?


Pursuing passion

Several students chose their course in college based on their passions in life. Timothy (II, ISE) says he chose his current program because he “Loves studying both the world and the European culture.” Similarly, Nat (II, MEE) mentions about how he made his choice based on his childhood interests. “It was my interest way back when I was younger.”

However, there are a number of students who, for one reason or another, could not pursue their passions in college. Relian (II, AEI) mentions that he would have liked to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering because as a child, he dreamed of becoming a pilot. Andy* (IV, AE-BSA) shares that instead of pursuing economics and accountancy, a degree in either arts or music would have been ideal because “These are actually the things that I really enjoy doing during my spare time.” Hannah (II, CS-ST) would take a course revolving video game design and programming, stating “the way games are created and developed using codes and syntax seems very interesting to me. And I would also want to create interesting and enjoyable games.”

Not every student is able to pursue their interests in college. Several students who enjoy writing, music, art, and other similar fields, instead take up more ‘practical’ courses, such as engineering or accountancy. In a dream world, however, these fields of interest would be more than just hobbies.


The road to success

Besides passion and personal interests, one criterion that students have in deciding on a course is if it can help them become the person that they want to be. They see their courses as the ticket to landing their dream jobs in the best and fastest way possible. Charlie* (III, AB-PSM) confides that her course is her stepping stone to law. Kela (I, AB-ISE) says that taking International Studies major in European Studies was “the next logical step to accomplishing my career goals.”

Although people like Charlie* and Kela may have found their yellow brick roads leading to their desired future, there are those who dream of greener pastures. Kyle (II, AEF-BSA) shares that his dream course would be a fusion of law and accountancy. “My dream course would be LAW-BSA, wherein law school is already incorporated into the program so that once I graduate, I can already take the bar.” In the same way, Micah (III, ADV) dreams of a course in Journalism that could help make things happen for her in the world of media. Ladderized courses coupled with accounting was what second year AEF-BSA students, Paula and Kaira, would’ve wanted. These are all examples of how young Lasallians dream of a faster path to their desired profession.


Best of both worlds

Some students dream of a course that allows them to fulfill their passions in life, while others wish for a program that would launch them into their profession. However, for certain students, the dream course combines these two aspects – a degree that would not only allow students to pursue their passion, but to bring them one step closer to achieving whichever profession they so desire as well.

For Bea (III, FIN), a double degree in broadcast communications and finance would have been ideal. This would allow her to continue her studies in finance while also allowing her to take a course that would help her become a better public speaker. Melissa (II, MGT) would also take a double degree, combining journalism and math. She shares that she would love to be around people who are both creative and diverse, yet also believe that there is a solution to every problem. She mentions that even if the two degrees do not seem to mix, “They can make the perfect combination for a person.” Similarly, Rose (II, AEF-BSA) dreams of taking up architecture stating that her current course revolves around math, and that “It would be exciting and refreshing to add some art into it without sacrificing the math part.”

A course that allows you to do what you love, while propelling you into the profession of your choice? It sounds too good to be true. However, for several students, this would have been ideal – a program that allows you to get the best of both worlds.


Living the dream

While others are busy conjuring up made-up courses and holding on to wishful thinking of their perfect degree program, there are those who already find themselves in their dream course. Tom* (II, BS-CS) cannot think of any reason why he would shift to another course because he is contented with the one he is currently in. “I’ve been learning a lot of new things, not only in school but from the people here also, so I’m happy.” The same goes for Carlo (II, BSIT) who says that he enjoys his course despite the struggles, knowing that “It will all be worth it in the end.”

Loving your course and living out what you love to do makes work a lot more like play. Alyssa (II, AB-PSM) and Mark* (II, BS-PSYC) are enjoying their classes and are having so much fun learning. Indeed, several students would not have it any other way.

While some might have found themselves on the right path towards their dreams, others long for the path they want to take, for the shortcut to their end goal, or for a little bit of both. Whichever road you may be on, there is a commonality among them: they all lead to a better and brighter future that each one of us dreams for ourselves. The courses we dream of are the ones that will make us into the person that we want to be. With these courses, college wouldn’t be the torture several of us see it as now.

Some may have it easier than most and find themselves in a course that’s already perfect for them, but for those who have yet to find a combination of law and economics, fret not. Whether you’re currently enrolled in your dream course or you’re still crossing your fingers that the university offers it soon, the fact that you know what it is that you want means that you are already on the right track.


Names with asterisks (*) are pseudonyms.


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