What’s on your playlist?

Morning commutes can be a chore, while Friday nights need that extra jolt of energy. What better way to go through life and all this jazz than with sweet, sweet music? From hip-hop, to rock, to EDM, there’s something for everybody.

We’ve all constructed our own personal playlists on our smartphones, or laptops, or other similar devices. It gives us something to listen to when we’re waiting in line, or perhaps on the way to our next class or on our way home. Whether it’s a catchy rock anthem by Fall Out Boy, a rousing ode to life by Florence + The Machine, or a smooth, emotional ballad by Ed Sheeran, what we listen to tends to say something about our personality and style.

This month, The Menagerie takes a look at the playlists of some of the most recognizable names around campus, to see what their taste in music says about them.

What's on your playlist?

Carlo Inocencio

President, University Student Government

[Some songs] I like listening to are Magic by Coldplay and Lost Stars by [Adam Levine]. I guess, from the songs I am currently listening to, I am looking for outlets through which I could relax and chill with this kind of music, despite a busy and hectic term for both my USG responsibilities and academics.


Wilbur Chua

Chairperson, Council of Student Organizations

I usually listen to a lot of EDM because it’s something that’s really going around as of the moment, and alam mo yun, you feel parang loose eh, you follow the beat and it pumps you up. So for mornings, I usually listen to that para mawala antok. But I also listen to some songs from The Script, Coldplay, and Maroon 5. Ito naman yung part na medyo seryoso. There’s a good mix of that high adrenaline part of you and some serious part of yourself.

For The Script, it’s Superheroes and Hall of Fame. When I listen to these songs, I get inspired by the message. It’s not like you just follow the beat and don’t care about the lyrics, with these bands, medyo deep yung mga songs. Superheroes and Hall of Fame, it’s like it reflects going through challenges in life and having to be resilient and strong.


Jeron Teng

DLSU Green Archer

Recently, [I’ve been listening to] hip-hop, so like, Drake or Kanye. It just pumps me up. I listen to it before every game, and it’s a chill song to sync up my mood. Right now, [my favorite is] Zero to One Hundred. We go real quick.


Pram Menghrajani

Vice President for Internal Affairs, University Student Government

Recently, I’ve been listening to The Script and Hale. I’ve been listening to The Script because they’re my ultimate favorite band since I was in high school, and I’m also going to watch their concert this April, so that’s why I’m getting psyched up for it. I’m also listening to Hale because they’re actually our main act for Univ Week 2015, and they’re also my favorite OPM band.

My favorite song by The Script is The Man Who Can’t Be Moved, from their first album, because it’s so emotional. It’s for those days when I’m emotional, I can relate to it (just a bit). And then for Hale, it’s Blue Sky. Blue Sky is just an optimistic song, so usually on my bad days, I listen to it.


Placido Menaje

Professor, Accounting Department

[Before], ang hilig ko talaga ang mga ballads. Love songs, mga ganun. Ayoko ng rock and roll, di ako mahilig magsayaw. So I would prefer ang mellow and uplifting kind of music. And when I had a personal relationship with the Lord, it changed to hymns and mga bouncy na Chirstian songs. Pareho silang magagandang pakinggan, but yung isa is only an appeal to the emotion lang. If you are sad and you listen to it, the more you will become sad. With regards to the hymns, because it is the Lord that is the focus, nalilift up ka. Yun ang difference ng dalawang yun.


Patrick Kahn

Chief Legislator, University Student Government

I used to listen to a lot of older things like Queen and The Beatles, but more recently, I’ve been leaning towards indie so I’ve been listening to bands like Phoenix or Interpol. I like to listen to things that are very non-mainstream because it helps me think better. I associate music with creativity, so things that are more unique, I like to listen to it.

[The song I’ve been listening to recently is] The Heinrich Maneuver by Interpol. The nice thing about this song is that it compares the culture between the east coast in the U.S. and the west coast, because Interpol is based in the east coast, so the song kinda shows how they see the cultural differences in that part of the country. It shows how diverse really one nationality can be.


Joel Legazpi

Professor, Marketing Department

On my Spotify, I’m currently listening to The Best of Pearl Jam. I’m also listening to The Best of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Throwing Copper’s Live, and Fiona Apple’s Tidal, particularly the song Sleep to Dream. Whenever I listen to music, it relaxes me after a hard day’s work. When stressed or tired, it’s something different.

Whenever I’m at home and there are people present, I use my favorite earphones to listen to music. When I’m alone, I use my bluetooth speakers. [On music today], there are different eras; music today is different from music back then. The lyrics, before, tell a story.


Tereso Tullao Jr.

Director, Angelo King Institute

I listen to classical music, so my favorite radio station is 98.7, DZFE. I’m not familiar with contemporary music. I listen to classical music because, well, they’re my age. And as you can see, I’m very classical.

[I listen to it because] I know it’s there, it doesn’t bother me, and it makes me more productive. My favorite is Beethoven. My favorite among Beethoven’s is the 9th symphony. I think it’s eureka when I want to compose a chapter or a letter. I’ve been telling my students most of my books were co-written by Beethoven.

[Modern music is] not really my style. I’m really an alien.


Mark Gordon

Professor, Marketing Department

I listen to one kind of music for relaxation and one for work. For relaxation, I listen to French impressionists, especially Jean Sibelius’ Symphony #5. For work, I listen to Celtic pop music. I also dabble in new age music which is soothing and smooth.

[In terms of listening to music], I listen whenever I can. I don’t have a ritual. I have a pair of high quality earbuds. I listen to music before I sleep and while I sleep. I don’t, however, listen to music when I read. “I [also] keep playlists for different situations and moods. I listen to pianist Keith Jarrett’s The Köln Concert album. I do have playlists.

[With regards to today’s music], music is music. Music is innate in our brains, is part of our mental makeup. The problem with the youth, your generation, is you tend to listen to everything, engulf in everything. As you grow older, you tend to make your music choices narrower. Music is great. I don’t like hardcore rap.


Voltaire Mistades

University Registrar

I’m currently listening to artists like Josh Groban, Michael Buble, and The Piano Guys. I also listen to Pinoy acoustic singers like Angela and Sitti. [In terms of relaxation], scented sticks help me relieve my stress while listening to music at home. At work, we can’t really have that; we only have the radio.

[I also keep playlists]; my playlist has certain songs that are inspirational. I also keep the light mood by only listening to acoustic music. [On the music today], what my generation thought as alternative is the new classic. Back then, NU107 was subversive for playing something different, while the songs then are now being played.


By Daniel Ian Comandante

By Wilhelm Tan

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