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DLSAA explains controversial homecoming dance number

The De La Salle Alumni Association (DLSAA) held the 2015 Grand Alumni Homecoming last March 14 at the Henry Sy, Sr. Hall grounds. The event, held to celebrate decades of Lasallian education and unity, sparked uproar online when a photo of performers wearing revealing clothing circulated on social media.

A photo of scantily clad members of the entertainment group The GoGirls Dancers made rounds on Facebook last March 15, resulting to members of the Lasallian community raising concerns via social media platforms. A great percent of the comments portrayed confusion and displeasure over the dance number and questioned its appropriateness for the event, where members of the University’s administration, including De La Salle Brothers, were present. The show was dubbed indecent and unbecoming for a Catholic institution in some of the comments.


In an interview with The LaSallian, DLSAA Alumni Services Head Bing Capuno explained that the alumni organization meant no harm in staging the performance. “I understand that [the DLSAA] will get mixed criticisms. Some will be happy, some will be enraged with what happened,” Capuno stated. In light of the general disapproval online over the racy performance, Capuno defended the DLSAA, stating, “I understand that [the public] only saw the photo, but if [they] experienced what happened during the homecoming, [they will realize] it was really just a short portion.”

Capuno clarified that the performance of the GoGirls Dancers, which lasted for approximately five minutes, was only an intermission number for the alumni. “[It is] not really intended for the students [and for those] who are not from La Salle,” he explained. According to Capuno, students were not involved in the show, citing again that the homecoming was a night of celebration primarily for the University’s alumni.

While Capuno acknowledged that people who came across the photo online could dismiss the photo as “shocking” because it only depicted the provocative nature of the production, he expressed that the GoGirls Dancers’ performance was only one of the different intermission numbers for that night. Other acts that performed during the event were homegrown talents De La Salle Innersoul, La Salle Dance Company, and the DLSU Animo Squad. Additionally, Capuno shared that band performances and short skits by the alumni present were also included on the event’s entertainment line-up.


“Rest assured that [the dance performance] was not our focus. The [entertainment] program was just a part of the homecoming, and the photo is just a portion of the program. It is not the whole program itself,” Capuno continued. He further stated that the performance was not held for the entire duration of the show. He also emphasized that the controversial dance number was “not the highlight” of the event and should not be perceived as such.

By Ian Benedict Mia

By Althea Gonzales

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It doesn’t matter how long or short the intermission number, for who it’s intended for or whatever the focus of the homecoming is, it’s still indecent! This is a catholic institution how could this be allowed???

Not intended for the students and those who are not from La Salle.. but still you held it in the school grounds.

The question everyone has been asking still wasn’t answered. Why did they even invite such performers in the first place?

Also, if it was not intended for the viewing of La Salle students, didn’t they consider that students will be in the campus during the homecoming? As you can see, there were student performers during the event, including student ushers who helped conduct campus tours. With all due respect, didn’t the organizers consider that?

Point is, regardless if it was the “highlight” of the event or not, or whether it lasted more than 5 minutes or not, the fact that the administration dare risk the school’s very reputation with this mere performance is inexplicable.

No one cares if it was a minute or a ten hour performance. There are numerous bars in Manila. Doon nalang sana kayo pumunta kung ganyan ang hanap niyo. Bakit kailangan pa dalhin sa loob ng school? And why enumerate the ‘appropriate’ performances? Kahit na may ganapin na mass before or after that indecent performance, indecent pa din ‘yun! Nakakahiya na nga yung pag-pahintulot sa sayaw na ‘yan, nakakahiya din yung explanation. My gosh DLSAA.

Schools in general are being rented out for events on weekends due to its space and facilities. The DLSAA rented out DLSU on a Sunday. During Sundays, DLSU students are not allowed inside campus. Only students permitted by the VP for Administration are allowed inside the campus. So technically, there shouldn’t be students on campus.

I think people are just over acting. I bet if this happens in Ateneo, a catholic institution as well. It wouldn’t be an issue since they’ll understand the situation.

Nice try, but the event was on March 14 — a Saturday. “The De La Salle Alumni Association (DLSAA) held the 2015 Grand Alumni
Homecoming last March 14 at the Henry Sy, Sr. Hall grounds.”

People so easily look for ways to get offended. La Salle, no matter how you brand it as Catholic, has an extremely open-minded, vociferous student body. If not, the school officials would have long thrown out posters regarding LGBT equality or even parties that promote “free-flowing drinks.” Mind you, these are all happening inside the school. In fact, there are even Muslim students who proudly wear their hijab the entire school week. Have you guys noticed the religion class is called TRED and it isn’t centered on Catholicism in itself; it’s really a class about all religions? I even remember a talk a Lasallian brother did wherein he even said a curse word to express his emotions and it made the entire audience laugh. That’s what makes La Salle unique. Keep it that way.

You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you
will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye holier-than-thou

It’s kinda funny (not really) how people are saying these things about DLSU allowing the “GoGirls Dancers” to perform what they performed, but nothing about some of the other things DLSU approves, like the parties where people get wasted. Isn’t that unbecoming for a Catholic Institution also?

As a visitor from the States, and an alumnus, I thought the performances (there were actually two numbers, the second being the more provocative one) were insulting, inappropriate, sexist and degrading for what I thought would be an evening of wholesome entertainment. This after announcing that La Salle started to admit women in 1975 – and then to have a male-oriented, strip-bar-like dance like this was really in poor taste, to say the least. I was ashamed, and will have second thoughts before going to another homecoming.

^if it happened to other institutions,i think it will not be that big deal,since it’s La Salle, it is. but for me, some were just over judging the event, so if there will another homecoming (sure it will), check the guest performers and always think twice thrice before considering their performances. anyway, the show was for the alumni and not for everyone to see.
how the school delivered and maintained their QUALITY EDUCATION should not be question just because of ONE event that we haven’t attended in the first place.

I think people are just reacting because the photo spread online. They assumed the photo tells everything about the event, they weren’t there. They forgot to whom and what this event was intended.

“…[they will realize] it was really just a short portion.” Yes, so long as it’s short. Gotta love the Catholics.

Too many objections especially probably from the wives……hehehe. I really find the objections unnecessary.

It was nostalgic to be back at La Salle meeting classmates. It was doubly nostalgic to get an excellent review of the female anatomy which reminded me of my Anatomy class in medical school. I loved my anatomy classes.

To those who objected to the presentation of the GoGirls, get your thoughts/minds off the toilet. Is this the same way you people think and react when you bathe your children……….shame on you to think that everybody reacts the way you do……toilet wise.

Mr. Capuno, there is nothing to explain, you can not explain why 1+1=2 to someone whose thoughts are in the toilet all the time. Besides, these people who objected to the dance number do not even trust themselves (behavior) they can’t even identify themselves. So why explain to a non-person.


If by your values, that performing a dance in bikinis is evil and indecent,………therefore I have no time for a discussion, because you have just proven where your mind/thoughts belongs……….toilet. By your definition/values, a nude paint by Michelangelo is evil/indecent…… can not be seen and perceived as a beautiful art piece……..I rest my case.

Isa po ako sa sumayaw nung gabi… artist ho ako !! ilang oras ho kami nag practice ng sayaw na yun…. hindi ho madali ang ginawa namin… ang sakit niyo magsalita….

Bakit kaya ganito ang mga tao? kapag nakakakita ng isang taong nagkamali o napahiya,dinadagdagan pa,nilalait,kinukutya,pinagtatawanan at kung ano ano pang nakakasakit ng damdamin at nakakababa ng moral,at nakakapag wala ng tiwala sa sarili…

Matanong ko kayo, mga taong ganito bakit kayo ba walang pagkakamali sa pagkatao nyo?sigurado kaung walang bahid na baho?na kung makaasta at makapang lait kau ng kapwa para kaung mga santa at santo? Pwe! Bago kau magsalita at manghusga pwede bang linisin nyo muna ang sarili nyo,siguraduhing perpekto! Dahil sigurado ako kung sino man ang ang nag aastang malinis,walng mali,walang baho, Ay isang mas malala pa sa pinaka MALANSANG ISDA !!


Miss, nobody said that you did not work hard for what you presented. Nobody judged you either. Btw, what’s the cell number for?

Para saan ‘yung number? Is it yours? Is it your manager’s? Ano ‘yan, wag na sila mag-comment sa social media at i-text/tawagan ka nalang? I’m just baffled as to why is it necessary to post that. And regarding your rant, i don’t really think personal comments hurled towards you and the other dancers were necessary; if there are any (I don’t recall seeing any in here or in Facebook). No one really cares if you perform it somewhere else. Ang issue ng mga tao kasi dito miss, ay bakit sa loob pa ng school ginawa. Calm down, you’re stooping down to the level of those people na nakikisakay lang..

Tumigil nga kayo mga hipokrito. Para kayong mamamatay sa isang “dance number”. Mag kulong nalang kayo sa gubat at wag na kayong mag facebook at mag internet. Self-righteous pieces of $h1t. Go lang DLSAA wag nyo pansinin yang mga yan. Concerned pa kunwari sa mga students who saw the number.. Sa totoo lang may edad na yang mga students na yan. Sa kumbento nalang kayo magsipunta. Ang kikitid ng mga utak nyo.

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