BLSP formally launched in preparation for 2016 nat’l elections

On August 24, DLSU’s official University-wide national elections education campaign Boto Lasalyano, Sulong Pilipino (BLSP) was formally launched at the Henry Sy Sr. Hall. BLSP aims to raise awareness and increase participation among Lasallians for the upcoming 2016 National Elections. The program was introduced earlier this year in a student sector meeting held last May 23.

Notable speakers during the campaign launch were former Senator Ramon Magsaysay Jr., and the current Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Director of Education and Information Department James Arthur Jimenez.

In his speech, Magsaysay emphasized the importance of voting wisely in the upcoming elections, calling upon the patriotic spirit of the youth to do their civic duty on May 6, 2016. “If you don’t vote, you won’t be heard,” he stated.

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Furthermore, Magsaysay described the three characteristics that voters should look for in candidates: trust, honesty, and integrity. By getting to know the candidates, he said, voters can select the right candidate that they truly believe will help the Philippines grow.

On the other hand, Jimenez focused on the youth’s role on the upcoming elections. He estimated that the youth will comprise roughly 37 percent of the number of voters in 2016. He conceded that the youth “are too many to ignore,” but questioned the kind of impact they have in the political sphere.

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With the numerous problems the youth has to face in the future, Jimenez reiterated the need for them to vote and take an active role in improving the Philippines. He suggested that everyone make their own platform and discuss it with one another, explaining that a simple process as such could help spot the pressing issues that need to be addressed in the upcoming national elections.

After the speeches, BLSP Vice Chairperson Patrick Kahn explained the four phases of action that will transpire for the coming months.

Phase 1 involves voter registration services offered to DLSU students, which is currently ongoing in the Henry Sy Sr. lobby until September 4, 2015. The next phase is voter education, which will consist of various forums, discussions, and surveys to be held within the University. A mock election will follow this phase, which will be conducted in DLSU weeks prior to the actual National Elections. Lastly, Phase 4 aims to promote Lasallian volunteerism by having Lasallians monitor the elections through the different non-government organizations (NGOs) and volunteer programs.

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