The LaSallian’s Staff Picks: September 2015

Ed Sheeran. Zedd. Walk the Moon. These are just a few of the musical artists who have paid the Philippines a visit in recent months as the country continues to attract both high-profile and lesser known performers to its shores. Our staffers—along with a few guests—give their opinions on which musical acts should drop by the country for a concert or two.

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Arctic Monkeys

Alex Turner and company have gone a long way from being the once awkward, shaggy-haired lot from Sheffield. The group’s 2013 release, A.M., served as an unlikely anthem to a generation inflicted with a dire need for intimacy (Take Drake’s popularity as proof). Their music’s no longer reserved for the perpetually competitive hipster out on a quest to one up society in terms of musical reservoirs. Instead, they’ve graduated onto grander and more risqué heights complete with a sleek wardrobe of mod tailoring and an abundance of hip shaking that leaves women in shambles. False rumors of a possible Manila tour stop were aplenty a year back, proving that, if anything, Filipinos are ready to look good on the dance floor.



Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga

Though their “Cheek To Cheek” era is almost done, Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga’s rewards have just started to pour in. Recently given a Grammy Award for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album, along with a critically acclaimed tour, the impact Cheek To Cheek has bestowed upon the two icons is clear: while Tony Bennett’s familiarity among millennials and young’uns increased, Lady Gaga’s versatility and chameleon-like skills have started to grow on jazz fans and more. Not that there should be any element of surprise. When two icons, like Bennett and Gaga, collide, it denotes quality and a real treat to the ears. A performance at the Hard Rock Cafe in Makati (or something bigger, like the Mall Of Asia Arena) would be a real pleasure, and could usher in a night of jazz, class, and a break from the harrumph of today’s pop music.




With their unique pop-rock sound and electrifying stage presence, this band from California, composed of sisters Danielle Haim (lead vocals and guitar), Este Haim (bass and vocals), Alana Haim (rhythm guitar, keyboards, and vocals), and Dash Hutton (drums), is ready to deliver a good show. Listening to their album and EPs are great, but their live performances are on a whole new level. As Danielle’s deep voice captures your ears, the band also conquers the stage with high energy, drum solos, guitar solos, and Este’s famous “bass face”; an act that will definitely be a great addition to the list of bands that have graced Philippine shores.




If you’re asking me which artist should definitely come to the Philippines, Hozier is definitely at the top of my list! This recognizable artist is a master of multiple genres, including indie rock and blues, and is known for writing incredible songs with profound messages. Hozier’s first visit to the Philippines would definitely be memorable and exciting. Come on! Why hasn’t he visited our country yet?




Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll, please come to Manila, where it’s always summer. Known as Kygo or the man who’s remixed songs by Ed Sheeran and Coldplay, he’s been at the top of the tropical house game since 2014. The 23 year old, Norwegian DJ’s signature down tempo tracks to the infectious beat of steel drums and synth flutes have been on loop in summer playlists around the world. After heavy critique on his creativity and endless associations to frat parties and bouncing beach balls, Kygo has recently been experimenting with darker piano melodies and strings whilst touring. Despite being branded “just a bedroom producer”, it takes a good ear and talent to breathe new life to songs, some of which are almost better than their originals, like Kyla La Grange’s Cut Your Teeth and Ellie Goulding’s High For This. I personally wouldn’t mind listening to his sound and incredibly smooth transitions live. Frankly, I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of his rendition of Marvin Gaye’s 1982 hit, Sexual Healing. So again, Kygo, until I spot your name among the performers in a music festival here in the Philippines, I’ll be weaving my quintessential flower crown and searching for the perfect pair of denim shorts.


Justine Cudiamat, DLSU Chorale Company Manager:

Carrie Underwood, The Corrs

The musical artist I would like to come to the Philippines is Carrie Underwood because she is my favorite artist in any genre. She is also underrated and she writes inspirational songs inside and outside her genre, which is country music. But the biggest reason why I want her to come here is because she needs to showcase her vocal talent to the Filipino people; her vocal prowess is like no other.

Also, I wish that the Corrs would reunite and have an international tour because they became famous when I was just a little girl and it would be really awesome to hear them live


Bianca Catibayan, DLSU InnerSoul Company Manager:

John Mayer

The artist who I want to come here—I think he’s been here already, though—is John Mayer. I’m into the blues, I’m into the chill, slow guitar, jazzy [vibe], and his voice is just very soothing. I think it would be a good concert, [of a high] level and hype. With my genre, I’d say that it’s similar to a John Mayer kind, in such a way that it’s more relaxed, it’s not as upbeat. I play guitar also.


The LaSallian

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