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DLSU set to accept senior high school students in June 2016

The DLSU administration has confirmed that the University will open its doors to the first batch of Senior High School students in June 2016.

The statement was made by University Chancellor Dr. Gerardo Janairo through a help desk announcement released last October 29. The decision follows the Board of Trustees’ approval of the opening of the DLSU Integrated School (DLSU IS) Senior High School Manila Campus next academic year.

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In light of the lean years

Since the administration shakeup earlier this academic year, there have been several proposals brought to light to address the looming effects of the K-12 program. For the lean years (that is, academic years 2016-2017 and 2017-2018), the administration expects a drop in freshmen admissions and, consequently, a drop in the teaching loads of professors. Both University President Br. Raymundo Suplido FSC and Dr. Janairo target that no professors be displaced in view of K-12.

In an interview with The LaSallian in August this year, Br. Suplido stated that with DLSU set to bear the impacts of the K-12 implementation beginning next academic year, to address the introduction of grade 11 in most schools, DLSU should engage itself with Lasallian feeder schools.

Open discussions about such possible solutions to avoid major conflicts to be brought about by K-12 have been in the works as early as September this year. During a town hall meeting hosted by Vice Chancellor for Academics Dr. Robert Roleda in September 11, it was revealed that some of the solutions being discussed to remedy the issues include automatic admission of freshmen, establishment of a senior high school program in DLSU, scholarships for professors, and development grants, among others.

During the same town hall meeting, Dr. Roleda had discussed DLSU’s connectivity projects to ensure a seamless integration of the curricula to be offered in senior high school and in college. According to Dr. Roleda, the University had then already been coordinating with La Salle Green Hills, De La Salle Zobel, and De La Salle University Integrated School at the Science and Technology Complex for such schools to become the University’s senior high school unit.

Admission to DLSU

According to the official statement released by the University administration, junior high school graduates who will pursue their senior high school education at the Senior High School will be granted automatic admission to DLSU’s undergraduate programs upon completion of grade 12, provided that they meet the academic requirements of their chosen course.

The senior high school will offer three specialized academic strands: Accountancy, Business, and Management; Humanities and Social Sciences; and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

The senior high school will also follow a trimestral system, similar to DLSU’s undergraduate programs. The administration has already announced that there will be no required school uniform for the senior high school students. Some professors teaching in DLSU’s undergraduate programs will also be teaching in senior high school.

Students applying to the senior high school should meet the following grade requirements: a general average of 85 or Approaching Proficiency, no grades below 80 in any subject, and no grades below 80 or equivalent in Conduct or Deportment. Applicants will have to pay a testing fee of P600, which is waived for public high school students.

The announcement also stated that deserving students will be offered scholarships. Outstanding public school students who have completed Grade 10 may also be granted free tuition under the Vaugirard Scholarship Program.

Application for the DLSU IS will open on November 23.

By Althea Gonzales

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