Do you ever find yourself wishing your next cup of joe would look interesting enough for your Instagram feed? How about a place to channel your inner artiste? Hold that Google search button, because we’ve narrowed down a list of some specialty within the Metro that may just be worth checking out.

More often than not, we make our journeys to specialty cafés with the mindset that we’ll discover something new. They provide us with an interesting theme, a few recreational activities here and there, and a soothing, tranquil sensation, all mixed with the intoxicating aroma of freshly brewed coffee. That being said, what could be better than enjoying your coffee and hobbies at the same time?

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Amo Yamie Crib Coffee and Movie House

If you’re in the mood for cozying up to a film or two, head on over as this place carries out as their name promises. With a wide array of films with private rooms, bunks, frappuccinos, and desserts, what more can you ask for?

Café Travel

An extension of none other than one of the most well-known cafés in Manila, Noriter. Like the original, it’s peppered with cozy bunks and undeniable Korean opulence, located conveniently at the second floor of Archer’s Nook, right across Henry Sy.

SPH Bibimbab Café & Restaurant

Jonesin’ for Korean? Make a trip to this place of cuddly bears, bulgogi, and of course, bibimbab, tucked away at the left-hand corner of SDA, 2nd floor of
Mervin Terraces.

The Eatles

Frequented by UST students and a haunt for food, drinks, and interiors. You’re sure to feel like a Brit with their fish and chips, red phone booth, and stock of Beatles memorabilia!



Satinka Naturals

Although they specialize in wholesome, vegan, and vegetarian friendly dishes, they serve food even customers fond of other tastes would enjoy. They even have their own line of all-natural products! Housing a rustic, earthy vibe, Santika Naturals can be located on Kamagong St, corner Pasong Tamo.

Toby’s Estate

One of this café’s many feats is its no-frills environment. Located in Century City Mall, it’s a dominantly white café adorned with clocks of different timezones, perfect if you’re on the lookout for anything Instagram-worthy. The bestseller is supposedly Toby’s hot chocolate, but we’ve discovered that the iced mocha latte makes a pretty good contender.

 Ludo BoardGame Bar and Café

Conquer your caffeinated cravings with countless board games from A-Z, brought to you by a former garage and meet-up point for game lovers hailing from the North. Don’t miss out on their occasional murder mystery parties!



Café Seolhwa

This Korean dessert café is a must-try for those with a sweet tooth. ‘Seolhwa’ is a snowflake bingsu dessert—flavored shaved ice with a snow-like texture covered in dessert toppings galore, from brownies to red beans to cheesecake.



Bunny Baker

True to their name, the Robinson’s Magnolia franchise is characterized by its pastel theme, bunny-shaped macarons, and impeccable latte art. They even host workshops for them! 

Sip and Gogh (Capitol Hills; soon to open in Eastwood Mall)

Where artists and coffee lovers are one and the same! Here, in between sips and bites, you have the option to create your own artwork, or create your
own version of pre-made paintings they have on hand. So head on over, pick up that paintbrush, and unleash your inner Van Gogh!

Empire Fashion Café

Just around the corner of Lilac Street, the heart of innovative cafés in Marikina is where flavor and fashion merge as one. Enjoy red velvet crinkles, rainbow cakes, rootbeer floats, or coffee, while admiring the team’s collaboration with quality Instagram shops at the same time. Drop by to get the best of both worlds!

The Nook Café

Books and coffee are undoubtedly a match made in heaven, which is why this café just might be your own heaven on earth. Having good food, books, and games, you may never want to leave.



Le Cat Coffee Shop

If you thought pet cafés were only gathered up north, think again. Serving freshly brewed coffee in Las Piñas, this is a café convenient for both residents of the South and feline enthusiasts.


Are you the type to be enticed by board games and fried Oreos? Take a trip to memory lane with your friends and melt in beanbags together within this café, which is spruced up with tons of them!




An installation of modern vintage in Megamall that hipsters and old world aficionados would grow fond of, loaded with vinyl records to analogue cameras, and occasionally, local bands.



Biker’s Café

If you’re up for an athletic weekend, park your bikes by this café. Have them cleaned, and maybe even yourself while you’re at it! Yes, you read right—they have a shower area for aspiring bikers or triathletes. Find out what’s stronger: their coffee, your love for their sumptuous food, or the fact that they know exactly how and what to replenish you with for that extra mile.

Movie Stars Café

Always keep in mind that with a great appetite comes great responsibility. (Or was that power…?) Pay a visit and take part in a buffet that certainly packs a punch, and witness your favorite characters come to life, even if it involves faux spandex.

Now that we’ve given you a shortlist of some cafés to check out in the Metro, we hope we’ve somehow sped up your coffee run and improved the quality of your much needed ‘me time’. Who knows, you might just discover the next coffee shop you’ll love a latte!

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By Alexis Sobremonte

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