Timeline of events: The Special Elections 2015, in retrospect


6 — On the first day of campaigning for the 2015 University Student Government (USG) General Elections (GE), Alyansang Tapat sa Lasallista (Tapat) files a petition calling for a temporary restraining order (TRO) on the elections because of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) allegedly permitting late submissions of Certificate of Candidacy (COC) of some candidates.

10 — The USG Judiciary denies the petition to impose TRO on the USG General Elections memorandum of agreement (MOA) suggested by Tapat. The Judiciary reasons that nullifying the MOA would potentially cause a failure of elections.

From left to right: Judiciary Chief Magistrate Angel Pascual, COMELEC Chairperson Aaron Quidilla, Tapat President Robbie Arcadio

11 — COMELEC tries to resolve the issue on alleged late submission of COCs of some candidates. All forms of campaigning are suspended.


12 — COMELEC disqualifies all ineligible candidates in an official statement released online. Santugon sa Tawag ng Panahon (Santugon)’s entire slate is deemed ineligible to run. Only 36 candidates from Tapat are able to pursue any elected position. With the disqualifications, a total of 38 of the 75 seats in the USG have candidates running for the position. Santugon also files a petition for a preliminary injunction and certiorari, stating that the COMELEC’s decision to deem Santugon’s candidates ineligible to run was a violation of the students’ right to suffrage.

13 — Harapan: General Elections Debate is held. In the afternoon, Tapat and independent candidates present their platforms during the Miting De Avance. The Judiciary rejects both petitions filed by Santugon.


17 — Voting period for the GE commences.

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27 — The LA calls for an emergency meeting to solve an impending GE crisis. The LA approves the Special Elections through Resolution 2014-111. The Special Elections is slated to be held from April 14 to 16.

Incumbent USG Vice President for Internal Affairs Pram Menghrajani in March 27's LA session.

30 — Tapat executives, along with some independent candidates, file a petition seeking to nullify Resolution 2014-111. The petitioners also call for the issuance of a TRO on the elections.



6 — The Judiciary grants TRO on the elections and declares that further investigations will be conducted to decide on the nullification of the resolution.

7 — Official winners for the GE are released by COMELEC. Only six out of 75 positions in the USG are won. The GE voting turnout is recorded at 35.9 percent.

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16 — The COMELEC announces that the Special Elections set to happen before the end of Term 3, academic year 2014-2015 is cancelled. The Judiciary rules the said elections as unconstitutional.

(From left to right) School of Economics Chief Magistrate Angel Pascual, College of Science Magistrate Nadine Martinez, and Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business Michael Matawaran reached a decision regarding the constitutionality of LA Resolution No. 2014-111 shortly after both petitioners and respondents defended their stands.


4 — The Legislative Assembly approves the Special Election Code through Resolution No. 2014-125. The resolution allows for a suspension of the usual Election Code and the creation of a Special Election Code intended to be used for the upcoming Special Elections only.

LA Session Sept 4


12 — Undergraduate student Cedric Labasan files a petition to nullify the USG Special Election Code.

13 — On the supposed second day of the campaign period for the Special Elections, all election-related activities were suspended because of a TRO imposed by the Judiciary. The LA and COMELEC hold a press conference to address the student body. Later that afternoon, Chief Legislator Patrick Kahn files a motion for reconsideration and lifting of the TRO. The Judiciary issues a status quo ante on the Special Elections that evening. On the same day, undergraduate student Norben Sagun Jr. files complaints against Santugon standard bearer and Vice President for External Affairs Mae Mae Gonzales and Executive Treasurer Rupert Laurel on grounds of gross negligence of duty and illegal disbursement of funds.

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14 — Activities in line with the Special Elections resume.

16 — The COMELEC hosts HARAPAN: The Special Elections Debate. In the afternoon, candidates from Santugon and Tapat, as well as two independent hopefuls, present their platforms during the Miting De Avance.

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18 — The Judiciary nullifies the disputed provision in the Special Election Code, which propelled Labasan to file the petition to nullify the said code.

20 — Sagun files a complaint against Santugon Executive Treasurer candidate and EXCEL2015 Batch President Zed Laqui on grounds of gross negligence of duty and illegal disbursement of funds.

21 — The Judiciary finds merit in the complaints on gross negligence of
duty filed against Gonzales and Laurel. The complaints on illegal disbursement of funds against both respondents were dismissed.

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23 —  On the last day of voting for the Special Elections, the university-wide minimum voters’ turnout was recorded at 51.50 percent. However, several colleges and batches did not meet the minimum voters’ turnout of 50 percent plus one. CLA, FAST2012, FAST2013, FAST2014, COB, BLAZE2015, COE, 67th ENG, and 68th ENG did not meet the minimum required number of voters.

24 — The COMELEC extends voting period for two days the voting period in hopes of meeting the minimum number of voters for all batches and colleges.

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27 — The minimum voters’ turnout for all batches and colleges is reached.

28 — Laqui faces impeachment charges after the Judiciary finds merit in the complaint against him on grounds of gross negligence of duty.

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4 — The Judiciary rules Gonzales guilty of gross negligence of duty.

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5 — COMELEC releases the official list of winners for the Special Elections.

6 —The Judiciary rules Laurel guilty of gross negligence of duty and disbars him from office. Earlier that day, newly elected officers of the USG are inducted into office.

CNEL-2674 []

11 — The court rules Laqui not guilty of gross negligence of duty and all charges against him are dropped.

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