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DLSU bares admission scheme, logistical concerns for Senior High School

A few weeks after plans for the DLSU Senior High School were formalized, an orientation program for prospective students and their parents was conducted yesterday, December 5, at the Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium.

During the event, DLSU Vice Chancellor for Academics Dr. Robert Roleda and DLSU Integrated School (IS) Principal Rafael Reloza discussed the different aspects of the Senior High School, such as admissions, classes, tuition and fees, as well as facilities. The orientation was hosted by Dr. Maricar Samson, vice principal of DLSU IS.

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DLSU Senior High School is composed of DLSU-Manila, DLSU IS at the Science and Technology Complex (STC), La Salle Greenhills (LSGH), and De La Salle Santiago Zobel School (DLSZ), which will all be managed and supervised by DLSU IS. If a student decided to apply for senior high school at one campus, it is no longer necessary to apply for other campuses, clarified Dr. Roleda. However, once admitted to one campus, a student will not be able to transfer to another one.

DLSU Senior High School students will be granted automatic admission to the University once finished with the program, as long as the minimum grade average requirement is met.


‘The college experience begins here’

Since DLSU Senior High School will also follow a trimestral system, students will be under the program for two years with less units per term, allowing for less congested curricula to be tackled in a term and leaving more time to study and participate in co-curricular activities. Tuition and fees will amount to an estimated P150,000 per year.

According to Dr. Roleda, the DLSU Senior High School faculty will be the same faculty members teaching in the college level. This, he explains, is to ensure that the students will be properly equipped with what they have to learn before entering college.

Senior high school students at the DLSU Manila and DLSU STC campuses are not prescribed with school uniforms. On the other hand, LSGH and DLSZ may have separate rules and regulations regarding the school attire.

Reloza shared that Senior High School students may benefit from what the college students in DLSU are currently benefitting from, such as access to facilities like laboratories, research and innovation centers, libraries, and sports facilities when doing outside-the-classroom activities. Additionally, there will also be junior counterpart organizations of college-level organizations that Senior High students may participate in.

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Admissions and scholarships

Applicants hailing from public high schools may be granted a scholarship under the Vaugirard Scholarship Program, which covers a student’s tuition and fees. Dr. Roleda stressed that all scholarships are merit-based, so students will not be able to apply for them. In any case, if a student qualifies for a particular scholarship, the student will be notified.

The application period for DLSU Senior High School will run until January 30 next year. Testing date is only on February 21. In case the applicant is unavailable on this date, Dr. Roleda suggested that they inform the DLSU Office of Admissions and Scholarships and state the reason for unavailability so the office may then deliberate on the matter.

Application results will be released on March 14. Accepted applicants may then confirm their intent to enroll from April 4 to 9, and enroll from April 15 to May 31. Senior High School classes will officially begin on June 1.


UPDATE: This article has been edited to correct factual errors.

By Debrah Louise Tabaquero

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