Ever gone through the “woe is me” post-breakup phase? Don’t fret—you aren’t alone. Between all the happy couples and romantic confessions, there is a more unfortunate side to the day of hearts. Lasallians share with us some of their more unforgettable experiences and mishaps in celebrating the day of St. Valentine and dating in general.


Sticky Situation

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, or so the saying goes, but everyone knows chocolate is a very close second. Chocolates, together with flowers and stuffed bears, are the composition of the cliché trifecta of Valentine’s Day gifts—cheesy, but somewhat endearing at the same time. When you’re undecided on what to get your bae on Valentine’s Day, chocolate seems like the easiest and safest breakthrough. Unless you’re like the poor shmuck who tried to give Jasmin*, a BSA major, chocolates a few Valentines back.

A few weeks after the said Valentine’s Day, Jasmin experienced how sometimes the best intentions may not exactly generate the best outcomes or reactions. One day, scuffling through her schoolbag, she discovered that it had been infested with ants. Searching frantically for the source of this infestation, she found something at the bottom of her books. She found a semi-melted, ant-covered chocolate bar wedged right at the bottom of her bag, which was apparently a token of affection from her suitor at the time. “Ganun ba ako ka-intimidating? Why didn’t he just hand me the chocolate in person instead of stuffing it down my bag when I wasn’t looking?” Jasmin exclaimed. “He could have saved me the trouble of having to wash out my bag. I threw the chocolate out, by the way.” Learn from Jasmin’s experience, and summon the courage to proclaim your unrequited love face-to-face. After all, life could get sweeter.

Valentines Day Fails


No rose, more problems

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be that special day of the year where couples everywhere act in love without much restraint, while the singles either complain about their status or proclaim their gratitude to the heavens above for it. Thanks to the influence of chick flicks and rom-coms, the reputation of Valentine’s Day as the most romantic day of the year cannot be contested, which just goes to show that February 14 can be a double-edged sword. While there is a possibility the object of your affection might confess their undying love for you, there is also a possibility of your heart being cruelly shattered to pieces.

Isabella*, an advertising major, was excited to spend Valentine’s Day with her new boyfriend. While their relationship was only a few months old, she didn’t think that it was unreasonable at all to expect a rose from her beau. However, on the day itself, Isabella’s boyfriend didn’t get her anything at all. Not being the type of person to complain when not given a gift, she carried on with her day acting like nothing was amiss. “Later that day, my friends told me that they saw [my boyfriend] giving a rose to another girl,” she confesses. “I ran to the washroom and cried my eyes out. I felt terrible,” she shares.

There is no shame or regret in her eyes, however, when she says, “I found out later that he was cheating on me almost the entire time. I dumped him after.” When asked what she wanted to end her confession with, she added, “Ladies and gentlemen, [you] deserve someone who treats you the way you deserve, with love and respect.”


The one that got away

Katrina*, now a graduating student, traces a few years back to a brief yet traumatic episode, wherein her ex neither showed up nor greeted her on Valentine’s Day. She shares that she had even bought a watch for the boy, but the guy would never know as he carried on with the same habit on their anniversary.

While some like Katrina pour their heart out and expect nothing in return (and really get nothing in return), others on the flipside can probably relate more to the following story about Anna*, the crush she once had on her best friend, and how she missed the chance to even express her feelings.

“Dati kasi niligawan ako, bina-‘basted’ ko lang,” Anna shares. Problem was, in the last post-rejection, Anna had started to develop feelings for him. On the day before Valentine’s, she was sure that he would, in fact, try to win her heart again. As the anticipation led them to the night before Valentine’s, he texted her and asked where she was, agreeing to meet her at her location. Anna giddily and cluelessly agreed, saying she was only at home. When he arrived, she opened the door to find him carrying a big Blue Magic bag with a long-stemmed rose paired with chocolates. Anna never felt so touched—only to hear him say, “Bestie! Super thank you ah!” This was followed by his announcement that it was all for another girl, and that he had wanted to ask her the favor of keeping it for the meantime, and accompanying him in giving it to the other girl the next day. Being indecisive doesn’t help in the battlefield of love—especially when it’s too little, too late.

The interviewees may have had their fair share of blunders, but some of them are currently in relationships that make them happier than they expected from those times. Despite the number of failed attempts some of us will encounter in this lifetime, there’s no harm in another shot at romance. Maybe it’s high time that you reflect on some 1 Corinthians 13:4-13, and any other reference materials in acquiescing yourself with the concept of love.

In fact, probably no one in their entire life can go unscathed, but just believe that love prevails through all the hardships. Take it from Liam Neeson, who interjects that there may be a lot of factors that contribute to the pain and madness, but famously said, “In reality, love is the only thing in this world that covers up all the pain and makes someone feel wonderful again.” So kick back, relax, and appreciate whatever relationship status you’re currently in, single, taken, or whatever complicated situation in between. Don’t rush, as time often proves why things didn’t work out the way they did.

* Names with asterisks (*) are pseudonyms.

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