DLSU releases statement on last Thursday’s lockdown

De La Salle University, through the Office for Strategic Communications (STRATCOM), released its official statement earlier today regarding last Thursday’s lockdown, which had resulted from an altercation between a female student and a masked individual at Yuchengco Hall.

The University’s official statement is as follows:


De La Salle University received a report of an incident that occurred at around 9:00 pm of March 31 within its premises. The report involved a student who, after an encounter with an unidentified individual, was given prompt attention by the University Clinic for treatment of a minor injury.


Upon the recommendation of the University physician, the student was immediately brought to a hospital for a CT scan and a thorough medical assessment. The student has been given medical clearance shortly thereafter.


The University also conducted a security check of the campus upon receiving the report and is currently investigating the case.


DLSU has always enforced strict safety and security protocols on campus. In light of this isolated incident, the University has undertaken additional security measures to ensure the well-being of all students and other members of the Lasallian community under its care.

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The statement comes days after the campus was put on a 30-minute lockdown, which began at around 9 pm on Thursday, March 31, following an incident that left a female student with a bump on her head. A masked man yet to be identified was reportedly behind the incident, which transpired on the fifth floor of Yuchengco Hall.

It is not the first time an assault victimizing female students on campus was reported. Earlier that day, a report was filed after a man allegedly took a photograph of a female student from above a cubicle door, threatening to post the image online. In February, reports of a masked man targeting women in the bathroom on the second floor of Yuchengco Hall also circulated.

The perpetrator behind Thursday’s altercation remains at large, but the University’s administration assures the community that investigations are already underway.

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