Rant and Rave: Lemonade

The zest of half lemon, among other ingredients, accounts for yet another ground-breaking recipe for success. Fans always anticipate the release of the next album of their favorite artists, and Beyoncé’s sixth was definitely no exception to the rule. The sensational event was accompanied by a one-hour film, which unfortunately, was exclusively broadcasted via HBO Special. In case you were preoccupied and missed the entire spectacle, here is a preview on how to distinguish lemonade the traditional refreshment, from Lemonade the groundbreaking “visual album.”

The trailer for the album promises a discernible eerie theme, complemented by darkness, with an emphasis on a somewhat haunting effect. Decisions and actions are questioned, and their consequences are definitely recognized.

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“I was served lemons, but I made lemonade.” The quote is a reference to Jay Z’s grandmother and a speech she made on her 90th birthday, as well as a hint of the album title’s inspiration. The visual album itself is a cinematic construct of Beyoncé’s various perspectives, pieced together along with the hints she’s been dropping through social media, like in Instagram—a smart marketing strategy, considering the world today tends to be easily captivated by just one click. Once again, the Grammy Award-winner proves that both her and her music are flexible, as Lemonade touches on both general and personal issues and boundaries, including family, trust, and the famous #BlackLivesMatter movement. She highlights infidelity as a commonplace element, but eventually arrives at the emotional transition to forgiveness. But Beyoncé doesn’t stop there.

Along with the celebrity cameos comes the tempo, weaved from Beyoncé’s multi-platinum touch, and sure to be stuck in our heads, like every one of her previous releases. Hold Up, the opening song, creates this very effect, while the singer reassures her husband Jay Z that he will never find a love like the one Beyoncé has given him. Since the album’s release, many have speculated about some of the lyrics and themes, and the hear that seems to be spewed directly towards Jay Z. Also included in the hot seat is Rachel Roy (not to be confused with Rachel Ray), who is rumored to be one of, if not the biggest, hurdles in the famous power couple’s relationship, causing turmoil among members of the Knowles-Carter family.

Things seemed to be fine for a while, so what was it exactly that pushed Beyoncé to the limit, and caused the icon to express her grudges and contemplations? Well, she shares everything with her husband. Upon hearing the rhythm and lyrics, the mogul must have recognized that it was a masterpiece in the making, despite the obvious taunts. Sure enough, he was there with the Queen B every step of the way in making Lemonade.

With reconciliation as a result, Lemonade seems to be the bridge in the relationship of the power couple of music, leading them back to one another. The visual album is about how the couple lost their way with complications as they were thrust into the limelight, but find light from each other in the end, together. And through resilience, Beyoncé fearlessly expresses it for the whole world to witness in the form of haunting, fiery beats and lyrics, which further immortalize Beyoncé as a true artist.

Forever redefining the definition of what is usually served at kiosks, Beyoncé’s Lemonade calls for another Grammy in the near future.

Rating: 4.0/4.0

Alexis Sobremonte

By Alexis Sobremonte

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