Word on the street: Athletes and their diets

Food is what fuels the human body and keeps it going so that one can cope with life’s daily demands. Yet, when it comes to meals, athletes have to make certain sacrifices during the season in order to perform at a high level. Once they win the coveted championship, all those months of abstaining from a certain snack or making a slight change in one’s lifestyle will be worth it.

With UAAP Season 78 having concluded, The LaSallian took the opportunity to ask outgoing veteran Greggy Yang of the Men’s Football Team, Camille Claro of the Lady Archers, David Gordon of the Green Judokas, and Tuwi Park of the Green Batters about their diets and their favorite snacks.

David Gordon - Renz Perez []

David Gordon, Green Judokas

Under 55kg

During the start of the first term, because this would be months before season, I would usually eat either chicken breast or salmon for lunch and dinner with a side of brown rice [to make the target weight]. I have strawberry Nestle yogurt for dessert to satisfy cravings after dinner.

During the off season, I continued the habit of having salmon or chicken breast for my meals although I tend to sneak in a cheat meal every now and then during the week. I would also sometimes have snacks in between meals.

Greggy Yang - Joyce Tseng []

Greggy Yang, DLSU Men’s Football Team


I don’t have much of a diet during the season. What I do have more of is a “playing weight”. It’s the level in which I feel like I can perform best with my movement but at the same time not feel so skinny that I’ll get pushed around. What I do on a daily basis is just eat what I want. If I’m gaining a little too much weight then I cut down a bit. If I feel like I’m back to that weight I start eating again basically.

What I’m strict about is what I eat before games. The basics: lots of carbs and stay off the fried food. The most important thing really for me aside from food is to really load up on liquids. I’d drink a bottle of Gatorade before a game.

In the offseason I eat a lot more chicken nuggets and Lays Barbecue Chips. That pretty much makes up the five to ten pound gap that I have during the season and off the season.

Tuwi Park - Kevin Prudon []

Tuwi Park, Green Batters

First Baseman

I’m conscious of my diet during the UAAP [season] so I’m not slow, and I’ll be in peak condition. A lot less fatty foods. More of avoiding junk food and fast food.

In the offseason, I pretty much have anything, but I still stay in shape. My favorite would have to be Jollibee Chickenjoy.

Camille Claro - Ryan Fajardo []

Camille Claro, Lady Archers


During the preseason and UAAP, bawal soft drinks and junk food. Prior to games we would hydrate on liquids, water or Gatorade.

In the offseason, nandun yung kinicrave lahat. Hindi ko mapigilan. Nandoon na rin yung pagcelebrate ng team so pwede ibreak yung diet.


By Claro Ignacio Manzano

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