“I know it might sound shallow, but the little things get me excited the most—like holiday edition drinks from Starbucks, and Christmas jazz music. Of course, on the more intimate side, it’s the one time a year that I get to unite with my relatives; even just having my mom and cousin with me is enough. But I guess what I also love about Christmas is the fact that it’s such an awaited event, and families really make it a point to be together.”

– Kurt Tan (III, CS-IT)


“For me, Christmas is special because of the effort that people put into it. Everyone goes out of their way to make their friends and family feel special. Christmas itself is fun—from the tree and the decors, to hot chocolate and sweaters. It feels great to experience all that while being surrounded with the people you love!”

– Cathleen Kim (IV, PSM-MKT)


“I like the food comatose, hyper laughter of sugar-filled children, sparkling lights, tropical humidity, consistent flow of wine, and good cheer. And of course, (whether you celebrate Christmas or not), the comfort of not having to worry about anything else while spending time with my loved ones.”

-Alexandra Coreen Ramos (II, MKT)


“There are a lot of things I love about Christmas. One of those is being able to go shopping. Christmas is the time when we splurge our money in buying things for ourselves and families. Malls also make it enticing to go shop during this time of the year due to the different discounts that they offer.”

-Corrine Anacan (V, AEI-BSA)


“My favorite thing about Christmas is the gift giving experience between you and your loved ones. This tradition is not for the sake of giving each other presents during the holiday season, but a symbol of camaraderie and love.”

– Angelo Yap (V, IBS)


“The best thing about Christmas is getting to celebrate the holidays with my family and friends. It’s the time of the year where we all get together and share the happiness during the festivities.”

– Angel Flestado (III, MGT)


“I like going home and seeing all my friends and family. Nonstop drinking, laughter, and fun. Since I’m from the province, my friends are more Betamax style. We spend time playing Tabletop games or card games while going to the beach or just chilling out, not heavy on social media at all. Family on the other hand is really wholesome. A lot of my relatives are Spanish so we’d always drink tea and have cold cuts al fresco style, talking endlessly about life.”

– Ralph Sarabia (IV, AEI)


“The best thing about Christmas is that everybody is generally in a good mood most of the time. There is this certain level of “happiness” that most people are found with which means that a lot of people are nicer and are more generous during this time of the year.”

– Ezekiel Pasco (II, POM-MGT)

By Isabella Argosino

By Flores Gilda

By Nathaniel Sierras

By Samantha Faye Se

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