Samson, Co take on the ice with Team Philippines

DLSU has made a name for itself by producing athletes who are well-known in the industry. While in recent times, it is UAAP events that have been under the limelight, some sports that are not included in the association’s program continue to strive for greatness and develop athleticism as well.

Without officially and directly representing the university, athletes need not be a “Green Archer” to be called a Lasallian achiever. These individuals too have made an impact in their respective fields while going through their lives as student-athletes.

David Samson (II, PHYFI) and Patricia Co (II, CAM-MGT) of the men’s and women’s national teams, respectively, share their experiences on the ice, with the latter also participating in the concluded International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) Ice Hockey Women’s Challenge Cup of Asia last March.

Philippine Hockey - Athena

Grasping the sport

For Samson and Co, skating has always been in their roots. Samson had been skating at the age of seven in the year 2005, while Co dates her figure skating days to her grade school years. However, both Samson and Co only seriously initiated their hockey careers back in the years 2014 and 2012, respectively.

As Co admits that the fact that Justin Bieber played ice hockey helped her get into the sport, she cannot deny that what truly inspired her was achieving those small milestones when she started playing ice hockey. “There’s a lot to learn to get into the sport, but that also means there’s a lot to achieve, which is great,” Co shares.

In addition, Samson admits that he wanted to pursue the sport the moment he saw hockey players and coaches skating and training around the rink. He explains, “I think it’s just skating and seeing other people play the game live [that] made me want to play and pursue the sport.”


Positions in play

As the center player, Samson is basically the striker of the team, as put in a football sense. He shares that he appreciates his position in the team because through it, he is able to be very versatile. “I can make plays, score, and be a defender all at the same time,” exclaims Samson.

Co, a defenseman, on the other hand, enjoys the adrenaline the most. She also savors the satisfying feeling of getting the puck out of their team’s zone. “I get to experience so much adrenaline trying to knock the puck out of the opponent’s stick,” says Co.


Mindset is key

When asked about their thoughts prior to their respective tournaments, both were aware of the expectations for the whole team, as it is the first time the Philippines will make an appearance. For Samson, being nervous before a game is something he has gotten used to. Co also shares that it is extremely nerve-wracking to go against international competitors.

As to his in-game mindset, Samson shares, “My mindset is just to be focused and just to have the drive to win the game.” On her mentality on the ice, Co explains in a similar fashion, saying, “My mindset as a defenseman is to always get the puck out of the zone and to get the puck away from the goal, no matter what.”


Perspectives in Manila

Both Samson and Co would like to change the perspectives of Filipinos with regard to ice hockey. Samson believes that more Filipinos will need to see and experience the sport itself in order to discover its exciting atmosphere. “There are many reasons to love it, if Filipinos get to know more about the sport and watch it more. They can really be passionate when they love something,” he adds.

Likewise, Co also shares that if she could get people to try and watch an ice hockey match for the first time, she’s certain that they’d enjoy. “Ice hockey is something underrated here and needs more recognition, because it is such an enjoyable sport to play and to watch.”

Andrea Punzalan

By Andrea Punzalan

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