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Animusika 2017: Lights, music, and sounds

IMG_9938In celebration of the University’s Vision-Mission Week and the never-ending love for Original Pilipino Music (OPM), Animusika, the awaited culmination night concert, was held at the Henry Sy Sr. Hall Grounds last June 16. Pursuing its annual tradition of promoting the local sound, Animusika featured musical acts such as Parokya ni Edgar, Sponge Cola, SUD, Imago, Moonstar88, Jason Hernandez, and 6cyclemind, among many others.

The LaSallian was able to interview Imago, one of the keynote bands that played at the concert, popularly known for their songs Sundo and Taralets. Faced with questions on how they can inspire the Lasallians to continue in pursuing the love for OPM, the band expresses their love not only for music in general, but for the Philippines itself. “OPM kasi ay nawawala na; but we think that people should always go back to their love for the country, so as to appreciate why we do this in the first place,” they add.

Although the concert easily became one of the annual traditions to cap off the University Week, students from different schools outside the University share common observations. “It’s my first time to watch a concert and I’m glad that there’s something like this event that promotes the appreciation of OPM among students,” says Rica Gallos, one of this year’s audience. Chesca, a student from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, also comments, “I really appreciate that the event doesn’t just stand as one simple thing. It’s a time to celebrate campus spirit, have a good time with friends, but at the same time it also serves the cause of showcasing Filipino talents.”

Tal Dela Rosa (IV, ECM-LGL), a member of Animusikas central committee, comments that this year’s concert was as good, or even better than last year’s. “It was a long process but seeing the audience excited for the show even hours before it started gave us a good sign,” she says. “They were here early and seeing their enthusiasm for the show made the team’s hard work worth it.”

While the concert serves as a celebration of the University’s foundation week, one of Animusika’s purposes is to also promote its core values of faith, service and communion–focused on sustaining a community of acclaimed and ethically upright scholars, all the while being able to appreciate contemporary knowledge, so as to create and spread new developments for human advancement and social transformation.

“It’s a great way to celebrate not only the University Week, but local music as well,” says Jan Santos (II, PSY). “More than the chance to have a great night with friends, I admire that it celebrates Filipino talent and homegrown musicians as well.”

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