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The Lasallian Soundtrack: Law School Playlist

In lieu of the first few weeks of classes of the DLSU College of Law, The LaSallian figured they’d give the fresh meat about to embark on the path to legal excellence a much-needed introduction to the many (oh so many) lows and incredible highs bound in the law school experience.

We know you’re still busy preparing for the biggest journey of your life, so here are a few songs to accompany you and provide perspective on the things you’ll eventually experience during your first year in DLSU Law. Who wouldn’t like a little background music to help drown all the suffering, right? Play this Spotify link as you read on!


Getting accepted in DLSU Law

Cue: Rockstar – Nickelback

Before anything else, we want to give you the recognition you deserve. Getting into law school is no easy accomplishment, and you shouldn’t let anyone convince you that you’re not on your way to getting a brand new house on an episode of cribs.

Haters will say whatever they want, but they’re probably just jealous of you and DLSU Law’s talent, enthusiasm, and potential. Or not. Either way, you’ll eventually learn that studying law is serious business—and that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun commanding the room like a crowd, either. Leather jackets optional.


First months in

Cue: My Kind of Woman – Mac Demarco

You should realize by this time that How To Get Away With Murder isn’t really the most accurate description of law school out there. This is also the time that you’re still unconditionally excited, extremely determined, and unbelievably exhausted. Only one thing is for certain now: Law school is your main squeeze, everyone else is a mistress. Be ready to say goodbye to your friends, family, and social life as law school domesticates you under its fist.

As you try to find some sense in this crazy love affair with this demanding and jealous muse, let this Mac Demarco piece be your theme song. Perfect on mellow days when you’re looking out the window, wondering if law school’s ever going to love you back. Cue rain. Cue black and white filter.


Late-night study sessions with your law school buddies

Cue: This Love – Maroon 5

One thing about law school that should keep you afloat is being surrounded with people who share the same motivations and values that you do.

There is an important distinction between the two, because no matter how many ways people provide you with to pass every class, resorting to cheap and weak options to achieve such is deplorable. You’re better off failing and trying again.

Another quality to look for in friends in law school is how big the likelihood is that they’ll be singing along when this pre-millennial anthem starts blasting through the speakers. Hopefully this song reminds you that love (and law school) is a fun and cruel game, so never take yourself or anything too seriously.


…or alone time with your law school crush.

Cue: California – The Lagoons

In the midst of the storm that’s going on, you’ll eventually look for peace, and that’s where you’ll probably meet that special someone that makes sitting down all day comfortable, getting no sleep slightly less stressful, and those third cups of coffee a whole lot sweeter.

This beach wave gem is your panacea to those terrible, migraine-inducing, nightly all-nighters. Say hello to maladaptive daydreaming, as that much-needed scenery of sand, clear waters, and endless roads to drive by with your favorite study buddy is waiting.


Studying alone at 2 am

Cue: Love Supreme – Miles Experience

Let’s be honest. There will be sleepless nights when you’ll have to study alone. Like a maniacal lover, law school will demand for your undivided attention, which can reach a point of lunacy when your own self-preservation is sacrificed to satisfy her every need. What really hurts the most, though, is that more often than not, some efforts just won’t ever be enough.

The sultry strings and heartfelt words of this local throwback give a clear definition to that perplexing stage in law school when you find yourself looking at Jobstreet openings and business ventures. Don’t. Instead, tie yourself to your mast ala-Odysseus and remind yourself that you are doing this for the supreme love of the craft and your fellowmen.


Before recitation

Cue: POWER – Kanye West

A popular depiction of law school in mainstream media is how intense a typical recitation in class can be. I am here to tell you that it’s totally accurate. You are going to have the sweatiest palms and the weakest knees during recitation. By then, you’ll think all efforts to overturn your nerves are futile. We’d love to say that it’s very much apropos to pray to the heavens that mom’s last-night-spaghetti doesn’t turn out to be today’s esophageal confetti, but really, there is nothing to fear.

In those moments when you were completely unhinged, who was there to bring you up? That’s right, it was Yeezus. So chin up and follow Yeezus’ footsteps in the sand. Confidence is key, so always remember to be yourself.


After recitation

Cue: Less I Know the Better – Tame Impala

As much as I want to tell you that the stress and frustration will all be coming from your subjects and professors, it will also sometimes come from your fellow students. These include, but are not limited to, on-the-fly judgments of your diction during recitation, backstabbing, and incessant and vulgar rumors stewed by gossipmongers for cheap conversation. Anticipate the fact that you will eventually end up being a victim of such worldly things.

Law school is tough as it is, so block out the noise by listening to the coolest bass line ever created, and allow yourself to be reminded that sometimes, ignorance really is bliss.


When you get that passing grade

Cue: Blessings – Chance the Rapper

We aren’t taking anything away from you, if that was what you were thinking. Getting a passing grade wouldn’t have been possible without all your sacrifices and hard work. Do yourself a favor by bingeing on Season 2 of Stranger Things, visiting the clear waters of Siargao, or simply sharing a dinner with your fellow survivors.

But first, don’t forget the most important reason why you’re here and why you’ll continue to be here, and give credit to all the guidance up above. When praises go up, blessings will come down, and law school is the place you’ll need them to fall the most.


When you get that failing mark

Cue: Gravity – John Mayer

Some say the study of law is fairly easy. Studying in law school, however, is actually unfairly difficult. It is a common standard that the many hopefuls who enter year one won’t be suiting up for battle on year three.

As you go further in law school, you’ll soon realize that the biggest enemy you’ll be facing is your own doubts, temptations, and ambitions. If there is one thing that you must answer before entering law school, let it be this: What are you doing here in the first place? If this isn’t clear to you, then you’ll eventually feel the weight of law school bring you down to a place devoid of light. Remember: always be where your light is.


When your loved ones finally ask you a legal question you can answer

Cue: Glorious – Macklemore ft. Skylar Grey

A brilliant poet once said that our greatest glory is not in failing, but in rising up every time we fall. And if there is one thing that should never fail to inspire you to get back up, it’s that moment when you realize you are an inspiration to others.

One day this realization will come to you, and in between the trials and letdowns, it won’t mean that much. But I’m here to tell you that it will mean the world to those that love and support you, and in their confidence, you can always draw the strength to start again. Be confident future Lasallian lawyer, we are born for glory.


Alfonso Dimla

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